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A visitor added a comment on L'Arc~en~Ciel in the list of Best Japanese Rock Bands

These guys got me into anime. Their songs are varied.
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Gemini13 voted for Jackie Evancho on the list of Top 10 Female Singers Under 30 With the Most Beautiful Voice In 2014
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A visitor voted for Dave Grohl on the list of Best Rock Drummers
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A visitor voted for Right to Remain Silent on the list of Top Ten Best Screamo Bands
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Loud noise has been added to the list of Top Ten Things That Spring to Mind Whenever Anyone Mentions a City and will be visible once it has been approved.
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A visitor voted for L'Arc~en~Ciel on the list of Best Japanese Rock Bands
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A visitor voted for Angelina Jolie on the list of Hottest Women in the World
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Gemini13 voted for Jackie Evancho on the list of Top 10 Female Singers of 2011
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A visitor added a comment on Liv and Maddie in the list of Worst Disney Channel Shows

I hate this show so so much it is so damn boring the writers of this show should have never came up with this crap. I abosolutely hate that parker kid he is so so annoying especially I hate joey he is so so dumb and retarded.
CHARACTER REVIEWS must see read below for info

Liv:liv is the stereotypical dumb blonde of the show. She thinks she is so famous, popular and perfect but she is not. She talks way too much about her luxories and brags about her being popular I can't believe she is friends with south that girl that parker has a crush on. Even ocean but I am glad she is not friends with that kylie girl but liv is stupid, retarded, dumb, bragful, rich and way too glamourous she makes me blind of her famous qualities

Maddie:now let's move on with her. Maddie all she cares about is sports, basketball, winning, that she is such a tomboy. I mean look at her space of the room her bed is a basketball and her shelf is probably filled with more than 20 stupid trophies. Maddie is so jealous as seen in the episode where south flirts with diggie. I think maddie and diggie should break up or uf their husband and wife they should get divorced. Maddie is jealous, selfish, and rebellious. I hate you so much maddie! joey:this is the stupid dumbo nerdy geek of the show. And one thing I am not calling him a nerd because of his glasses he acts like that. I can not believe that willow who is one of maddie's friends likes him and joey likes her back. Him and delia from I did'nt do it should be fraternal twins they are both weird, nerdy and are dorks and both have huge glasses that I seriously want to break. And guess what joey's portrayer (joey bragg) has the same first name as each other! Anyways joey is a freak a dork so nerdy and not even social at all. I remember that episode that liv was dressed as a ugly creepy kangaroo and joey thought she was another girl. And joey said I am asking her out. what who would date their own sibling?!. Joey needs to learn a lesson from his parents.

Parker:this is my most hated character amoung the others! What kind of nine or eleven year old boy would fall, swoon and have a crush on a girl who is sixteen years old I am referring that parker secretly likes south even though south is like 5 or 7 years older than him!. Tenzing why you voiced parker. Parker should have been voiced by max charles or Zachary gordon instead. In real life parker's voice actor is like 12 or 13 years old. Parker is basically ugly, rude, idiotic and foolish don't get me started joey has that exact same personality! Ohand one more thing in jessie's aloha adventures in hawaii with parker and joey. Why in the world did the writers of that new show premiering on november 2014 have to bring back maia mitchell and why did they have to guest star parker and joey! Ihatethiswithmyentirelife. All three of them should not be in that show I am just saying?! mom:the picky principal of liv and maddie's highschool voiced by kali rocha the mother let's parker and joey do whatever they want including liv and maddie.

Dad. The poor dad of the rooney family like what every episode has rooney in it for example song a rooney what? The dad is greedy possibly gulity and furious

Diggie:maddie's boyfriend who should break up is stupid and gullible diggie learn that's why maddie is jealous diggie is lazy and stupid all the characters are stupid and dumb

Ok that's all for now I'll make a pt 2 next time on the liv and maddie character reviews
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A visitor added a comment on Shanks in the list of Best One Piece Characters

Yami too good
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A visitor voted for The Beatles (Shea Stadium 1965) on the list of Top Ten Concerts and Live Performances
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Gemini13 voted for Jackie Evancho on the list of Top 10 Female Celebrity Smiles
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A visitor voted for Nirvana on the list of Best Rock Bands of All Time
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A visitor voted for Disturbed on the list of Best Rock Bands of All Time
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A visitor voted for Kurt Cobain on the list of Best Singers of All Time

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Personal List Created When Adding New List to Site

May 7, 2013

We received a question about why when a member adds a new list to the site, we also create a personal list for them with the same items in the same order. We do this for a number of reasons.

First, we have received multiple complaints from people who after adding a top ten list, find out that their original ordering has changed. Granted, this is the nature of the site, but people still sometimes get upset. Having a personal version of your list gives you a copy of your original that will be unaffected by the popular vote.

Second, people have expressed a desire to reorder their lists after they have been submitted and approved. We don't do this because doing so would run counter to the public opinion methodology of ranking items on the site. Instead, with a personal list, you can go back and edit the list at any time in case your tastes change or you discover something new. Plus, since we are now incorporating personal lists into the ranking system, when you reorder your existing list, your new reordering will have an effect on the main list.

So, given how many people want complete control of their lists on the site and the fact that there is no real downside, we figured the best option was to automatically create a personal copy of all new lists added by members so they didn't have to do it manually.

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