New ListTop 10 Pagan/Folk/Viking Metal Songs to Listen to While Playing the Legend of Zelda1. Wanderer - Ensiferum
2. The Longest Journey - Ensiferum
3. Journey to the End - Windir

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New comment on Part Time Mutha in the list of Top 10 2pac Songs

cThis song is criminally underrated, I rarely ever see this come up on discussions of Pac's best songs but I can't help but feel this is top ten worthy for sure

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New comment on Tarrant Hightopp in the list of Most Famous Disney Characters

cHe is just totally bonkers! That's what I love!

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cThe puma suedes classics are AMAZING shoes for skating. Love them.

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GrimmShady added a comment on Freddie Mercury in the list of Top Ten Most Overrated Rock Musicians

cUmm...yeah right!

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