Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


He was good for his country, his orders came from the neo-government and he followed them willingly. What he did to innocent people can not be forgotten, but there are many people worse than Hitler. It is easy to believe that Hitler was the worst leader in the world because of the mainstream media exposure around the world. But we keep forgetting that the victors always write down the history of the world, not the losers. Adolf Hitler was responsible for the genocide of the Jewish masses and the leader of a fascist military lead system. He deserves to be in the top ten, but he is definitely not the worst. The worst are still alive, breathing and walking. The worst are brainwashing the commonwealth with their pretty words and transparent government. The worst are the monsters that lurk in the corners, the worst are still here and we can stop them. Hitler is dead and gone, yes he was horrible, but we cannot do anything to change the past. What we can do is stop the new Hitlers' of this ...more

Even if you forget about the whole holocaust thing (and lets be honest you won't) He's still a terrible leader, He started a huge war, which he kept escalating until he had no hope of winning (Hitler wanted to prove the Nazis was bigger-er and better-er then Stalin), got all his soldiers killed invading and then retreating from various European countries, then got his civilians killed by not surrendering once the war came Germany, then he killed himself.
By the way, Hitler had several girlfriends in his life, all but one killed themselves, the one who didn't was executed.
Oh and finally this guy DID order the holocaust, the worst genocide in history, where he put to use technology and science and everything that makes mankind great and then used it to exterminate people whom he deemed "different"

Although Hitler has committed terrible atrocities of which cannot be defended, I do not believe that he deserves the top ranking in this list, seeing as he did actually make quite a fantastic leader. He was able to convince an entire country to fight for what he wanted. Of course, what he wanted, was not in any way acceptable, but still he made a great leader, as maniacal as he was. He is more fit for the, worlds most evil men list, if that is of existence.

Call me heartless, but although Hitler was a horrible man, he was actually a good leader. Let me explain. He did horrible things as a leader, the Holocaust, but he got a lot of people on his side. He was a good leader because of how he got people on his side for a terrible thing. In other words if Hitler was a bad leader, th Holocaust would never have happened. And he wouldn't be well known either. So just because he was a horrible person and I disagree with everything he did, I can't say he was a terrible leader, because being a terrible leader is different than being a terrible person. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Hitler wasn't a bad leader, his methods were extreme, of course, and a lot of people including myself saw these methods as wrong. But Hitler also raised morale for Germans and fixed the German economy. He made more jobs and made Germany an overall stronger nation. However, his views on Jews was undeniably wrong. He is the stereotypical choice for #1 here, but with every Jew-slaughtering prick, there is some good and bad.

Not taking up for Hitler but you all are dumb this is a worst LEADERS listen not worst PEOPLE list he was a great leader he unified all of Germany and the German people with his amazing speeches and he didn't only care about himself that's why every German was given welfare and Reich marks out of his PERSONAL bank account he made Germany the most powerful country in the world in under 5 years you are a bunch of biased dumb idiots ge was a bad person not leader you ignorant oh and should I mention he invented Anti Smoking and Anti Alcohol and animal conservation, welfare, and the freeway and workers right a GREAT leader but a BAD person

Hitler may have been evil but he was a great leader and would have won the war if he invested in air rather than land and sea. His leadership ability shouldn't be judged on the tragedy's that he has committed but how good of a leader he was. Ask any historian and they will tell you Hitler was a great leader even if he was a horrible person. His speeches were amazing and made the German people follow him without question because of how fantastic his speeches were.

Hitler was a genius and nationalist who tried to bring back Germany after humiliation and greed of enemies after World War 2. People loved him with reason.

Seems like many people need to learn their history, Hitler may have been a horrible leader, however he knew how to run a country he started from a prison cell and rose to fuhrer in just a matter of years, ended the treaty of Versailles, and got Germany out of the great depression, In no means do I think he was a good leader because he wasn't, he was pure evil but a smart leader.

Hitler killed 6 million innocent people based on their beliefs, murdered his whole family in an underground bunker then commit suicide. Seriously who does that. That lunatic must have had mental disease or something. Benito Mussolini was tortured, killed and spat on and kicked by angry Italians. Hitler deserved far worse. In my mind he is worse than Saddam Hussein, Osman Bin Laden and Joseph Stalin combined. Do you agree with me.

I think that though adolf hitler was a bad person who did things that I don't agree with and the majority of people seem to not agree with, he was a good leader. He led his country well and took over a large portion of europe faster than almost any other leader ever could have. It wasn't until the end of his rule that he was a bad leader.

Adolf Hitler was so crazy he tried to eliminate a race the Jews Hitler thought he could rule the world just him and him alone. Started a deadly war world war 2 and the holocaust. That's why he's number one on almost every horrible leader list.

Evil, lied to his people about Jews being the enemy, invaded Poland, betrayed Russia, and killed 10 million innocents (6 million were Jews) did not care about the fact he was Jewish, and cause many of his own soldiers to die and just killed himself and his wife in the bunker, he also killed his dog blondie, only good thing he accomplished was the fact that he brought Germany out of poverty

This man had no respect for human decency. He is a disgrace, especially for how he treated the Jewish people! This man had no reason for this and if he did I'm pretty sure it was a stupid reason. I mean seriously he was crazy without a doubt and I personally believe he should be #1 or #2. He was a bad man and will always be recognized for it.

I have to side with Hitler on this one, unfortunately. This list is about worst world leaders. Adolph Hitler was not a bad leader. He was very intelligent, and he gained A LOT of territory for Germany. Do I like Hitler? No, not one bit. He was evil, and horrible, and nasty like people say, but the man was not a bad leader by any means. - Alpha101

Actually, as a leader he was great. He managed to convince 100mil people to try and conquer the continent. The fact that it was a terrible act is another thing, but as a leader he was adored by his people. His people only though.

Guys, Adolf Hitler was very evil, but he knew how to run a country well. Under his rule, Germany came out of the Great Depression and built autobahns, highways as forms of transport. Not supporting Hitler or anything, but that's the truth. - yoloeee

He was one of the worst people in history, BUT keep in mind that as a leader he was very effective. Hitler turned Germany into an industrial powerhouse, making them a very big player in the world market.

Horrible person? Yes. But horrible at leading Germany? No.

Hey, believe me, I DO think he should be #1! Seriously, trying to eliminate a whole race! I heed him no pity! He was insane, to be perfectly honest with you..He is a maniacal mass murderer, sadistic man, and mere words cannot express how angered I am...Sure his leadership tactics were, honestly, amazing, but you seriously CANNOT pity him whatsoever! He killed innocent lives and was terrible! Get him to #1 people!

May I ask how this man who killed millions through genocide and other millions through war is not first on this list of worst leaders. I suppose it must be due to his rather effective rise to power and excellent manipulation and political skills. Or maybe a whole bunch of voters who don't know their history-hmm, actually that seems a whole lot more likely.

Hitler was a disgusting person who falsely dragged people into agreeing to his plot and killing millions of people - all innocent. He should be number 1 on this list because he is a horrid person who is hopefully burning painfully in the depths of hell. - HollyRolo

Absolutely atrocious man. He had no heart and only cared about himself. What he did to the Jews was unforgivable and what was carried out in those dreadful concentration camps will always be known as some of the darkest and most cruel moments in human history. I don't know how he is not #1.

This man has single handedly ordered the butchering, torturing and ruthless extermination of more innocent human beings in the history of the planet, and not once did he even think that what he was doing was bad, he thought it was good. On top of that, he wanted to take over the entire world and started a war that would kill even more people, almost 1/60th of the world's population (50 million). Hitler doubtlessly represents the absolute worst of the human race. BURN IN HELL you GENOCIDAL MANIAC!

JESUS! Why is he below Bush?! Bush was a president that may have been a little insane, but this man is responsible for the deaths of millions of people for no sensible reason! He wanted to kill them all and was a maniac. Complete nut job. I cannot get around to why this man (I vow not to say his name) is number 2, not number 1.

Hitler was an absolutely horrible person without a doubt, and in no way do I support anything he did. But was he effective in getting people to follow him and go through with his ideas (which is what leadership essentially is)? Sadly, yes.