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Malia Obama has been added to the list of Top Ten Most Hated Americans and will be visible once it has been approved.
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A visitor voted for Tu jaane na - Ajab prem ki gazaab kahani on the list of Most Emotional Bollywood Songs
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A visitor added a comment on Shivaji Bhonsle in the list of Greatest People of All Time

Shivaji maharaj is the gret maratha.saradar...
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A visitor voted for Frankie Grande on the list of Most Hated Big Brother (U.S.) Contestants Ever
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EpicJake submitted a list of Top Ten Best Fire and Grass Type Pokemon that can be voted on or added to.
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A visitor added a comment on One Direction in the list of Top 10 Best Pop Artists

One Direction are one of the the world's best pop music creators. They do need more credit for making amazing music. Just because some people are sick of them doesn't mean they aren't any good, just saying.
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A visitor voted for Shivaji Bhonsle on the list of Greatest People of All Time
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A visitor voted for Longview - Green Day on the list of Greatest Punk Songs Of All Time
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A visitor voted for My December on the list of Top 10 Most Mellow Linkin Park Songs
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A visitor voted for Mantis on the list of Best Kung Fu Panda Characters
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Natasha Obama has been added to the list of Top Ten Most Hated Americans and will be visible once it has been approved.
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A visitor voted for The Minions on the list of Top Ten Best Despicable Me Characters to Put On Your Profile Picture
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A visitor voted for Extra on the list of Top 10 Bubble Gum Brands
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A visitor added a comment on Huahwi in the list of Best Minecraft PVP Players

Lets see here we have stimpy fanboys hating on huahwi and we have huahwi fanboys hating on stimpy. Time tomsort iut whos better. First of all huahwi here has completed many challenges, started from the bottom of the mcsg leaderboards, and got 3rd, and won at many disadvantages. Stimpy here never could win anything without speed or pots, gets some decent comboes, and calls hacks every time he loses, is too obnoxious about a block game, beat many yters, and killed a g0d (NOT REALLY) Tenebrous. So who do you think would win more in different game types? ? The one who is unstoppable with Non-potstuff, bow, sword, fishing rod, and fns (Huahwi) or the guy who complanes whenever he dies, can never win a single round of the easiest game in the world (mcsg), and who can only beat people in potpvp (Stimpy) Take your vote idc, I am just trying to prove my point..
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A visitor voted for Frieza on the list of Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Villains

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Tips for Staying Safe Online

Phishers and hackers and identity thieves, oh my! The online world can be a scary place to navigate but as long as to make sure to have good anti-virus software, be careful with your credit cards, and be aware of tricky e-mail cons, you'll get to where you want to be.

Best Call of Duty Games

In 2003, Infinity Ward wrapped up development on the first of what would become a long series of incredibly successful genre defining Call of Duty games. Since then we've seen virtual battles spanning 7 decades of history on a dozen different gaming consoles. With so many games to choose from, what do you feel is the very best?

Best Home Security System Companies

A home security system isn't just about keeping out intruders, although it does that too. With today's technology, a quality system can help keep tabs on your family's comings and goings, protect you from dangers such as CO poisoning, and alert the fire department giving them a chance to save your home, pets, and belongings before you even know there is a problem.

Top Ten Best Auto Insurance Companies

The financial crisis has had a huge impact on the car companies, but you can use this to your benefit. If your credit is good, you can get amazing deals on cars and trucks from auto dealers desperate to make a sale, and once you do, make sure you get the best insurance for your new purchase. Of course, if your credit score isn't so hot, you may need to fix your credit first.

Top Ten Best Things About Sephora

What's a girl's favorite thing about cosmetics? The colors, the textures, the smells, the way it makes you feel? Whatever it is, it can be found in one place. Sephora. Whether you want a sexy, smoky eye look, flawless coverage with your base, the perfect pout, a seductive scent, perfect brows, or fantastic hair, Sephora is your place.

Best Health Insurance Companies

Regardless of your position on the health care debate, the fact is that you need health insurance in the United States. It may seem too expensive, but compared to the cost of paying for your own healthcare out of pocket, an insurance plan is the smart choice. Hospital bills have forced thousands of Americans into bankruptcy, make sure you're not one of them.

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TheTopTens No-Hate Week

May 8, 2015


The masses have spoken. What we thought could be a cool promotion turns out was unfortunately not well received, at least by those motivated to voice their opinions. So, before it has started, we're going to do away with No Hate Week.

We felt that users might appreciate a more positive vibe for a little while. Seemed like a fun experiment to see if the overall experience on this site could become a more enjoyable one. But as is evidenced by the comments below, our view does not appear to be a shared one. Regardless of whether this is because of a genuine difference of opinion, or a fear about and misinterpretation of what was going to transpire (i.e. people falsely believing lists were going to be deleted), the end result is that this idea is one that has proven to be ill-suited at this time.

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