New ListTop 10 Metal Musicians Who Were Teens When They Started Their Careers1. Tobias Sammet - founded Edguy at 14
2. Samy Elbanna - founded Lost Society at 15
3. Mathias Nygård - founded Turisas at 15

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cI never noticed that! No black people or middle eastern toned people? Thats racist.

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cThe princesses are equally beautiful and their personalities fit them. You fans sound like haters lmao. And for you dumb fans saying she has more of a story, so they all have their own thing, she needed a story for HER GAME. Don't you mostly always need a story for a game? Sheesh haters are so stuck up their fave's butt that they cant appreciate or at least leave other characters alone. I bet most of you are the same person who made a bunch of comments.

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