New ListTop Ten Greatest WWE Wrestlers of 20161. Brock Lesnar
2. John Cena
3. Roman Reigns

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Vote cast for Stranger Than Paradise on the list of Best Indie Movies
vickyxbts voted for Be Mine on the list of Best Infinite Songs
Vote cast for Anni-Frid Lyngstad on the list of Best Female Singers of All Time
Turkey submitted to the list of Countries That Make the Best Cars
InklingSethO submitted a list of Top Ten Nintendo Characters We Love But Everyone Else Hates that can be voted on or added to
Vote cast for Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) on the list of Top Ten Best Mario Games On the Wii and Wii U
Vote cast for Tamil Nadu on the list of Top Ten States in India
Metal_Treasure submitted "Garage-band material" - about Blind Guardian to the list of Top 10 Most Ignorant and Absurd Music Comments On TheTopTens
Vote cast for ESP on the list of Best Guitars for Heavy Metal
QnCls20132016 created their version of the list of Best Disney Animated Couples
New comment on Shivaji Bhonsle in the list of Greatest People of All Time

cThe great shivaji maharaj

Vote cast for Doraemen In Nobita and Steel Troops: New Age on the list of Top 10 Doraemon Movies
Vote cast for Fatima Medical Colleges (OLFU - Medicine) on the list of Top 10 Best Medical Schools In the Philippines
Goku02 added a comment on Kagura in the list of Best Inuyasha Characters

cShe's very powerful and determined. Her death scene was so sad, but at least she regained her freedom in the end, though Naraku made her die in pain. She's as free as the wind, and she's the wind itself, cool, pure, gentle and strong at the same time, and most of all, FREE.

New comment on Togekiss in the list of Top Ten Legendary Pokemon

cTogekiss is the 25 pokemon on my list

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