Yingluck Shinawatra

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Yingluck Shinawatra, nicknamed Pu, is a Thai businesswoman and politician, a member of the Pheu Thai Party who became the 28th Prime Minister of Thailand following the 2011 general election. ...read more.


She always pretends and lies to the world to make herself and her family seem pity like she and her family have been accused. She try to hide her fails in government management from other countries and make other countries to be by her side. She leeps saying that she came from electionand she can do everything as long as her political party holds the majority votes in parliament and try to make coruption to be legal by amendment laws to support her family's business and pass the amnesty bill for her brother.

Know nothing
Do nothing
If only you really know her, you would vote for her

She is the most stupid prime minister. The worst is that she has not done any thing to help the country since she became PM. On the other hand, she has just shopped and travelled to the countries which has connection with her brother to help her brother's business. In addition, her carbinets are not knowledeable and not skillful for their job. She chose the ones who follow his brother (Taksin). Finally, she ruins Thailand's economy due to her policy.

She tries to do everything for her brother ;Thaksin Shinawatra, not for country.

She knows nothing about her own country yet became prime minister because of her brother money invested in buying vote. Then help her bro corrupt Thailand and put Thailand into piece both people and l land. So that Het family can own the natural resources. even implicitly agreed to Let neighbor country own what Thaksin claim is their land. Just to have share of Petroleum share. Worst family on earth.

Well.. How can I put this.. She can't even speak her native language properly. Do not mention about her English skill. I still wonder what does 'Thank you three time' mean and how can she graduate from the Univ. from USA.. She rarely play her role. Skipping meeting is her hobby and cry in front of prublic is her only one speciality.. She does make the woman's pride down. Just show her face and read the script is her job, I guess?

She should have been blonde.. Good looking but extremely stupid

People think Yingluck is stupid, but in fact, she is a brutal and cruel person from her command to kill people every night during the Bangkok Shutdown when they sleep on the road. These people do not have any weapon, but only whistle. Yingluck is Satan on earth. Thailand will be bankrupted soon if she continues to stay in Thailand, despite her resignation because Thaksin regime still powerful from the huge corrupted money that Yingluck can spend for buying redshirt / brainless people to agitate the new government. She can't stay in Thailand for the rest of her life. She is a witch.

Her left brian has nothing right.
And her right brain has nothing left!

Stupid lady, no brain to differentiate what are good or bad, just folows her brother order, Thakin Shinawatra, to achieve authority, asset and etc. by corruption.

The most stupid PM of Thailand. She do everything what her brother said (Thaksin Shinawatra). She doesn't know what's right and wrong and totally can't think by herself. Finally her communication skills such as boby language, speaking language (both thai and English) are super horrible!

Most stupid and useless priministor in the world!
She can say only one sentence "I don't know".

She knows nothing just doing whatever her brother, who is now ranking 1 in this poll, told her to do. She doesn't do anything good for the country but only do for her own family and do everything, no matter it is illegal, just to bring her brother, the terrorist, back to Thailand.

She is the most stupid prime minister in the world. She has no brain and do everything under control by her brother.

She is an the first idiot and also the most shameless PM in Thailand and in the world. Never know anything about her team.

No talent, stupid, She can't read and write Thai and English language. Embarrassing!

She doesn't have any skills or abilities to be a Prime Minister at all! And her government team are the most corrupt in Thailand's history.

Her government implemented many destructive policies to the country, E.G. The rice policy, the highest corruptions in all gov projects, parliamentary dictatorship, denial of the Constitution, etc. As PM, she allowed her fugitive brother to take charge of the government by being herself his puppet. She does not have the capability nor the decency of being a prime minister.

She is the most coldhearted and is suspected if not in behind then be aware and supportive of the many killings over the Thai protesters against her government who failed to clean up all the wrong doings for her own brother (Mr. Thaksin) by passing the unconstitutional amnesty bill during the end of 2013 and up until today.

She's not only the worst leader in Thailand but also stupid dump ass!

She get the power not because she smart or she got vote. She got PM of Thailand because her brother wanted her to be.

She did every things slow such as solve the big floods until her office get floods, Parliament dissolution, she always said I am come from election.

She cannot answer any questions without the script prepared by someone else. Also, she claims that everything is not her responsibility when she has no idea what to reply news reporters! How come she can be a leader?... Corruption works in Thailand and now we gonna stop it

Beside pretty face and female charm, this woman had not been known to possess any other qualities before she decided to run for the election. Two years in power she has failed miserably in leadership skill, key country knowledge, political vision, economic performance, decorum befitting PM and, most importantly, integrity to administer the country for the good of the Thai people. Instead she has demonstrated again and again she is there mainly to protect the interests of her fugitive brother's, Shinawatra clan's and their cronies'.

1. No leadership. And making the nation corruption policies that support her family.
2. She is supporting many of embezzlement.
3. She used state power for themselves and support the Thaksin regime. To use it to destroy the nation
4. She is a professional liar
5. She created a national debt the most
6. She is an advocate of police power attacked and killed citizens who disagree with the government.
7. She and Cabinet support legislation River to penalty retribution from corrupt cronies.
8. She claimed that her civil bureaucracies Jersey. , But the truth is. She purchased a voter. They create public policies with a campaign that can not actually be done to fool the public, and she used the media of rural people for their own benefit.
9. She is a prime Preserving the interests of her brother. And she did not care for the interests of the nation.