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1 Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber or get eaten by spiders

Justin Bieber isn't even that awful, people just bandwagon and and hate him to look cool. If anything, his music has improved, and while I'm personally not a fan, I could probably find at least one song of his I enjoy if I tried!

This is an exaggeration. It would be more logical to choose the first option. No matter how bad you might think Justin Bieber's music is, what sane person would rather kill themselves? - Misfire

Justin Bieber, obviously. - CrypticMemory

As much as I hate Justin Bieber, I'd rather listen to his music. - shadomatrix

2 Would you rather make the dumbest list or make the most offensive list

Dumbest list. I already did like 5 of them (the My Favorite Anime lists) - CrypticMemory

Dumbest list. I'd rather be known as a dumb person than a person who offended a large group of people. - Misfire

Dumbest. - xXEnglishGothXx

Dumbest list. I've already done it. - RoseWeasley

3 Would you rather punch a wasp nest or punch spikes 50 times

Wasp Nest, then run for my life! - xXEnglishGothXx

Punch a wasp nest and then run for my life.
Why would I want to punch a wasp nest in the first place, though? Or spikes? Lol - Misfire

Wasps. You're only in trouble if they actually catch you!

Punch a wasp nest and run away. - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

4 Swim naked in the arctic ocean in january or walk in the sahara desert in july with heavy winter clothes that you cannot take off?

Swim Naked, I guess. - xXEnglishGothXx

Swim naked. I'd choke If I had those clothes on

I imagine that freezing/drowning in the ocean would be pretty painless compared to overheating

swim naked

5 Would you rather go to North Korea or Iraq

Iraq because North Korea is very corrupt and you have very limited human rights there. At least Iraq may have some safe places there. - JoeBoi

Iraq, North Korea sucks.

Which one is more dangerous? I'm not that aware of this world.
I live in my own world... - Misfire

North Korea. At least I'd be safe provided I do all the right things.

6 Would you rather lick a stuffed animal and smell it or smell the flower?

Dumbest question - BorisRule

Flowers. Is that even a question? - Luckys

This is the dumbest question ever. Everyone including me picks flower - DrayTopTens

Flowers. - RoseWeasley

7 Trip over every staircase you come across or shut your hand in every door you come across?

Shut my hand in every door - I have social anxiety, and tripping in front of people is SO EMBARRASSING - xXEnglishGothXx

Trip, the other option sounds like living hell

Trip over. The second option had already happened to me. And it was really painful. Plus, I think the 1st choice sounds less painful. - Misfire

Trip over every suitcase I come across - DrayTopTens

8 Eat 2 packages of raw hot dogs or clog the toilet at your in-law's?

Clog the toilet and blame it on the father. - xXEnglishGothXx

Clog their toilet, not my problem

Clog the toilet, because I could blame it on someone else! - saturatedsunrise

Clog the toilet

9 Would you rather call the Ouija board a "spirit board" and play with it or conduct a séance?

Conducting a seance, provided these both actually work. I'd like to say hi to Michael Jackson, Lil Peep, Avicii, XXXTentacion, and Nipsey Hussle along with a few other dead music artists. - oneshot

Seeing Freddie Mercury And Kurt Cobain is coool. - xXEnglishGothXx

Séance is not quite as dangerous as an ouija board. - PackFan2005

Well it relates to Halloween strangely, and just go with the conduct séance option. - htoutlaws2012

10 Be a 6'2'' woman or a 5'2'' man?

62" woman, I be a model dude. - Luckys

6'2 woman. - oneshot

6'2, because I don't wanna be a man. But I don't wanna be 6'2. I'm supposed to be like 5'11 when I grow up, so why not.

I loved to meet an amazon women taller than me. - htoutlaws2012


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11 Would you rather wear the same clothes Ginger Spice wears or wear a sleeveless tie dye crop top?

Tie dye, I guess. - xXEnglishGothXx

I would actually want to wear a tie dye crop top.

Okay this is more of a female question... this is very awkward. - htoutlaws2012

Ya know there son, I didn't even vote for this item I'm giving you commentary directly for your amusement. - htoutlaws2012

12 Bring only 1 book on a 12-hour flight or bring an e-reader at only 10% with no chargers on a 12-hour flight?


A book. If it’s good, that is. - xXEnglishGothXx

Book. I can read it over again!

One book - ElSherlock

13 Would you rather drink bleach or hang yourself?

Hang myself wearing a sign that reads "Logan Paul's Future." - BorisRule

Drink bleach, as there is a chance for survival after drinking it. - oneshot

Hang myself on a tree that's shorter than me. - Alkadikce

Hang myself wearing a sign that reads "Don't even think about it, Logan." - RoseWeasley

14 Would you rather get stabbed or get shot

Shot. Easy, merely painless. An easy way out, for sure. - xXEnglishGothXx

Shot by a water gun.

Get shot.

You never said where you get shot or what you get shot with. - RoseWeasley

15 Would you rather eat marshmallows and a chocolate cheesecake or eat an ice cream sandwich with marshmallows?

Can I have both? - xXEnglishGothXx

2nd choice. I hate cheesecake. - Luckys

Option no. 2 - RoseWeasley

The second one - BorisRule

16 Would you rather be caught in a riptide and taken out to sea or fight an alligator with no weapon?

Alligator, man! - xXEnglishGothXx

Riptide - AwesomeJawson

17 Give up on all of your electronics for the rest of your life or wear school uniform clothes every day for the rest of your life?

Everyone will obviously go for uniform unless they are from the past and don't know what electronics are

Uniforms. Without electronics part of me dies inside

I'd choose the second option, but only if it was a Japanese sailor girl school uniform

uniforms. - CrypticMemory

18 Would you rather spare a giant huntsman spider or a giant isopod

Huntsman Spider. Spiders are cool and creepy. I like ‘em. Isopoda are my WORST NIGHTMARE. - xXEnglishGothXx

Both! I spare any animals I encounter, even though it's a spider, an isopod, or other "creepy" animals (but if I encounter a mosquito I'll kill them anyway) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Spare the spider, the other looks very more threatening than the typical answer. - htoutlaws2012

Either, they're both living creatures - PeeledBanana

19 Would you rather fight your favorite YouTuber or your favorite TopTenner

Can it be a small punch to my favourite YouTuber? A friendly punch? - xXEnglishGothXx

I choose no fights. - Misfire

Favorite Youtuber:Spectrum Pulse
Favorite TopTenner:CharismaticKat

Since I don't know Spectrum Pulse personally, I'm going to go with Kat. Sorry. - oneshot

Top tenner because everyone I watch is older than me and I won't say my age...12 - AwesomeJawson

20 Would you rather always be able to tell when someone is lying or always be able to get away with lying?

Be Able To Tell. I Barely Lie, anyway. - xXEnglishGothXx

Tell when someone is lying. - shadomatrix

Get away with it. - oneshot

What Alkadikce said - BorisRule

21 Would you rather get bitten by a rattlesnake or get bitten by a brown recluse spider?

Umm, the spider. - xXEnglishGothXx

22 Would you rather Watch Dora or Listen To Justin Bieber.

Listen to Justin Bieber. He does have a few pretty good songs. - oneshot

Listen to Justin Bieber because I can just laugh at his horrible singing. - JoeBoi

Dora - CrypticMemory

Justin Bieber. I must listen to awful music in shopping malls anyway - Alkadikce

23 Would you rather call your favorite fictional character a "waifu" or see the 9/11 video on your laptop and cry at it?

Waifu - CrypticMemory

Waifu, I guess... - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Fine! I'll pick the waifu one! >:( - BorisRule

Jughead Jones is my Waifu

24 Would you rather befriend a Jew or pretend to be Jewish and act like you're Jewish?

Befriend one, Why Not! - xXEnglishGothXx

Pretend to be Jewish - shadomatrix

I am Jewish! So, First one - oneshot

Befriend one because I am a Jew - 445956

25 Would you rather compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hilter or be friends with African-American teenagers?

Racist. Id be friends with the teens! - xXEnglishGothXx

Compare Trump to Hitler, but this question is wrong on so many levels. - shadomatrix

African American teenagers. Most of them are nice - AwesomeJawson

That's just racist. - RoseWeasley

26 Would you rather drown or be stabbed to death?

Drown. - xXEnglishGothXx

27 Have no shadow or no reflection?

No reflection - shadomatrix

No reflection. YAAAY! - xXEnglishGothXx

no shadow - CrypticMemory

Either way I'd be classified as a vampire. - Luckys

28 Be 7 years old & not potty-trained or 5 years old with no ability to speak at all?

The second one. I could still communicate with other people, just not the ones where talking is involved. - Misfire

Second. Sounds coool - xXEnglishGothXx

7 yrs old and not potty-trained.

5 year olds who can't speak are very rare to see happen. - htoutlaws2012

29 Would you rather drown or get burned

Um...what kind of burn? - xXEnglishGothXx

*Sonic 1 Drowning Theme played* - BorisRule

Burned - CrypticMemory

Get burned spectacularly while everyone watching - Alkadikce

30 Would you rather be able to speak all human languages or be able to speak to every animal but not understand all human languages

I can't choose. It's just a really hard decision to make. I guess you could call me an 'indecisive person'. - Misfire

Animals. - xXEnglishGothXx

ANIMALS - AwesomeJawson

Speak to all animals, as long if I can still speak english. - RoseWeasley

31 Die epically or die of a disease?

Die epically, I guess. - xXEnglishGothXx

I mean disease - CrypticMemory

Rather do the epic death one - BorisRule

Die of a disease because most epic deaths occur at a younger age - Alkadikce

32 Cook or eat wood?

Cook. - xXEnglishGothXx

Cook, obviously. - Misfire

Cook - RoseWeasley

I would cook - ElSherlock

33 Would you rather live in a haunted house or get eaten by spiders

Haunted house, man! Cool. - xXEnglishGothXx

Haunted house. - RoseWeasley

Haunted House - ElSherlock

Live in a haunted house - Trollsfan536

34 Be able to fly without getting hurt or being able to travel through time?

Travel to the 70s, 80s and 90s! - xXEnglishGothXx

I've always been fascinated with time travel, so, I'd choose the second option. - Misfire

Time travel. - RoseWeasley

Both - BorisRule

35 Be forced to use windows me for a year or be forced to watch Disney/pixar's the good dinosaur for a year?

Good dinosaur. Windows ME is a terrible operating system (still not as bad as 10). - shadomatrix

The second one. Windows ME is buggy and it was a terrible operating system!
The Good Dinosaur is not that bad. (But Microsoft really screwed it up) - BorisRule

The good dinosaur - ElSherlock

Be forced to watch Good Dinosaur, it's actually a great movie. - Trollsfan536

36 Be five feet taller or three feet shorter?

Apart from women who are in love with a man shorter than themselves, I can't imagine why anybody would choose the second option. - Alkadikce


Five feel taller - I’d be taller than anyoneee! - xXEnglishGothXx

Okay... not sure about these measurements myself, but I'll side with the five feet taller despite that being the Andre the Giants disease effect then it would be of a dwarf size. - htoutlaws2012

37 Find true love or find a suitcase with one billion dollars?

Billion dollars duh - Luckys

The second one because I believe I can find true love without this hocuspocus. But only if the suitcase isn't lost, just prepared for me and I don't have to report it - Alkadikce


The 2nd one. I'm not looking for true love right now. - Misfire

38 Would you rather be a cat for 24 hours or be a dog for 24 hours?

Cats, because they love me - Luckys

DOG. - Misfire

Dog for 24 hours. I perform barks better than meows - BorisRule

Cat all the way! Especially if I get to be a Maine Coon. - Entranced98

39 Would you rather watch teen drama movies with your stuffed animal friends or be attracted to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Be attracted to PB&J sandwiches. - RoseWeasley

Depends on the movie choices of course. - htoutlaws2012

40 Be a newborn baby for all of your life or be a disabled senior citizen all of your life?

Newborn baby - ElSherlock

Take the fountain of youth, or be old, and not worry about a retirement plan? This sounds like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button actually. - htoutlaws2012

I’d rather be little again - Randomator

You’d be immobile either way - PackFan2005

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41 Would you rather fear most things or only remember things for 1 minute

Fear most things! I'll get over them! - BorisRule

Fear - ElSherlock

Fear most things. Set aside horrible for a second, you would forget things like needing to work or eat or wear clothes. - pandagirl

Fear most things. I'll get over the fears sooner and remember everything - Neonco31

42 Would you rather answer this question or not answer it

No, not that I just answered it. - Misfire

Already answered.

"Um, true. I'll go true. Eh, that was easy."
-Wheatley, Portal 2

Everyone should say answer it because if you type something under this one, then you just answered the question

43 Squeak when you walk or blow bubbles when you talk?

Squeak when I walk would be really funny, blowing bubbles would be kind of annoying

44 Eaten by alligators or eaten by a Titanaboa

Pretty much take you're death type question. - htoutlaws2012

You’re dead either way - Randomator

Either way I’m dying, so why pick my death?

45 Would you rather obsess over Weezer, Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup, Green Day, and any other punk rock band or have your nails painted ombré?

I already obssess over Green Day, & Weezer and Bowling for Soup are pretty cool as well, but Simple Plan, yeah, not that interested. But I love music, so I'd obsess over every single punk band in existence.

Obsess over Green Day! - Misfire

Well ''ombré''... my answer is probably obsess myself to these rock bands then. - htoutlaws2012

46 Would you rather listen to the worst song by your favorite artist or the best song by your least favorite artist?

Favorite artist:Khalid
His worst song:1-800-273-8255

Least favorite artist:Lil Meerkat (does he even count imao)
His best song:um probaly I Got 14 Dollars

Yeah, I'm going with Khalid. - oneshot

I'd like to specify this comment in order not to offend anyone. 1-800-273-8255 isn't even a bad song by any means, it's actually a very meaningful song. However, Khalid's vocal performance is very weak on there, hence being his worst song. - oneshot

47 Would You Rather get your fingers chopped off by a food processor or be trapped in the TV show South Park for 15 years?

I'm the first one to choose the food processor - Alkadikce

Be trapped in the T.V. show South Park. - shadomatrix

Be trapped in South Park for 15 years. - Trollsfan536

15 Years is a long ass time, and people die like flies in South Park, but I can't live without my fingers. I'd blend into the environment and hope for a decent life...

48 Would you rather be a pirate prone to motion sickness or a ninja with chronic hiccups?
49 Have your legs sewn backwards or live with a second head?

With how the way I look I'll take the chance with legs sewn crazy like. - htoutlaws2012

Live with a second head

It would be quite difficult living with a head attached to you, and I could do some great things on Halloween if my legs are sewn on backwards. I’ll take the legs. - PackFan2005

Depends on the head...

50 Be a sportsman or a celebrity?

Celebrity. I'm not a sports person. - Misfire

Aren't sportsmen celeberties? - oneshot

Being celebrity requires a lot of high maintenance to be relevant, and in that case working as a sportsman would be great for me at least. - htoutlaws2012

I've always wanted to be a singer.

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