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121 Mothsong & Stormclaw
122 Rippleclaw & Graypool
123 Blossomfall & Thornclaw

I despise this pairing so much! They have hardly have any interaction and suddenly they're mates! Don't forget the age difference! Thornclaw is old enough to be her father! - FinlandSkywalker

124 Graywing & Slate

Turtle Tail gave Gray Wing approval of Slate in Path of Stars

I know it doesn't say they're mates but it's kinda obvious. And it's so unfair to Turtlettail because she tried so hard to get Graywing!

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125 Graywing & Storm

It was obvious that Turtlettail loved Graywing at that time so it was kinda mean to her! And Storm loved Clearsky the moment she met him!

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126 Feathertail & Crowfeather
127 Lionblaze & Cinderheart

Why are they her? They are really cute together.

Their kits names are Fernsong Hollytuft and Sorrelstripe and why are they on here they are the cutest couple and they even have some drama in the beginning best kind of love just like Squirrelflight and Bramblestar

They have kits togeather. Hollykit sorrel kit fee kit and someone else, one that died in the GB

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128 Dovepaw & Tigerheart

This couple awful I don't know everyone loves them. They obviously don't like each other or tigerheart won't put his clan before her. And to make all worse there forbidden! By now it's cliche plus the fact that there suppose to be romantic because they sneak out every night just to see each other. IT'S NOT ROMANTIC TO SEE THEM FIGHT AND ARGUE ALL NIGHT?

Ok why is this last when basically Tigerheart is just annoying to me, and Dovewing seems to love him one day for no reason, then she dumps him (yay! ), then basically treats Bumblestripe as dirt because she still loves Tigerheart? No.

Well, I agree that it's a bad romance, but that would mean she would have bumble, and I like Bumble X Ivy

This couple is awesome they should have kits PLEASE!

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