New ListBest Blossom Dearie Songs1. I Like London In the Rain
2. They Say It's Spring
3. Someone to Watch Over Me

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Vote cast for Israel on the list of Most Hated Countries
Shannon submitted to the list of Best Names for An Emo Girl
Vote cast for Sasuke & Sakura - Naruto on the list of Top Ten Anime Couples
Vote cast for Häagen-Dazs on the list of Top Ten Best Ice Cream Companies
New comment on Finland in the list of Best Hetalia: Axis Powers Characters

cFinland. One of my favorite Nordics, no, countries. He is adorable, why is this only 14? Raise it up! He's kind, hardworking, and honest, more than most of the Nordics will ever be(even though rest assured I love all of Scandinavia). He's adorable. Did I say that already? Whatever, no one can say that he's not cute, at least to my face. His name-giving skills make Finland even cuter. This guy needs more votes.

Vote cast for Tu Jaane Na on the list of Best Atif Aslam Songs
Vote cast for In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 on the list of Best Coheed and Cambria Songs
Vote cast for Darth Sidious on the list of Top Ten Most Powerful, Skilled Jedi and Sith From the Star Wars Films
New comment on They go on YouTube look it up and act as if they are being forced to watch it. in the list of Reasons Why Frozen Haters Are Worse Than Frozen Praisers

cNo, the people constantly singing the praises of "Treasure Planet" and not shutting up about how "underrated" it is are the slaves to the worst Disney movie ever. Or would that be the "Cars" fans who aren't four years old?

Vote cast for Jazmine on the list of Best Names for An Emo Girl
SamuiNeko added a comment on Super Perfect People in the list of Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate School

cIn another way---Mary Sue

egnomac submitted Dawn Suffers Back to Back Loses to the list of Top 10 Saddest Moments from the Pokemon Anime
Vote cast for Americans shoot each other at an alarming rate on the list of Top Ten Reasons People Think Americans Are Stupid
Vote cast for Albert Einstein on the list of Top 10 Smartest People In History
Illuminaughty added a comment on Undertaker (Black Butler) in the list of Hottest Anime Guys

cBeautiful, ethereal...the Undertaker is an absolute bombshell. He's also a traitorous and twisted lunatic, but that's simply apart of his attractiveness (if you're screwed up like him!).

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