Top Ten "Would You Rather Own" Questions

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Would rather own a cat or a dog?

Dog! They are cute, fun and great to play with. I'm all against cats.

I love cats. They are nice to stroke and cuddle. I love it when they purr.

I don't know. I like both cars and dogs.

This is hard... I have both cats and dogs and I would want both...

Would you rather own a party room or an indoor swimming pool

Both. I would also turn the pool into a party room as well, so I will have TWO party rooms!

Pool, so I can have a pool party and use it as a party room as well

Indoor swimming poop obviously

An indoor swimming pool sounds cool!

Would you rather own a chocolate fountain or a pool of Coke?

Totally a chocolate fountain! I would bathe in my chocolate fountain...

I don't drink coke but chocolate is just about my most favourite thing in the world so a chocolate fountain would be heavenly.

Chocolate fountain. Leaves would just get in the pool of coke. I

Chocolate fountain! I don't like Coke...

Would you rather own a bed that is very comfy but tiny or a bed that's big but hard as a stone?

Hard - there are satisfying ways to make it comfy (memory foam pads, pillows,...)

Hard. You could make it soft by adding tons of confy pillows and stuff

I'd use the tiny bed as a pillow so the tiny bed

Beds are mostly hard as they are, it's the matress that makes them comfy, so I'd totally have a big, hard bed if I can also have a real comfy matress

Would you rather own a hoverboard or a jetpack?

Jetpack. At least you can actually fly with a jetpack

Jet packs are far too dangerous

Hoverboard by far

Jetpack, lets just say there aren't dangerous. I always wanted to fly...well...

Would you rather own an iPad or a laptop?

Laptop because it is much more convenient. A laptop can do what an iPad can and a laptop is better for future work.

Laptop for sure. It's very useful in College. Plus I don't like Apple, it costs too much.

Laptop. More convenient for school

Why not a MacBook, that's kinda both

Would you rather own a jar of mayonnaise or a jar of ketchup?

Lets barf at the mayo, and I don't want the ketchup. I will own the ketchup but the jar is staying in the back corner of my attic

Ketchup and mayo are bad, but mayo is 10x worse. so ketchup? Hot sauce and bbq sauce are goals though

Ketchup for my pikachu. Also, I like both

I don't like ketchup so I'll have mayo

Would you rather own a TV or a phone?

Hmm...I don't know. Phone?!?! At least you can carry a phone everywhere.

Already own the two, so this makes no sense

If we're talking about a smart phone, then phone.

Phone, TVs can't play Pokemon Go

Would you rather own Pikachu or Eevee as a starter?

Pikachu. I just started the anime so I don’t know much about Eevee.

Eevee is cuter than pikachu, fight me

Eevee I could evolve it into practically in type I want

Eevee, provided it can evolve into Jolteon

Would you rather own every type of food in the world or every type of game console?

Food no question, game consoles are only good when your a kid or a youtube gamer

Well, I'm not a foodie(as in to try out something new or eat a lot..I don't do that) and I'm not into video games either, but I'd like to own game consoles for my siblings and gift it to them as they are hardcore gamers.

Food. We will all die without it.

Food I don't really see a need for every game console

The Contenders

Would you rather own a bucket or a panda?

Bucket, pandas not meant to be pets and how it would be imported across the world anyway?

What you need both you need the bucket for the panda excrement

Why would you pick a bucket over a panda?

Is it weird that I would chose the bucket

Would you rather own a Bugatti or own the most expensive clothes brands

If you own all those clothes brands you would make more than enough money to buy a Bugatti

I'd rather own expensive clothes brands. At least I would make money with those.

Looking back at this list owning the most expensive clothing brand will make you a multimillionaire so that is a no brainer

I'd just sell either one to be honest

Would you rather own a mansion or a Lamborghini?

If I had either I'd sell them to buy 700 guitars (wink wink Music Is Win wink wink)

A Lamborghini. Amazing cars

Mansion, worth a lot more.


Would you rather own all Beatles albums or all Justin Bieber albums?

Lolol It would only be a matter of time until someone adds something Justin Bieber related to the list.

Beatles. At least these guys are talented.

Beatles, that's kind of obvious.

Beatles albums

Would you rather own a private Jacuzzi or a private golf-course?

In my opinion, pulling weeds out of ground is far more enjoyable than playing golf.

( And yes, I have pulled out weeds many times )

Jacuzzi. I need someplace to store the bodies

Jacuzzi, golf is a pretty boring game

Jacuzzi, I don't really play golf.

Would you rather own all the Mario games, or all the Sonic games?

How about neither

Mario, Sonic sucks



Would you rather own drugs illegally or guns illegally?

Guns so I can fight crime and stop drug deals and the sex trade all by myself.

Guns, drugs are useless, guns can be used for self defense.

Drugs illegally


Would you rather own a horse or a cow?

I love horse-riding, so I choose the horse.

Also, you don't want to be chopped up and made into human food if you were a cow. - BloodFang

Horse by a long shot.


Would you rather own a thousand buckets or a panda?

Panda, then (I know this is cruel) kill the panda because I don't want it in my house.

Buckets for the panda I already got in another question.

Thousand buckets


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