Top 10 Worst Ways to Lose a Hockey Game

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1 Puck goes through goalie's legs
2 Bad call by the referee
3 Puck bounces off boards into an open net
4 Give up 3 goals in 15 seconds

That would be really disappointing, be way worse if it was game 7 of the playoffs when your tean had a 2-0 lead and then the other team scored 3 goals in 15 seconds to make it 2-3 be way worse it it was the last minute of period 3

This would sure suck - trains45

5 After bone headed play
6 Forfeiting
7 A comeback at the last minute

That would really suck if that happened in game 7 of the playoffs

The ducks always seem to do this to the oilers it so dissapointing!

This happened quite a few times with my first favorite team in 2018 2019 it was quite dissapointing - trains45

This happening lately to my favorite teams :-( twice with my 3rd favorite, and today with my first favorite they up 4-2 at the begining of the 3rd, the other team scored twice, worst 1:29 to a win then the other team tied it :-( then they won in overtime it sucked - trains45

8 Buzzer beater from the other side of the rink
9 Goal with 1 second left

This happened today with my 2nd favorite team! They were about to win 3-2, nope the other team tied it at 1 second left, then won in overtime, this is really dissapointing! - trains45

This be worst if the other team tied it or broke the tie with 1 second left of the 3rd period - trains45

I so angry flames were up 3-2 and 1 second left nashville tied it, then won in overtime, I am super disappointed now 😡, flames should of won not nashville, I normally don't get really angry at hockey but this made me angry

10 Power play goal

The Contenders

11 Goalie isn't paying attention
12 Lose with 0 Goals

Today this happened to my 2nd favorite team they lost 3-0 - trains45

It always sucks when my favorite teams lose by a shutout - trains45

13 Accidentally scoring own goal

I remember the one time the new jersey devils scored 3 own goals in 1 game they lost that game in a shootout - trains45

14 No goal after tying it late in the 3rd period

This would sure suck I remember when one team tied it at the last second in the game agents my favorite team then it was was a no goal for them, they added 10 seconds back and my favorite team still won the game after the other team was having a comeback and the tie goal didn't count - trains45

15 Lose lead after being up by 4 or more goals

This would really be the worst - trains45

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