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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Best game ever get rid of the hackers and its even better
Spec ops is amazing, multiplayer is the best part, and the campaign is all right, just a few gaps here and there.
It can be a bit unbalanced, but I have never had as much fun playing any other game.
[Newest]Hands down, definitely ahead of it's time.
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2Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of duty 4 is by far the best call of duty of all time. It was one of my first call of duties and I absolutely loved it. The campaign is full of suspense unlike mw2. For a game that came out in 2007 it is truly AMAZING there is not much difference in graphics between the new one and this one so I think that infinity ward did a outstanding job. In multiplayer there is not much weapon selection so I guess the other games win in that aspect. This game is truly the best Call of Duty ever it will always be my favorite!
Best story of all call of duty games ever! cmon vote that game mw2 is too easy at killing people and black ops too... vote this!
I don't say anything else, than This game is made for the real FPS-players. It has the best campaign and it's multiplayer gaming is very fun... First time I saw that gameplay I said: "Errh... Can I play :S? " This is so amazing game! 10/10
[Newest]That the first game of its generation
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3Call of Duty: Black Ops
This the best because of its multiplayer and instead of having to wait like 8 levels to earn ONE more killstreak you can buy as much as you want and zombies gives you 1 very good map with a lot of perks like Juggernog, Speed cola, Double tap rootbeer, and quick revive unlike World At War. I give this a dark green or 9.0 oh and combat training is a very cool thing they put in, but don't be a noob and make a commentary of you facing recruit computers and claiming its live
such a good story line loads of good graphics great on line multi player if you're looking for the best game ever call of duty black ops is 10/10.
Call of Duty: Black Ops deserves even better than 10/10! This game is close to flawless!
This is a very good game. I think its the best call of duty game of all time. Better then world at war and mw2. If you are looking for a great game with a excellent story what better then black ops.
[Newest]I played the campaign over and over and over and over and over again
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4Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Modern Warfare3 provides an epic conclusion to the story!
Much intense multiplayer than ever, best Call of Duty campaign ever, survival, timed missions filling gaps of main campaign and finally the return of Special ops
This is one shooter that is here to stay for a very long time
So Modern warfare 2 please step down from the throne and make place for your younger brother and the most awaited MW3
Best Call of Duty ever made is mw3 On ps3 because you get special ops campaign and multiplayer and you get online and xp
Great game. Really amazing. The killstreaks are really good. There are many new game modes. The graphics haven't improved very much but I don't care. A lot like Modern Warfare 2.
[Newest]More awesome than 2
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5Call of Duty: World at War
Best Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 1, should come an easy second to Modern Warfare 1 with no.2 3rd, Great competitive Multiplayer, Amazing map quality, Tank and Bolt action rifles increase difficulty, Zombies was a complete win and was revolutionary to a secondary game mode for online play... This game is the best WW2 shooter ever!
Most realistic combat. Best variety of weapons and the best multi-player maps. The only Call of Duty game where a person with an automatic weapon does not have an overwhelming advantage.
Too good! Laugh out loud its fun the zombies are so cool and scary and the campaign was awesome! Even though I've only played world at war and black ops... But one of funnest things I think is when your stuck at a level you can just massacre your on men! If your looking for a good Call of Duty game then get world at war!
[Newest]Loved it. Fingers crossed for waw2
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6Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Come on has any real people given this game a chance to prove itself that it has new ideas, Call of Duty is advancing and it can't be the same go damn thing every-time number 2 for me
I saw the trailer and I almost peed my pants just by seeing the trailer I think it is the greatest game
One of the best campaigns of all the call of duty's with well developed characters and one of the most evil villain in call of duty history, not only that but what ever you do in the campaign affects the ending. Zombies is better than ever with 3 different modes you can play, the multiplayer is one of the best too, cause it requires you to play the objective to win the game. But what I really like about black ops 2 is that it is different from the other call of duty's, all the other call of duty's were usually re-hashes of previous ones, but this one is much more different and more fun than most of the others
Its got as good as a story, and as well developed characters as a typical Michael Bay film. I mean if you're a big Michael Bay fan, I guess I can see where you're coming from.
[Newest]Best game ever with such a great multiplayer it's where quick scoping was born
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7Call of Duty 2
This redefined all Call of Duty games
Bringing the franchise into the current generation, and boy did they show what that new tech could do!
It's the most original Call of Duty game ever made. The graphics are very cool and the weapons too.
[Newest]So much better than that Modern Warfare crap.
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8Call of Duty
This was the purest one of them all. Don't confuse this with Finest Hour. The console adaptations were terrible. Call of Duty 2 added the hit-marker system which changed the gameplay and lowered the quality.

This game had the best multiplayer experience of them all. The maps had the best layout ever. You actually worked as a team. You actually engaged in battles rather than running around blindly and clumsily bumping into someone with Quickdraw Pro. Far more tactical than the others. You can actually chill and snipe without getting crept up on; sniping wasn't as dramatic of a game-changer as in new ones. The weapon loadouts were specific to the country/team you were on. Each country had its one advantageous weapon.

This game required skill. SERIOUS SKILL. No radar. Tactics were as critical as they are in the Rainbow Six series. I would love to see someone in MW3 try to get one kill with a scopeless Mosin Nagant or Kar98k.

This game was better than Counter Strike, which can be compared to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Same exact gameplay; no aiming down the sights. The development team from Medal of Honor made the original Call of Duty for the PC, and they didn't make one again until COD4, which was amazing. I fully accept Modern Warfare One, that was a great game and had the same feel as COD1. World at War sucked, so did Black Ops. MW2 was ok but had too much bullcrap. MW3 is pretty decent, I like it.

If you loved this game, keep an eye out for Respawn Entertainment, that's where all the COD1 developers went.
I agree this game should be number one, Without it there would be no Call of Duty. I played this game over and over and tried to touch ever piece of landscape and see every part of the game, at its time it was my favorite game.
The only good Call of Duty game in my humble opinion. This is the pinnacle of Call of Duty. I personally like knowing that there is going to be a set number of enemies in a level. I liked how that when your team mates were killed they were dead, not just some endless wave of useless men. I liked how you had health and didn't just need to sit behind cover for a couple of seconds, you had to think carefully before running through a firefight. No. Knife. Now most prats won't know this. But they had a thing called a rifle butt, and a bayonet. Strangely enough they wouldn't whip out a knife, they would beat someone down with a rifle butt, or stab them with the bayonet at the end of their rifle. The only problem I have with this is that it spawned so many bastard children that should have been aborted not born and raised.

And one last things ladies and gents. Call of Duty didn't revolutionize the lone wolf run and gun style gameplay that has become synonymous with Call of Duty. That would be counter strike, a game that beat Call of Duty by four years. Sorry end of story.
[Newest]For an old game it ROCKS
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9Call of Duty 3
Amazing! Gives you the ability to play as various countries (US, Canada, Britain/France, Poland)
The campaign is truly awesome. And the graphics are much improved. It was literally the last rated T game, so the blood is improved. It also introduces the close quarter battles
This game is just plain AWESOME! No other Call of Duty feels as realistic as this one ha
[Newest]My First Call of Duty game ever Nostalgia

10Call of Duty: Ghosts
Yes, it looks amazing!
A lot better then the Black Ops series which might as well be a sci-fiction game because I can't tell difference.
Go original Call of Duty and Modern Warfare.
Lets get back into the Brownings, and Winchester Sniper Rifles, enough of Black Ops and electro guns and crap.
Seriously, we need more old games back up to the light.
It's Call of Duty Ghosts! I know its going too be better than every other copy and paste Call of Duty even though its not available to purchase yet and there is barely any gameplay footage! It's going to be the best game ever! How many other games have fish that mov away from you or a dog! Me and my other 4th grade friends are totally going to beast in multiplayer mode on our Xbox One! I hope it's extremely linear because shooters that allow me to chose multiple paths confuse me. GHOST Is the BEST CALL OF DUTY ever! 'm
Whoa Call of Duty Ghosts have too many stealth missions than Modern Warfare, They're AWESOME! Ghosts is my new favorite Call of Duty because Ghosts has Underwater, Space, Badass dog and Falling building many many many more fun missions!
Call of Duty have finally improved I loved it.
[Newest]This should be replaced by a Call of Duty aw
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The Contenders

11Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
As a long time fan of the franchise, I can only say that this one right here is the best game in the series. After getting used to the exo, (this takes Call of Duty to a whole new level in terms of enjoyment) the game becomes much easier to get around, a lot faster, and a lot more fun, at least in my opinion, one of the reasons we play these games is because we like fast paced games! We don't like waiting around or being patient, we want quick gameplay! And that's what this game provides for the community. Weapon variants, online multiplayer character customization, and supply drops are really cool additions to this franchise and just make the game more addicting in my opinion. As much as I love the other Call of Duties, it was difficult to go back and play the other ones after I experienced Advanced Warfare and honestly... I don't even want to go back! It's that fun of a game!
AW is the latest Call of Duty in the franchise. The campaign was truly original and the multiplayer was great again. However, the campaign went over the top sometimes. However, it was just so amazing and the graphics were perfect. You felt like you were actually there. It felt as if you were the soldier in real life. It didn't feel like you were playing a game. It felt so realistic.
Visually, it is the best Call of Duty there is. The campaign, with Kevin Spacey is like playing a movie, but it works really well. AW has freshened and updated Call of Duty with its new HUB and weaponry and armoury. The multiplayer is basically an updated version of the multiplayer from Ghosts, but has the same epic experience. Best game there is from Call of Duty.
[Newest]This needs to be number 1

12Call of Duty: Finest Hour
This made Call of Duty a console game, with one of the best campaigns (including the best intro ever) and hands down my favorite multiplayer out of all them (no aim-assist). Hardcore Call of Duty fans (and hardcore fps fans) will agree.
This is what started it all! Really good!
First one ever! Hard campaign, not so good multiplayer, but it still is really good.
[Newest]This was the first Call of Duty game I ever played and it was a good one for sure

13Call of Duty: Big Red One
My favourite "How come everyones always counting on us sarge? " "Because we're the infantry corporal, AND GOD LOVES THE INFANTRY! "
In this game you really get to know the characters and you really get mad/sad when the die yes not amazing graphics but really its an old ps2 game
Brooklyn will always be the best CoD character.
Big red one is the best CoD game out thier along with finest hour
[Newest]The first Call of Duty I played and in my opinion one of the best.

14Call of Duty: Black Ops: Zombies
I played world at war zombies and it was okay but then I played this and I just was obsessed with it straight away and another note why is this only at 13!?!? It deserves a top 5 spot because I think it changed the zombie game play in all games even though it is very similar to world at war but its the maps and guns that make it unique


Five is awesome I just love fighting zombies in the Pentagon
Call of Duty: Black ops zombies is very epic. The best map in MY opinion if of course Kino der toten mostly I played it the most and I know all the strategies in that map. My favourite gun is the zeuscannon. Last but not least storyline is very interesting.
[Newest]This game in zombies is best then all

15Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies
This is a great mobile game. Great on the road when you want to play Call of Duty at home. I reccomend this product
The aiming on this game is better than on the next version. I wish they would have the same feel to the weapons on the newer versions. I just wish hackers would stay away. They take all the fun out of the game. It's more fun when you work as a team not as a lone player. What's the fun in cheating? So you have all the guns? IntenseOne will still have more points than you.
Great I love der riese a lot
[Newest]This is so fun, scary, and amazing (even though I suck at it)

16Call of Duty: United Offensive
First Call of Duty to include capture the flag. The large maps with vehicles were excellant. In a franchise defined by multiplayer this game had the best multiplayer, as well as being the most innovative. (Introduced sprint, smoke grenades, and leveling, albeit temporary. )
A Call of Duty games where the single player is better than the multi-player... insane
Best multiplayer shooter ever.


[Newest]Base assault... Enough said

17Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Zombies
The last Call of Duty ever
Its just amazing how they design their maps, and the athmosphere is beautiful, just look at Die Rise or Burried or Mob Of The Dead Or Tranzit what more do I have to say? I never looked mor forward to anything in videogames than the new zombie mode in 2015 Call of Duty!

18Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts
This game has what everyone loves about World at War with some extras so the lovers of the previous one will like to see more of it a very good one to me and I'm sure many other will agree!
I like this game very very very very very much

19Call of Duty: World War III
Wait, there is one? I didn't know... I'm not much of a Call of Duty player to begin with.


20Call of Duty: Ghosts: Extinction
Fragging hard, I played with a pro and we got wrecked on the, maybe, 19th round, just, totally wrecked.
This mode wasn't that bad.

21Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex
Best game ever, and like, there was shooting, and.. guns!

22Call of Duty: Strike Team

23Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
There has been leaks to Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and with the story in BO1, and BO2 being excellent, as well as the multiplayer being good, BO3 will be a Top 5. Also, it's Treyarch's turn to develop a Call of Duty game now, Sledehammer came out of nowhere with AW. Please vote, thanks.

24Call of Duty: Heroes
The game is on iOS or android. Just came out and has all of the favorites from modern warfare and black ops series.

25Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS)
What makes this game the best is the fact that it is on the ds! The greatest console ever. I play this all the time. Buzz of this game I have completely stopped playing anything else!

26Call of Duty: Roads to Victory
This game is amazing. I can't never stop playing with it. If you wanna vote best call of duty ever vote this
How can some turn down this game ya it might have bad graphics but it is hella fun

27Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified
"James Bond" its a better call of duty; enough said. :(

28Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized
Best Call of Duty game yet, can't believe it isn't higher on the list
Better then That James Bond Choice Some N00b Put Up

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