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21 Tawnypelt & Rowanclaw

This couple is the worst mistake ever! Rowanclaw is such a bad mate for Tawnypelt. In Starlight page 190-191 he clearly thinks Tawnypelt is disloyal since she defends her brother. He made a big fuss how she was half clan. That was super mean of him! Then later, once they are mates, Rowanclaw stands up for Tawnypelt in Outcast, page 131. He says it is nonsense to say that Tawnypelt is disloyal! What is going on here? Well get this: Vicky says the reason why she made them mates is because she felt bad about Rowanvlaw's gender mistakes! So really Tawnypelt should be with a nice tom who didn't bully her in the past. TAWNYPELT YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAN HIM! - Oaklight

Hey, why are they on this list? Sure he bullied her but later he is really affectionate towards her and it actually says in night whispers that their grown up kits started playing around them and she licked his shoulder. This is a darn cute couple!

This couple is a total MESS. They should never have been together. First of all Rowanclaw didn't even like tawnypelt. He was mean to her in starlight on page 190 and 191. Rowanclaw clearly thinks she is disloyal. Then after they get together Rowanclaw stands up for her. In outcast, page 131 says its nonsense to say that tawnypelt is disloyal. What is going on here? And get this: Vicky made them mates only because she felt bad for messing up on Rowanclaw's gender. THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER BECAME MATES AT ALL. Tawnypelt can do better then him, we all know she can. This is definitely a horrible couple, why did Erin do this? I think it makes tawnypelt stupid to get together with Rowanclaw.

This couple is SO messed up! They should not even be mates. Rowanclaw was horrible to Twnypelt before! The only reason that they are a couple is that Vicky felt bad that she messed up on Rowanclaw's gender. He was so mean to call Tawnypelt disloyal. TAWNYPELT YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS! - Oaklight

They did not really seem like a couple I mean there was not much romance but I do like the story that rowanclaw was a girl and changed for her even if its not possible.

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22 Firestar & Spottedleaf

WHAT?!? NUMBER 13?!?! THESE TWO ARE THE WORST COUPLE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! Even worse than Katniss and Peeta- which is saying something. First of all spottedleaf is a medicine cat, second she is sandstorm's AUNT (yes she is. Redtail is sandstorm's father and spottedleaf is redtails sister), and therefore spottedleaf is WAY too old for firestar. Plus firestar never even really knew her- for all he knew she could have been a truly evil cat on the inside. Which I think she was. SPOTTEDLEAF GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED WHEN CLAWFACE AND THEN MAPLESHADE KILLED HER FOREVER AND WIPED HER OUT OF EXISTENCE!


I absolutely hate this too! She was old enough to be his mother and they only talked what, three times in into the wild and then BAM! Love!? They had absolutely NO chemistry!

I understand why people like this pairing, but personally I don't like it at all. Spottedleaf is Sandstorm's AUNT, and is therefore a tad old for Firestar. Also I think Sandstorm's personality is better suited to Firestar's than Spottedleaf's is. Spottedleaf wouldn't have been able to tell Firestar when he was doing something wrong.

YOU GUYS ARE NUTS! REALLY, SPOTTEDLEAF IS NOT EVIL OR ANYTHING! Spottedleaf is a medicine cat, but still she loved Firestar and they never showed it! If Spottedleaf was a warrior, they would have truckloads of kittens! AND SHE IS NOT A STALKER!

She kinda is. For moons, she appeared in Firestar's dreams and they rarely said anything to each other. She is also WAY older than him. She was a full medicine cat when he arrived as an apprentice. She even went into Leafpool's dreams. Sure, Leafpool is a medicine cat but really? She couldn't just leave them alone. Along with Jayfeather. I was relieved when she died. No more going into Firestar's dreams. In my opinion I thought she was desperate.

I don't know why people ship this, they only talked for, like, well, NOT EVEN A WHOLE SCENE the only time spottedleaf liked firepaw was when he was caring for yellowfang, PLUS SHE'S DOUBLE DEAD SHE doesn't EVEN EXIST ANYMORE
fire x sand all the way, opposites attract you haters

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23 Stormtail & Dappletail

Okay. So none of you have ever been in a relationship? 'Cause here's how it works with young love.
-You are childhood friends
-You had crushes since childhood
-You get together
-You realize there are other options
-Your girlfriend's already pregnant
-You try to love her but can't
-You drift apart and get a new girlfriend you actually love

Stormtail had some serious sappy-mooning issues over Moonflower when they were kits/apprentices. But when he met Dappletail, he developed stronger feelings. So it's not okay to break up with your girlfriend because you don't feel the same anymore?

Yes, he was an ass towards his kits. That I'll give you, raging fanbase.

Dude, he dropped Moonflower just for Dappletail! Now that's just not cool; if he hadn't been going over for Dappletail, he would have been the perfect mate for Moonflower! Seriously..

Stormtail is HORRIBLE. He didn't even notice when Moonflower died, and he was already in love with Dappletail before Moonflower died. And he never deserved Moonflower even though they were originally perfect together.

Go die in a hole stormy and dapple.

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24 Tigerstar & Sasha

I don't think Tigerstar cared about whether she was a rogue or not. An evil cat like him would most likely want to mate with her to produce kits that he would train and make evil. Like if you agree.

He didn't love her...

I cried when I read the books of Sasha and Tigerstar. Tigerstar should have stopped for 1 second and asked himself "Will this effect me or Sasha in the future? "

Everyone: PFFFT HED NEVER D8 anyone OUT OF HIS CALN! 11! 1!

Tigerstar: hey your available wanna d8
Sasha: SURE

Everyone: OH NO he's RETARDED

Me: I don't know why I ship this...

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25 Graystripe & Silverstream

THIS IS AN AWESOME COUPLE! Stormfur is awesome and Feathertail is Awesome! Go GrayxSilver!

Yes, they were cute together and similar age, but Graystripe ATTACKED Fireheart just for helping him, and it's all thanks to this couple. Then, Crookedstar finds her and gives her a small lecture, but doesn't even stop her since she thought it was ALL OKAY. and then plop she's dead. Thanks a lot Silverstream.

What the? Why is this on here? The only wrong with there relationship was that silverstream died?

It's a horrible ship. No development, just, meh. Greystripe and Millie is 90000 times better

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26 Raggedstar & Foxheart

Yellowfang and Raggedstar belonged to each other! Raggedstar just wanted to make Yellowfang jealous and Foxheart was so snooty!

This is so one-sided; Raggedstar never had feelings for her, he just realized she would be a good deputy. The thing is, though, that Raggedstar never told her to stop liking him and that he loved another cat, and that sort of egged her on, which created some book drama but wasn't really... accepted by the fans.

Raggedstar belongs with the worst cat in his clan so yeah he can be with her because yellowfang is so much better.

27 Shellheart & Rainflower

Rainflower was so mean to Crookedstar when his jaw got twisted... It was like all she cared about was how Crookedstar looked! Shellheart was such a good father... And he really loved Rainflower... If she wasn't so shallow about her love for her own kit, they might have been a great couple.

I hate this couple. It was nice and wonderful before Crookedstar's incident, but Rainflower just hated him after that! And it was so obvious! Shellheart was such a good father and stuck with him and that's why Shellheart and Rainflower broke up- because Rainflower wouldn't show any affection to Crookedstar! This couple is horrible.

Wow, Rainflower. You could've at least pretended to love Crookedkit (star). But no, you had to go all drama-queen and just shun him. Just shun him. Words cannot describe how infuriated and just depressed out I am about this. But two thumbs up for Shellheart for at least ATTEMPTING to be a good father.

Rainflower SUCKKSS

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28 Thistleclaw & Snowfur

I know your gonna hate me, but this is the best couple ever! I just love them together! Seriously I wish I was Snowfur, thistleclaw is so evil and handsome! And he actually really did love her, just showed it in a different way then Thrushpelt showed his agonizingly strong love for Bluefur, and Spottedleaf and Fireheart. (i totally ship these couples).

LOVE this couple! Thistleclaw wouldn't have been evil if Snowfur hadn't died. Look at Whitestorm! He's their kit and he's AWESOME! (if u disagree on the Whitestorm thing u need to re-read the first series and be optimistic about him) Snowfur didn't deserve to die; they would've made a great couple if she lived. I JUST HATE that Thistleclaw went to the dark forest where his spirit got corrupted. Ashfur got into star clan because "he loved to much" well, people, he tried to kill Hollyleaf Jayfeather and Lionblaze. I'm pretty sure Thistleclaw didn't try to murder three cats because he hated their mother. This couple should've went on.

What DID Snowfur see in Thristleclaw?! I Hate this couple. But they made Whitestorm, so that's okay.

AWW I loved this couple you suck bluestar let your sister be happy thistle was cool and just a bit ambitiouse but he was NOT evil I think assfur should have been in the dark forest not him.

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29 Daisy & Cloudtail

I don't know WHAT Daisy was thinking, barging in on Brightheart and Cloudtail (one of my favorite couples). Even though she doesn't have a mate anymore, she should still leave Cloudtail and Brightheart alone.

Cloudtail and Daisy should have never even THOUGHT about even LIKING each other. Daisy showed NO respect, even when her kit CALLED BRIGHTHEART UGLY. She even agreed! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? Cloudtail too, he's one of my favorite characters, but I still think he loved Brightheart. They were a good couple.

Cloudtail and brightheart are mates he should NEVER have fallen in love with someone else.

They should be a couple because the filthy stinking kittypets they are. If Cloudtail betrayed Brightheart for that fat load Daisy. LET HIM. If he ran off to eat kittypet food, he'll do it again. Let him have Daisy. She is what he deserves. Brightheart can go find a better cat. - Nikka

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30 Dustpaw & Sandpaw

What the heck? Dustpaw and Sandpaw? A couple? What? So you are saying that you thought Vicky would make them a couple? What the heck? I could totally tell that they wouldn't be a couple. What the heck? Why is this even here? What the heck? Why in Starclan's name is this even an option? People actually think they would turn out as a couple?

Actually, they weren't brother and sister. Ravenpaw was Dustpaw's brother. At first, I think Dustpaw liked Sandpaw, but then she started to like Firepaw, and he was jealous.

There not brother and sister you aren't a true fan! - Peachie02

First, Dustpelt is Ferncloud's uncle which is EVEN WEIRDER THAN PINESTAR, FOR STARCLAN'S SAKE! I totally ship Dustpelt & Sandstorm. Their strong personalities are suited to each other; whereas Firestar is just like, oh sandstorm, I'm so sorry! and she's like, I will only forgive you if you stop being a whiny mess.

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31 Breezepelt & Heathertail

Breezepelt is the most arrogant, stuck-up, bossy, mouse-brained piece of fox dung ever in the entire warrior series! He hates everyone and is arrogant in Power Of Three, and he gets even worse in Omen of the Stars as he attacks Jayfeather and Poppyfrost and plots with the Dark Forest! What happens to him in the Last Hope? I don't remember, but he dosen't deserve Heathertail. He doesn't deserve ANY mate! Rot in the Dark Forest Breezepelt!

They are so stuck-up and arrogant that it's perfect

Breezepelt doesn't deserve a mate. He's evil and a jerk. - RiverClanRocks

Stop being rude! A LOT of warriors broke the code. But Lionblaze was just like, "Oh, Heathertail, we can't be together because you're WindClan and I care more about being a good warrior than you! " I like Jayfeather AND Breezepelt AND Hollyleaf so HA! He was actually good in The Power Of Three before the Erins decided to make him eevil just out of spite! It's not HIS fault! He deserves Heathertail!

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32 Jayfeather & Cinderheart

I will ship it deal with it. It's cute. But Cinder x Lion will always be my second favorite. But still, imagine the drama!

Ok this is starting to become insane. HOW MANY FAKE COUPLES CAN you FANS MAKE? Plus Half moon x Jay and Cinder x Lion is forever. Jay would be killed if lion found out about this.

Guys he wouldn't follow in his mother's footsteps and have a kit

Nope not this one no no god noo he is so cute with half moon like that's the ship of the year.

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33 Bluestar & Tigerclaw/star

Tigerstar wanted to KILL bluestar. I don't know how the heck any person could think they could me mates

Since when were these two a couple?! Tiger claw tried to KILL blue star so HE could become leader! It's tiger claw's fault that blue star went psycho. Because he kept killing everybody which made blue star flip her lid!

Don't post random crap on here if you don't know what you're talking about these two cats never had romantic feelings for one another


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34 Darkstripe & Tigerstar

Wait... *gasp*... gay people... exist?!?!?! Eww!

*rolls eyes*

This couple isn't "nasty", homophobes. I actually find it kind of cute that Darkstripe would have a crush on Tigerstar. That's why he would follow him around everywhere and do whatever he said.

Actually... The Hunters admitted that Darkstripe had a crush on Tigerstar. It's messed up.

This is a cute ship. Please stop being homophobic and actually open your mind. People are different! Mind blown!

This is cute! by the way I’m gay!

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35 Tigerstar & Goldenflower

Ok this is a bit too much glodenflower needs a better mate. Tigerstar showed her no respected and she needed better I'm glad glodenflower went to starclan and tigerstar went to the drakforest

This was so weird how she even excepted Tigerstar! What did she see in him? They even had kits! But I actually like the two kits, TawnyPelt and Brambleclaw. Tigerstar showed her no respect at all. Its good they were seperated when they passed.

In Bluestar's Prophecy, Goldenflower is born at least a year before him... If not more... Still, not as bad an age difference as Leopard X Pine. It's kind of like Snow X Thistle, except with this minor age difference! I hate all three pairings.

Tigerstar went to the drakforest the drakforest seems even worse X3

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36 Sandstorm & Dustpelt

They weren't even together dustpelt loves ferncloud and sandstorm loves firestar so no

Yes, Sandstorm was so mean to Firestar Dustpelt should have married her

Sandstorm actually had a crush on dustpelt

Dustpelt is Sandstorm's uncle...

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37 Icecloud & Lionblaze

Where does it say that Icecloud liked Lionblaze? - Goldenflight

Icecloud had a crush on Lionblaze as an apprentice. It's like having a high school crush. Except he notes that he doesn't want that at that time and so he never likes her. Sorry, guys.

JUST A CRUSH! She probably got over it. And she's dead now. :( I think she deserves better...

Everybody have a crush on Lionblaze... - cassiabez

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38 Hollyleaf & Sol

Agreed but not agreed read sol on least favourite warrior cats you will notice how much I love him and I am not so exited about Hollyleaf

No this is a bad couple no offense

When did that happen if it even did I'd rip the book I was reading because I love Hollyleafx Fallen leaves and I absolutely hate Sol he's a coward and tried to ruin Thunder Clan

39 Squirrelflight & Ashfur

They don't love each other. Squirrelflight only liked Ashfur as a friend and if Ashfur really loved Squirrelflight he would want her to be happy. His whole speech about "Ooh I'm in pain every time I see you with Brambleclaw" really drove me crazy I mean, move on already Ashfur. - Goldenflight

Honestly, why would people ship those two together? Why would you ship an attempted mass murderer and their victim? If Squirrelflight went with him, she'd been in a unhappy/fake relationship. When she told Ashfur the truth, she was doing what was best for both of them, would you of prefer her to lie to him and say 'I love you'? - Mellowix

I mean just because she was mad at Brambleclaw doesn't mean she has to find a new mate for a while!

I thought they said this one?

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40 Bramblestar & Jessy

Jessy was pure plot filler. The Erin's tried to hard to make a tomboyish Kittypet, a pretty much exact copy of SQUIRRELFLIGHT as an apprentice. But let's face it. Jessy was just plain immature. And when Frankie stayed in ThunderClan, I lost it. Haven't we had enough Kittypets spoiling ThunderClan blood?! He sure as hell better not mate with anybody, unlike MILLIE, DAISY, and ALMOST JESSY. WHY Now Berrynose, Hazeltail, Mousewhisker, Blossomfall, Bumblestripe, Briarlight, Toadstep and Rosepetal will forever be judged for it, even if they did nothing wrong. Look, I was fine with it when Daisy joined, but then came Millie, and Stormcloud. Ugh. Sorry for my rant.

Jessy is terrible. When Brambleclaw tried to help her she turned him down. When Jessy and Brambleclaw started to fall in love Squirrelflight barely tried to fight back. I was happy when Brambleclaw chose Squirrelflight instead!

Bramblestar and Jessy together make me sick. What a horrible couple.

I dislike Jessy- she wasted filler time,and my time in general,for I did not get a 300+ pg book with over thirty chapters just to get a whiny brat. For starters,why pick Jessy,out of..hmm,let me say,bunches of Thunderclan cats? You literally wasted food after a flooding to Jessy,Frankie,and Minty. He defended their presence and was constantly noting “handsome ginger tom-cat with dazzling green eyes and saved clumps of cats pershing” was a kittypet to. Honestly,I liked Frankie better than Jessy,because he tried his best to be in a clan and OWNED HIS NAME. Wow. I hate this character.

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