New ListTop 10 Most Beautiful / Handsome Canadians1. Alissa White-Gluz
2. Shania Twain
3. Avril Lavigne

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Vote cast for Episode 62 - Aizen Betrays Soul Society on the list of Best Bleach Episodes
Vote cast for John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) - The Green Mile on the list of Saddest Movie Deaths
Vote cast for Indonesia on the list of The Best South East Asian Countries
Vote cast for Yellowfang on the list of Best Warrior Cat Characters (Book by Erin Hunter)
Vote cast for Mere Haath - Fanaa on the list of Most Romantic Hindi Songs
Vote cast for Shivaji Bhonsle on the list of Greatest People of All Time
Vote cast for Lara Dutta of India - Miss Universe 2000 on the list of Best Answerers In History of Miss Universe Pageant
Vote cast for Break Free on the list of Best Ariana Grande Songs
New comment on In a Taxi in the list of Worst - But Funniest - Times to Fart

cWho's had sex in a taxi?

Vote cast for Muscogee on the list of Worst Wikipedia Languages
Rpemk voted for Mississippi on the list of Best States in the U.S.A.
xandermartin98 submitted A man dressed as an ugly old quilt (Crazy Quilt, Batman) to the list of Top 10 Fictional Characters With the Most Ridiculous Concepts
New comment on Maine Mendoza in the list of Most Admired Female Celebrities In the Philippines

cI admire her beauty & simplicity. Awesomeness to the max!!

Vote cast for China on the list of Countries with the Best Food
New comment on Wake Me Up in the list of Best Avicii Songs

cThe Best Song ever

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