New ListTop Ten Michael Jackson Songs With the Best Music1. Thriller
2. They Don't Care About Us
3. Beat It

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Vote cast for Say "Hi this is Jenny from 31 Flavors, if you can name 31 Flavors in 31 seconds you can win 31 thousand dollars, ready go!!" super fast and peppy. on the list of Top 10 Best Prank Call Ideas
Vote cast for Imagine - John Lennon on the list of Best Songs of All Time
Vote cast for Bruce Lee on the list of Top Ten Best Fighters of All Time
Vote cast for Foxy Brown on the list of Best Female Rappers
Vote cast for Breaking Bad on the list of Top 10 Best TV Shows
Vote cast for Mario on the list of Top Ten Worst Super Smash Bros. Characters
Vote cast for Judas Priest on the list of Best Metal Bands
Vote cast for Beautiful on the list of Best Eminem Songs
velitelcabal voted for Teen Pop on the list of Top Ten Worst Music Genres
Vote cast for Soda Popper on the list of Best Team Fortress 2 Weapons
Vote cast for Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox in Transformers) on the list of Top 10 Sexiest Female Movie Characters
venomouskillingmachine created their version of the list of Most Annoying Celebrities of 2015
New comment on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the list of Best Open World Games

cThere's always something to do in this game

New comment on Getting Rid of All the Girl Shows and Turning into "Boys Only Channel" in the list of Top Ten Worst Moves by Cartoon Network

cI'm a guy and I remember sneaking peaks at shows like PowerPiff Girls and Totally Spies. They were pretty awesome. And all that's left is crap. Well the new President is a female so hopefully more girl show will be greenlit.

JellyBean2000 added a comment on Adventure Time in the list of Worst Cartoon Network Shows Ever

cAdventure Time was like so freaking awesome!!!!!Untill....It got really creepy and weird like after Jake and rainacorn had puppies and Ice King got all emotional and kept showing his body and Gunther humping stuff and being really awkward (it was funny though lol) I was like mmmhhh okay...

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