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Always be 10 minutes late or 20 minutes early?

20 mins. What if it was like a scenario where there was a rlly strict teacher?

Too easy. Better to early then too late is what they say!

10 minutes late, I would not want to spend more time at school than I already have to.

20 minutes early sounds better

Be a 6'2'' woman or a 5'2'' man?

6'2, because I don't wanna be a man. But I don't wanna be 6'2. I'm supposed to be like 5'11 when I grow up, so why not.

I loved to meet an amazon women taller than me.

6'2", it's boring being 5'2"-i mean 5'4"

62" woman, I be a model dude.

(For girls) Would you rather date Thor or Superman?
Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber or get eaten by spiders

This is an exaggeration. It would be more logical to choose the first option. No matter how bad you might think Justin Bieber's music is, what sane person would rather kill themselves?

Justin Bieber isn't even that awful, people just bandwagon and and hate him to look cool. If anything, his music has improved, and while I'm personally not a fan, I could probably find at least one song of his I enjoy if I tried!

Justin Bieber. Even though he sucks. As for spiders, minus 1 person and counting

Umm..gonna have to be Justin. Painful but better than dying by spiders.

Be 7 years old & not potty-trained or 5 years old with no ability to speak at all?

Not potty trained, I gotta know how to talk with them gurls heheheheheheh

The second one. I could still communicate with other people, just not the ones where talking is involved.

5 year olds who can't speak are very rare to see happen.

Second. Sounds coool

Would you rather make the dumbest list or make the most offensive list

Dumbest list, I saw an offensive list and I was like...WHO MADE THIS? Then you will be sorry

Dumbest list. I already did like 5 of them (the My Favorite Anime lists)

Dumbest list. I'd rather be known as a dumb person than a person who offended a large group of people.

Dumbest list. We all remember NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva right?

Be a sportsman or a celebrity?

Being celebrity requires a lot of high maintenance to be relevant, and in that case working as a sportsman would be great for me at least.

Celebrity. I'm not a sports person.

I've always wanted to be a singer.

Aren't sportsmen celeberties?

Be able to fly without getting hurt or being able to travel through time?

I've always been fascinated with time travel, so, I'd choose the second option.

Fly. I don't need to learn how to drive or memorize streets anymore. I can just fly and if I forgot the way to go to someplace, I can just fly high and see everything from above

Traveling through time, and rewriting the history would be a better mission then to have the ability to fly.

However, one thing changed could lead to catastrophic things happening in the future - PackFan2005

Time travel is so much more useful in every aspect.

Be a newborn baby for all of your life or be a disabled senior citizen all of your life?

Take the fountain of youth, or be old, and not worry about a retirement plan? This sounds like the Curious Case of Benjamin Button actually.

Newborn baby

I’d rather be little again

You’d be immobile either way

Be poor but help people or become rich by hurting people?

Poor but help others. If my life revolved around making others suffer for personal gain I'd have probably killed myself by now.

Poor. If I was helpful enough, people would give me money! I would definitely not harm someone.

Be poor and helpful

Rich obvisouly

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(For boys) Would you rather date Wonder Woman or Black Widow?
Would you rather punch a wasp nest or punch spikes 50 times

Punch a wasp nest and then run for my life.
Why would I want to punch a wasp nest in the first place, though? Or spikes? Lol

It didn't say wasp nest with live wasps. #Loophole

Wasp nest then you could run from it

Wasps. You're only in trouble if they actually catch you!

Would you rather be Spider-man for a day or be a villain for a week?

Villains are what make stories exciting! I want to be a villain, just so long as I don't do anything too terrible.

Would you rather be a cat for 24 hours or be a dog for 24 hours?

Dog for 24 hours. I perform barks better than meows

Cat all the way! Especially if I get to be a Maine Coon.

A cat. Always. Although, cat food and dog food...

Cats, because they love me

Would you rather have a pet dragon or have wings?

Ahhh! Most difficult. I want both! Umm, I think I'd choose wings because a dragon might be a bit hard to train.

If I could fly with those wings, I choose the wings, otherwise the dragon but only if I get it as a baby and I raise it

I'd rather have wings. Having a pet dragon is dangerous and seems like a lot of work.

Can I say both? If not, then dragon. With wings, I can fly. With a dragon, I can fly and have a company at the same time

Would you rather be able to speak all human languages or be able to speak to every animal but not understand all human languages

I can't choose. It's just a really hard decision to make. I guess you could call me an 'indecisive person'.

Not understand ALL human languages? So I must understand SOME human languages.

Speak to animals but spare English PLEASE!

I've always wanted to speak animal languages

Would you rather buy a plane or a flying car

A car is a car. they don't fly by nature. if a car could fly, it would be considered a plane.

A flying car. It would be very cool to have one.

Flying car. It would be awesome

Flying car. It's cooler.

Trip over every staircase you come across or shut your hand in every door you come across?

Shut my hand in every door - I have social anxiety, and tripping in front of people is SO EMBARRASSING

Trip over. The second option had already happened to me. And it was really painful. Plus, I think the 1st choice sounds less painful.

Tripping, because I need my hands for everyday life.

Trip, the other option sounds like living hell

Swim naked in the arctic ocean in january or walk in the sahara desert in july with heavy winter clothes that you cannot take off?

I imagine that freezing/drowning in the ocean would be pretty painless compared to overheating

Swim naked. I'd choke If I had those clothes on

Swim Naked, I guess.

Arctic ocean. It'd be a quicker death.

Would you rather go to North Korea or Iraq

Iraq, North Korea doesn't even have human rights and rules are stupid.

Iraq because North Korea is very corrupt and you have very limited human rights there. At least Iraq may have some safe places there.

Which one is more dangerous? I'm not that aware of this world.
I live in my own world...

North Korea. At least I'd be safe provided I do all the right things.

Would you rather lick a stuffed animal and smell it or smell the flower?

This is the dumbest question ever. Everyone including me picks flower

Flowers. Is that even a question?

Dumbest question

Take the flower than ugh...

Have no one show up at your wedding or funeral?

Least my bride would show up to my wedding

Funeral of course then I wont know so it wont matter


Funeral, because I wouldn’t know

Eat 2 packages of raw hot dogs or clog the toilet at your in-law's?

Clog their toilet, not my problem

Clog the toilet, because I could blame it on someone else!

Yet how many people have clogged a toilet in a restaurant no less.

Clog, it would be really awkward but I don't wanna get badly sick

Be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people?

Alone. I've found my friends, anyway. They're in my head.




Be extremely underweight or extremely overweight?

Overweight because then I will weigh enough to ride the lunar loop! Yay!


Underweight because I’ll just eat lots of party sized pizzas until I get to the desired weight

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