New ListBest Disciples Songs1. How Deep is Your Love
2. They Don't Know
3. Underrave

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Vote cast for Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the list of Best Football (Soccer) Players of 2015
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New comment on Guru Gobind Singh in the list of Greatest Leaders of All Time

cGuru Gobind Singh je was a great leader and teacher.

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New comment on Kohl's Admin house NBC in the list of Top Ten Worst Games On Roblox

cpeople just abuse admin

New comment on Rayquaza in the list of Strongest Legendary Pokemon

cThis list is fucked up. Mega Rayquaza is confirmed to be the most powerful pokemon of all time!

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New comment on Thor in the list of Top Ten Most Powerful Superheroes

cNo sauce let me tell you that Thor can't even touch Spider-Man and Thor lose to Shazam and Thor is always overrated

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