New ListTop 10 Most Creative Music Artists and Bands1. Pink Floyd
2. The Beatles
3. Lorde

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Vote cast for Seahawks on the list of Most Popular NFL Teams
Vote cast for Same Script, Different Cast on the list of Best Whitney Houston Songs
Vote cast for Genghis Khan on the list of Top Ten Most Evil People in History
New comment on John Cena in the list of Top 10 Worst Rappers of All-time

cWannabe rapper

Vote cast for Forrest Gump on the list of Best Romance Movies
Vote cast for (Everything I Do) I Do It for You - Bryan Adams on the list of Top Ten Best Romantic Songs
Vote cast for Waiting for Tonight on the list of Top 10 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs
Vote cast for Ellen Ripley (Alien series) on the list of Top Ten Most Badass Female Movie Characters
New comment on Donald Trump is better than her in the list of Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election

cVery true! The trumpeter just makes more sense

Vote cast for Bad Writing on the list of Reasons Why Anime Sucks
Vote cast for Raining Blood on the list of Top 10 Slayer Songs
Vote cast for Bill Cipher: Reality is just a illusion and the universe is a hologram on the list of Best Gravity Falls Quotes
Vote cast for Pythagoras on the list of Top 10 Smartest People In History
New comment on Lizards in the list of Top 10 Best House Pets

cMy friend and I caught two small lizards. I forget what kind they are, but they are both males, indicated by the two brilliant blue spots on their necks. Sadly the younger one, Pal, died, but his brother and best friend, Buddy, is still alive yet still grieving as he seems depressed. They are great pets and make great buddies and pals.

Vote cast for Neymar on the list of Hottest Male Soccer Players

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