Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.


I agree. Stalin should be way higher on this list. Had he lived to see the Cuban Missile Crisis, World War III would have started and we can only wonder how that would have turned out in a world that had already entered the nuclear age.

The difference between Stalin and most of the others on this list is simple: Communism's influence spread during Stalin's time in power, but he also had a military that was strong enough that to change our geopolitical world in a way that you wouldn't want to imagine.

Hitler was an apprentice of Stalin. When Hitler came to power in Germany, mass murder and death camps were already an everyday reality in Soviet Russia. Until 1941 the Nazis and the Soviets were actually best friends. Hitler was defeated, but help from the western allies allowed Stalin to occupy some of the neighbouring countries and to expand his terror over most of East Europe. The mass murders and deportations continued right until Stalin's death in 1953. But even now he is respected as a hero among the majority of the Russian people. In fact, he is the worst of the worst.

The only reason why Stalin isn't number one is because people don't know about what he did and the great purge in the thirties. Not only did he kill millions more than Hitler, but they were his own people! At least Hitler thought he was protecting his country even though he committed genocide and inexcusable acts. I'm not saying Hitler is good because he is certainly not but Stalin was far worse.

HOW THE HELL? How the heck is Stalin 10th? Seems that people need to spend at least 10% of the time hating on Hitler on studying about Stalin instead. Stalin murdered WAY MORE than Hitler and his own people HATED HIM, definitely voting for him, this man was the devil himself, he laughed at his son's suicide attempt and left his son and wife to rot in prison till they died. He sent a captured WW2 Russian veteran to the Gulag because he was CAPTURED while in combat, even though that veteran deserved the Star.

I'm going to vote for Stalin, not because his actions were any worse than any of the other entrants on this list, but because this man's ideas still, and always will, fester in the minds of the mainstream left-wing, and thus he will always be a threat to democracy and the Western world as we know it, be he alive or dead.

Stalin killed and starved over 50,000,000 people. Hitler killed 6,000,000, stalin killed almost nine times as many people as Hitler, and almost caused a nuclear fallout that could have wiped humanity from existence. Hitler was a sick man, but I think people underestimate staying.

He killed tens of millions of his own people and caused the deaths of his wife and son.

I hate it when people just randomly pick someone to hate, like Obama, or Bush, most people wouldn't have a clue about them, and yet still vote them up, I hate that, Stalin and Hitler were both evil men, and I am fed up with Stalin always being outside the top three.

His legacy is quite mixed in Russia but generally, I can give him credit for industrializing Russia and making progresses in scientific fields albeit through heavy-handed means. Though, he is still a deplorable leader with his all-seeing state and the number of people he killed under his regime. - Bolshoy_Brat

People who say Hitler is a bad leader are idiots. He led Germany out of a massive economic downfall and is probably the man who saved Germany. Not saying that his crimes weren't inhumane, they disgust me, but Stalin did what Hitler did except much worse and to his own people. Weigh it up guys

Joseph Stalin murdered and tortured more people than Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong Un COMBINED. He starved half of his own country and let his son be executed. Is he not the most evil worst leader of all time? HE WAS A CONFIRMED PSYCHOPATH!

Guy killed more than 4x the amount of people than Hitler killed in the holocaust through hard labor. A true murderer, put him up in number 1. Although he was a great leader in terms of turning it into the 2nd most powerful nation to ever rule on the planet in the 20th century. - Crysis

He killed millions of his OWN PEOPLE. The Germans had captured his son and wanted to trade some German civilians for him, but Stalin told them to execute him because he had no son. He had his own wife killed, I mean seriously this guy should be in the top 5.

Was responsible for many more deaths than Hitler, including more Jews and pushing soldiers into battle to be cannon fodder. He didn't care about his nation and ruled it badly by removing all his people's rights.

People who voted this guy failed to realise that Stalin revolutionised Russia into an economic power. Although there were many deaths from this, the leadership and will to create a better Russia was impeccable.

He should be higher than hitler, at least hitler reduced unemployment by millions, but stalin just caused suffering and death on a larger scale than any other leader in history

Let's be honest, Stalin and Mao should be above Hitler. Unfortunately, Hitler is usually shown as the worst guy ever but the deaths of nearly 100 million are much worse than those of 6 million

I had to learn a lot about him for language arts class and yeah this guy sucks. You know even Vladimir Lenin didn't want Stalin to succeed him but Stalin was a manipulator so he became Russia's new leader. - Anonymousxcxc

Has Obama killed anyone simply because he didn't like them? Stalin actually cut off all supplies to Ukraine in the 40's, and over three million people died.

I believe that some people will agree with me if I say that this man kill too much people and destroy so huge number of families that he is like Hitler... - Alex_Sandra

Stalin, hands down. As the Russians say: 'For every leader in Russian history we have a nickname, for Stalin, we don't have one, we don't speak about him! '

Worst mass murderer in history, and while Hitler, bad that he was were good for the Germans Stalin was absolutely horrible for the Russians.

Communist was against both Nazis and other parties especially The Allied Forces. It's like killing both good and evil at the same time.

Stalin should be up there with Hitler and Mao. How the devil is he rated below Bush and Obama? He, like Hitler and Mao, killed millions.

Oh god... this guy was a maniac.. I myself am Russian but I wasn't born during
Stalins reign. I was born in 1989, but my grand father was a soviet soldier and was a member of a "punishment" unit. He was sent to combat with NO GUN! I understand that there were shortages of equipment but... couldn't they have kep hm in reserves!? Anyway he survived and is still alive. I hate stalin and hope that this will never happen again.