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1 Food Challenge #16: Smoothie Challenge (5/25/20)

In that challenge Mom, John (my mom's boyfriend), and I picked five random toppings to blend in a smoothie. That challenge was the best in my opinion for many reasons. That time we did it on the front porch instead of at the dining room table. It was a nice change in scenery. Nothing feels slow paced. It even shows the smoothies being blended. Then when we try them, Mom runs outside and John runs to the kitchen sink to vomit because the smoothie was so gross. It has every element of a good challenge video, and overall it was a really good video that just about everyone will enjoy.

2 Food Challenge #6: Soda Challenge Part 1 (1/4/19)

This video just seems to be classic and nostalgic for some reason. I already mentioned when I tried multiple weird soda flavors with lots of people, but on this one it's the same thing but with only John and I. There were six flavors. The fifth flavor, which was sweet corn made John sick. He took a sip and he started gagging. He said "That was foul man!" That entire reaction was pure comedy gold. From now on I always make jokes about the sweet corn flavored soda while John's eating. And he is like "seriously dude!"

3 Food Challenge #5: Pizza Challenge (11/23/18)

This video made my YouTube channel get a lot more popular than it already was. In that challenge Mom, John, and I all picked five random toppings out of a hat with a slip of paper saying the ingredient. Then we had to put them on a slice of pizza and at the end we had to take a bite out of it. My mom got wacky stuff, one of them was banana chips. At the end she had to put cream cheese on her pizza. Because of the hard banana chips, she couldn't swallow it and she had to vomit it out in the sink. John got all crunchy stuff and he was pounding the table after he took a bite because it was gross. He said "mine is so crunchy". And I got all decent stuff. Mine wasn't that bad. But my mom got what she referred to as Barfaroni Pizza.

4 Food Challenge #20: Candy Cane vs Real Food Challenge (1/10/21)

That was my first video to use a green screen. I used a wintry background. Just like with the jelly beans on challenge 9, I flipped coins with John to either get a candy cane or the real food that the candy cane is flavored. For example, an Oreo flavored candy cane and then a real Oreo. This challenge had a lot of funny reactions from John. At the end he had to eat a dish called "pho", and he absolutely hated it and he went to the sink to spit it out and he almost threw up. It was funny to see.

5 Food Challenge #8: Soda Challenge Part 2 (3/17/19)

This challenge is a sequel to my first soda challenge, but this time I'm with all of John's family. I even did an intro with all of the people that'll be in the challenge. It was nice seeing some of their personalities. And you can still see John being grossed out when he drank the Mustard and the Pumpkin Pie flavored sodas. It's clearly inaudible, but I told John's nephew Bailey that I knew what some of the flavors were from watching videos.

6 Food Challenge #10: Hot Wing Challenge (7/7/19)

In that challenge John and I try different hot sauces on chicken wings. Some of the sauces were ridiculously hot. John couldn't stand how hot they were. There was even one sauce that wasn't too hot but John just thought it was disgusting because of the flavor of it. At the end it even shows my mom's artwork for the labels of some of the sauces. My mom even tries the sauces and she handled them a lot better than John. This challenge would've been in 5th place, but there's one problem with it. I'm being a wimp. I barely dipped the wings in the sauces for the ones we dipped, because I was being too cowardly.

7 Food Challenge #23: Oreo vs Real Food Challenge (3/13/22)

This was my most recent challenge and my first time doing a challenge in 7 months. This was like my candy cane challenge but with Oreos instead. The best part was definitely when John had to drink cocoa powder.

8 Food Challenge #13: Foreign Snacks Challenge (1/4/20)

On that video my Uncle Steve was in the challenge. And we tried snacks from foreign countries. It was cool to see what people from other countries eat. The best part was how we ate the last one and both John and Uncle Steve thought it was gross. John felt like he was inhaling the powder that's on it. Also. Uncle Steve's baby daughter gets shown in the video. One more thing about that video is that it's the first challenge where I wear my merchandise along with John.

9 Food Challenge #7: Doritos Challenge (1/19/19)

In that challenge John and I tried many flavors of Doritos blindfolded and tried to guess the flavor. This is the first challenge video to have a high quality background with more light. It syncs well with the music I used in the video. The best part of the video was when my mom tricked us into giving us a bad flavor of a chip that's not even a kind of Dorito. John said it was awful. Another cool thing is the end of the video when my dog Brody eats a Dorito.

10 Food Challenge #9: Jelly Beans vs Real Food Challenge (4/27/19)

In that challenge John and I flipped a coin and we would either get a jelly bean or the actual food that the jelly bean is flavored like. For example, at one point there were blueberry flavored jelly beans, and actual blueberries. It was pretty cool seeing the different jelly beans compared to the real food. And in case you're wondering, yes it did have John being grossed out at one point. My mom gave me a ball of chocolate, and John a licorice jelly beans, which he detests. So he ate it and he spit it out. He said "That's not chocolate", and my mom said "You got trolled", which was my line when I got my mom to play Cat Mario in my laptop when I was ten.

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