New ListBest Social Issue and Hardship Songs1. Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
2. Keep Ya Head Up - 2pac
3. Jeremy - Pearl Jam

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Vote cast for F**k You on the list of Best Cee Lo Green Songs
Ratchet submitted to the list of Top Ten Characters to Cosplay As On Halloween
Fox McCloud submitted to the list of Top Ten Characters to Cosplay As On Halloween
New comment on The Night We Called It A Day in the list of Most Sentimental Frank Sinatra Songs

cAnother stellar list by Britgirl.
Keep 'em coming, Sinatra is an artist everybody needs to be familiar with!

New comment on Japan in the list of Worst Countries to Live In

cThey hate on random country like China. All the gov does is just pick random country and make citizens to hate on them. Us Chinese is one of the victim. Japan is really mean to surrounding countries and Africa but they're becoming really nice to Europe and American country.

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New comment on Accuse them of double dipping in the list of Top 10 Funniest Ways To Break Up With Someone

cHaha that's funny

New comment on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the list of Best Basketball Players of All Time

cWhy is Kareem so far down he should be like 4th

Vote cast for Brendon Small - Dethklok on the list of Greatest Death Metal Guitarists
New comment on Regice in the list of Best Dragon Pokemon


New comment on You're Beautiful in the list of Best Korean Dramas

cYou're Beautiful is one of my best dramas ever with jealousy kind of love I totally love dramas like that.😊

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New comment on It Doesn't Cliche As Much As Disney Films in the list of Top Ten Reasons Why Studio Ghibli Films Are Better Than Disney Films

cAgreed. Especially since The Lion King is nothing but stupid, false animal stereotypes.

hobbyadict submitted Brows Planet Chrismas to the list of Most Fun Thing to Do with Your Computer
New comment on Mylo Xyloto in the list of Best Coldplay Albums

cMylo xyloto should at least be at #3 it sounded awesome, even the song with Rihanna wasn't too bad....

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