New ListTop 10 Most Underrated Albums of 20151. Piece by Piece - Kelly Clarkson
2. Vulnicura - Bjork
3. Rebel Heart - Madonna

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New comment on Touch Too Much in the list of Best AC/DC Songs

cSo many good songs to choose from, but this needs to be in the top 5 for sure. A true classic

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Vote cast for Albert Einstein on the list of Top 10 Smartest People In History
Orta (Panzer Dragoon Orta) submitted to the list of Most Badass Female Video Game Characters
New comment on William Shakespeare in the list of Top Ten Greatest Authors

cGreatest writer in the English language, if not in any language!

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Vote cast for Jacksepticeye on the list of Best Youtubers
New comment on Game Shakers in the list of Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Moves

cPlease respect my opinion. I like this show, but not the episode Poison Pie. It basically shows the insides of gross ear canals up close, which made me want to throw up. WHO DOES THAT?! What's next, the inside of a heart or stomach?! Other than that, this show is decent.

New comment on Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension in the list of Worst Disney Movies of All Time

cPhineas sor of caught perry turning into an secret agent then gets frustrated

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Vote cast for Homework on the list of Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate School
Vote cast for William Shakespeare on the list of Top Ten Greatest Authors
spodermanfan1000 created their version of the list of Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time
Vote cast for Ape Escape on the list of Best Video Games Exclusively On PlayStation Consoles

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