New ListMost Beautiful Love Songs from the '30s and '40s1. Just a Kiss Apart - Yvonne and Eric Brotherson
2. (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings - Kathryn Grayson
3. Love Walked In - Kenny Baker

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New comment on Nick Jonas in the list of Worst Singers of Today

cHigh voice and whiny because some random frat guy looked at his girlfriend who was voted Miss Universe. Use some logic stupid.

Vote cast for Sword Art Online on the list of Greatest Anime of All Time
Vote cast for B. R. Ambedkar on the list of Greatest People of All Time
bobbythebrony voted for He is one of the most unique users of thetoptens. on the list of Top ten reasons BobbytheBrony is an awesome user
Vote cast for America x England on the list of Top Ten Hetalia Yaoi Couples
ikerevievs voted for Star Wars: Battlefront on the list of Most Disappointing Video Games of All Time
New comment on Franky & Robin in the list of Top Ten One Piece Couples

cThey're the best together, even Oda ships them... Mother and father, pilot and flight assistant, matching shirts at the end of Dressrosa. They're always drawn together, talking in the background. I think their personalities match quite well too, Franky is more mature than what we see at face value, he just don't take himself too seriously.

Vote cast for Pepsi Next on the list of Top Ten Pepsi Brand Sodas
Whis submitted to the list of Top Ten Dragon Ball Characters That Shouldn't Be So Powerful
TheEvilNuggetCookie voted for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift on the list of Best Songs of 2012
Vote cast for Tu Jaane Na on the list of Best Atif Aslam Songs
Vote cast for Frozen on the list of Top 10 Things That Are Bad and Still Very Overrated
Vote cast for Kurt Hugo Schneider on the list of Best YouTube Cover Artists
New comment on Rod Stewart in the list of Worst Singers of Today

cBeing from the 70's doesn't make you a good singer. People these days need to get their priorities straight. "Oh, he's from the 70's, I bet he's great!" Suddenly singing in that time makes you great... Or is it that in that time, everything seemed great? Lol I hate that kind of people that think 70's and 80's are better just to look old-school.

Vote cast for Beliebers on the list of Most Narrow Minded Fan Bases and Genre Bases

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