New ListBest Music Albums of 20161. This is Acting - Sia
2. Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth
3. Dystopia - Megadeth

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Firedapple submitted to the list of Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist
sketchysteve added a comment on Looney Tunes in the list of Top Ten Best Cartoons

cHonestly I'm not a big fan of The Looney Tunes Show at all because the jokes are pointless and the characters aren't anything like what they were in the 40s and 50s. The classic Looney Tunes was the best, is the best, and always will be the best!

New comment on Cupcakes in the list of Top 10 Greatest Snack Foods

cLiterally the BEST snack every especially when you eat them the "right" way according to science your suppose to take the bottom of the cupcake and put it on the top and eat it like a cupcake sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!

Vote cast for Ann Wilson on the list of Best Female Rock Singers of All Time
xandermartin98 submitted Fallout to the list of Best First Person Shooter (FPS) Franchises
Vote cast for France on the list of Top Ten Countries Where World War II Battles Took Place
New comment on Kenya in the list of Best Countries in the World


xandermartin98 voted for Borderlands on the list of Best First Person Shooter (FPS) Franchises
New comment on Shizuo & Izaya - Durarara in the list of Greatest Yaoi Couples Of All Time

cThey are so cute
their love hate relationship is the best

Vote cast for Call of Duty: Black Ops on the list of Worst Call of Duty Games
xandermartin98 voted for Fallout 3 on the list of Best First Person Shooter (FPS) Games of All Time
Vote cast for B. R. Ambedkar on the list of Greatest People of All Time
Cheese567 voted for They thought TheTopTens gives you money by making lists but realize they don't. on the list of Top Ten Dumb Reasons People Retire from TheTopTens
Tijmenleip voted for Imagine - John Lennon on the list of Best Songs of All Time
Vote cast for Ronaldinho on the list of 10 Best FC Barcelona Players

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