Thaksin Shinawatra

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He the most corrupted Prim minister of Thailand. He can do everything even distroy his own country remain enpower.

Corrupted (and convicted) former Prime Minister who now escapes his punishment and lives in exile in many countries. He is using his power to destroy his home land through the government of his sister Yingluck Shinawatra. He and his supporters keep repeating the word "democracy" but have never follow its principles. His army the "Red Shirt" is very aggressive and always threaten to harm Thaksin's opponents.

He's the most corrupt leader. He didn't accept the judgement that he did many illegal issues. He has claimed that all he has done is for people but he did everything for his own business, family and his fellows. He has commanded his supporters to destroy private and government buildings. He's the most irresponsible leader I've seen.

All the things said against Abhisit were more to Thaksin. Thaksin is the most evil man in Thailand. Everything he has done is mainly only for himself. He was the Prime Minister who sent people to death for him just so that he could go back home. He was a big time liar when saying rich man would never cheat, of course he didn't cheat; but he robbed the whole country. He should be on the top 10 list.

Thailand is not just for him and his family.

He is the corruptionist and liar. He can do everything even kill people for making him richer and has more power.

Everything He did, he save his own stuffs, his mind for bad business thing.
Not for a Leader mind! He is poor administrator to Thai people. Good to be business Man, Not also be Country Leader/ Prime minister.

He is criminal as while collar crime who use his position to seek money for his family

Worst evil prime minister of thailand all about shinawatra

Super Corruptionist!
He can do everything for his own benefits no matter it's wrong or bad for country or not.

He's the worst leader Thailand ever

Any benefits for himself and his family.
Takeover all power in the Parliament.
Settle groups of Red Shirt People (Bad guys) and black suit guys to kill Thai people.

He is making Thai people hate each other, creating most controversial situation involving with most number of people in Thai history.

He betrays the country. No supportness for nation but for himself. Poor terrorist.

He is behind the division among Thais I.E. Red shirts in the North & Northeastern. He and his group corrupt the country in a big way which he also mastermind the balancing power such as police commander, high ranking military figures, govt lawyers. As such, his illegal actions could not be investigated.

The best evil in the Thai history! Best corruptionist!

The most corrupted, unethical, democratic destryer in Thailand history.

The most corrupted man on this planet. Liar. Ass are not enough to describe it.

He is the most corruption prime minister of Thailand with the policy of the Government.

I even think he's Thai because he doesn't love Thailand.
He's watching us killing, hating on watch other without feeling ashamed. If he's innocenct like he said, why not prove that, showing in the court.. Shame on him.

Mass Murderer shmoozing Washington and wall st media. While most Americans have lost touch with what Democracy means and their governments and media also stink of corruption and have an appauling human rights record: Do not begrudge Thai demonstrators fighting for a much better way of doing it and because they care.

I am truly 100% agree with you. But I think he should in the top 10 more like it.

Thanksin is a true disgrace for our country.

He uses democracy as a sheep skin to cover up his dictatorship style of government. Thanksin always claims that he came from election. But he never mentions that his majority in the parliament came from his money. He buy everything - vote from people, politicians from all sides, even political parties, policemen, army generals,... and even the press both inside and outside Thailand.

Worst of all once he achieves his majority in the parliament, his members of parliament fail to represent the will of the people but rather do what Thaksin told them to do. These include change laws to benefit Thaksin, help him further his corruption and his accumulation of illegal money, install Thaksin people to key positions (many of them are clearly not qualify but was chosen mainly because they are his people who will do as he said)... these are to consolidate his ability to extract the most from our country.

This is not democracy that ...more

We here have no rejection towards democracy now or election. The thing that people protesting on the street want is the immunity against corruption. However, may people especially red shirt said all politicians are corrupted even Democracy party. I cannot deny that it is not true. The international news even CNN or BBC, all report that the protestors are against democracy and do not respect the vote from people in up country as we are hi-so, high income. They have turned their eyes blind as we do respect democracy but we want to get rid of the rotten Thaksin system that grows deep like parasites in our body.

The difference is, in the past politicians steal the fruit from the tree. But Thaksin steals the tree and killed all the system that investigate him. He did no wrong because he changed the laws to be on his side before he does something.

He learned that decades ago The King went to upcountry to help people and give them the necessities. So The King is loved by Thais. ...more

Thaksin is best described as being the cult leader in modern era. With his money machinery, which he has cheated from his country, he has managed to buy the whole gang of subordinates -- from corrupt politicians, once liberal academics, leftist remnants, local and foreign media, military fractions, police bureau and PR consultants to local hooligans, to whitewash his sins, intimidate people with different political views and recreate himself as the cult of democracy fighter. It is amazing that this cult figure does not only prompt the gratitude from the poor for his populist programmes, continued under his sister's puppet government. But Thaksin also hooks the western nations with his expansionist business plan in the Gulf of Thailand's fresh oil fields, part of which is under the control of Cambodia. Against this backdrop, the Thaksin-Hunsen clan is gradually taking shape -- Thaksin's newly-wed niece is a daughter-in-law of Hunsen's closed aid, and the western nations are eager to ...more