Top 10 Best Disney Songs

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Let It Go - Frozen
Indeed the best song for me. Truly awestruck and stunned by the scene where Elsa sings it and she builds her "ice-lated" castle, it's not just the video I'm impressed in, but above all the song. It is really an inspirational, emotional, and very catchy song. It not only has good beats and instruments, but teaches us to "let it go"; let our fears go, don't care what others say, be yourself and have magic, etc. It's also a great song to listen in whatever mood you are. Like I said before, it is an emotional song---it brings out more than one emotion. But for me, what really struck me for this song was the "emotional progress" of it: from despair and isolation, and later on the lyrics, it becomes hopeful, heavenly, and courageous mood to it. I have also listened to the classic and other Disney songs as well, even back before Aladdin and Mulan, and I must say I love them. They're all awesome, including A Whole New World, Circle of Life, When You Wish Upon A Star, Reflection, I'll Make A Man Out of You, and so much more. But for me, above all, the most inspiring and influential song (and probably the best and greatest) is Let It Go. We just can't seem to "let it go".
After the nice digression Disney took with "wreck it ralph", Frozen went back to more traditional ways, has not just one but two Princesses, and a really nice fairytale setting. It also has a fair share of good songs, but none stands out as much as "Let It Go".
There are few songs from musicals wich I would listen to in my freetime, this one definitely is one of them. After all, the movie totally slipped under my radar, until I first listened to this song.

The Lyrics are great to just plain brilliant "It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small"
While the animated sequence is just stunningly beautiful. It just stays in mind, seeing her building this beautiful castle while singing this song.
It fits perfectly to Idina Menzel's voice, while the instrumental part flows just perfecty along. It gives me a shiver down my spine every time when the pace increases after the first refrain.
Its amazing it should be the first
[Newest]When you wish upon a star number 1
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2I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan
The power of this song is incredible. In a very weird way it is extremely catchy and makes you feel epic and masculine when you sing along to this incredible underdog of the Disney song world.
It is fun, it's catchy and it really is a milestone for mulan and the troops. It is great for sing alongs and even in my high school classes people play it and know all the words to it! It also brings a heavy meaning as while shang sings about being a man, the woman impersonating the man manages to raise herself above the stance of pale pathetic woman with no clue. it shows that yes, they did send him daughters when he asked for sons, and she kicks butt! Put that message with a catchy tune, beautiful lyrics and great action behind it, and you can't get a better song!
BEST SONG EVER! I love this movies in general and this song is the biggest reason I do
[Newest]This list is terrible
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3A Whole New World - Aladdin
I love this song! Me and my friends are always singing it! Thank you so much Disney for making Aladdin! One of the best Disney movies ever to be made! (After Ariel of course - but only because of her hair) ;) Anyway, love for Aladdin and Jasmine
The prettiest Disney song in my opinion, I want this played at my wedding LoL
I recognize and appreciate the fact that this is a good song, but I don't really care for it that much. Please don't hurt me!
[Newest]This countdown is rigged! A Whole New World needs to be number one, not that overrated platonic synthesizer Let it Go!

4Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas
Colors of the wind is the best disney song ever! It's beautiful how it talks about nature and that its all connected in a cycle that never ends😉 besides its not the typical disney love song 😍 personally my favourite princess is pocahontas she's so real and original (its even based on a real Indian on a real story) she is so different from all the other princesses👸 waiting for prince charming
I love it so much, it actually has meaning. Part of your world and a whole new world is about someone who is desperate to be loved or to love. This should be higher, it's about environment and racist in one some song! Things are more important than to find your true love in one scene then kiss him/her in the next
"How high can the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you'll never know"

[Newest]I have tried so many times to sing this song but just can't reach the notes. The song is so beautiful and just picturing yourself as Pocahontas while you sing is the best.

5Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid
This song is so heartfelt and beautiful. Jodi Benson's voice is extraordinary! This song was also covered by Chely Wright as it's considered by many to be a "Coming Out" anthem, and is often played at LGBT rights campaigns. If maybe displeased with the entire film, I am almost certain H. C Anderson would have at least loved this song. It captures the feeling of his original fairy tale really well.
I love this song, I sang it all the time when I was little. It drives me crazy when people call it "Part of Your World" though, LoLz
This shod at least be at number 3. Let it go is number 1 for me but part of your world use to be my favorite song. The voice of Ariel (sorry I don't know who is the voice of Ariel) is amazing. This is one of the best Disney songs ever. I like "A whole new world" from Aladdin but I like this better.
[Newest]This song has strong vocals and needs allot of practice. I wish I could just go and sing this anywhere and sound as beautiful as Ariel. Yet, I could, With LOTS of practice!

6Reflection - Mulan
As a little girl, I would dream of being able to be Mulan in the movie and sing this song. It has emotion and meaning. Mulan has to deal with the expectations of those around her. Not wanting to upset her family, while still not wanting to be untrue to herself, she's very confused. I'm sure many people can relate to this situation. All in all, a very beautiful song!
And no one does it better than Jackie Evancho on her 2nd PBS Great Performances concert "Music Of The Movies", and on her studio album "Songs From The Silver Screen".
I like this song it is so cool, I sing it the whole time!
[Newest]I really like this song. Every time I hear this song, I feel like I'm in heaven!

7Go the Distance - Hercules
This is the best Disney song ever. When I was little I would listen to this song with my mom every day on the way to and back form school. Its simply amazing and it will always be my most favorite Disney song ever. Love it.
This song is so inspiring. I just love Hercules.
I love Hercules so much! This song is amazing.
[Newest]The best song ever!

8Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Lion King
One of the best love songs ever! And from Disney, you know its got to be good. Love the movie too
Jackie Evancho wowed millions around the world with her loveliest of renditions at the Capitol Fourth celebration on July 4 2013..
Jackie's delivery of this piece is stunning... You CAN feel the love - as it pours out of her soul and flows into your own.

9When You Wish Upon a Star - Pinocchio
Listen to the version by Jackie Evancho. Disney should be playing it in the entrance to Fantasyland at all of the parks.
Classic Disney song from a classic Disney movie! Beautiful lyrics, very inspirational... Should be number one. When I hear "Disney", I tie it back to this amazing song.
It is one of the classics and is so deep in its lyrics plus it's sung by Jimminy Cricket. Just for that it should be in the top 5

10Circle of Life - Lion King
I can't believe this is rated so low, it should at least be in the top 10. This song is amazing! I love the magic it shows and how much it reminds me of being a kid. This song is definitely one of my disney favorites, I love Lion King so this isn't my single favorite but it's definitely one of them.
This should be number one. It's the most powerful and is beautifully written, The part when the orchestra gets going again, followed by lyrics, and the animals bellow and bow... Chills!
Absolute best song ever created in the history of the world... Not only should it be #1 on the disney best songs list, but it should be #1 on any best songs ever list
[Newest]To me, I'm a HUGE Disney fan and this song should be WAY HIGHER THEN LET IT GO this song is a true Disney masterpiece and I'm not just bagging on Let It Go but Lion King is the best Disney movie of all time so shouldn't there best song be #1

The Contenders

11Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid
Last is the classic "Under the Sea" sung by Sebastian. This song is awesome, not much left to say
This song has a fast beat and you need to be fast to sing it, too. You need practice. However, depending on what kind of singer you are, I don't recommend this song for a talent show.
Lovvvvvee itt! So catchy

[Newest]Not my favourite Disney song, but it is still one of the best classical Disney songs of all time. I would choose this over let it go from Frozen any day.

12You'll Be in My Heart - Tarzan
This song has such special meaning to me. Not to mention how great Phill Collins voice is! It is definitely in my top 10.
I am simply in love with this song. I like the song better than the movie.
It is such a nice song and so fun to sing along to!
[Newest]This song is just so touching and heartwarming. Should be in the top ten

13Be Prepared - The Lion King
"Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bad. Be prepared! *Scar's evil laugh*"
Who needs a king No king No king
Just the best villain song! Really funny and dark but also powerful
[Newest]Anybody who does not like Scar is evil.

14I Just Can't Wait to be King - The Lion King
I LOVE THIS SONG Please vote lion king I LOVE IT! I also like beauty and the beast! Hope you like them oth as much as me! P. S DISNEY IS BRILLIANT KEEP WATCHING DISNEY! P.P. S I hope Disney make more movies YEAH!
how can you not smile when you hear this?
You just can't beat it when ever it comes on I just have to smile and sing along!
[Newest]This is the best song from a Disney movie.

15I See the Light - Tangled
As a general rule, I LOVE all Disney songs, but this one will always stand out to me. First of all, the scene it plays in is just beautiful. It's just Flynn and Rapunzel on a romantic boat ride at night, with thousands of lanterns covering the sky. It's just gorgeous. Mandy Moore's voice is so sweet and lovely, and it goes very well with Flynn's voice. The melody is soft and romantic, the lyrics are absolutely adorable, and this song just gives me goosebumps every single time.
This is actually my favorite song! Like you said beautiful melody and lyrics, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi had excellent singing voices for this song! They matched well together, I was disappointed when this song lost to Toy Story 3's We Belong Together, Toy Story's had enough glory this song was so much better! The animation sequence with the lanterns was absolutely breath-taking!
All these songs are great but this one's so cute. And I know you can't beat the classics but for a recent Disney film, this one is one of my favourites :)
[Newest]Can never forget the scene where the floating lights all light up the sky, Rapunzel and Flynn just look at each other, and both knew that they're each other's light in each other's life.

16Hakuna Matata - The Lion King
It means no worries for the rest of your days
I absolutely love Let it go right now. But this song is my childhood! It ill always be one of my favorites! I am quite surprised it's not in the top 10!
Forget yolo! Hakuna Matata is the motto! Love this song!

17Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast
this is needed in list... oscar winning track.. one the most magical songs from disney.. add this to list... and watch... how many loved it.. thanks


Tied for my favorite Disney song ever written, not only because the melody is stunning, but because the scene that accompanies this song is so marvelous. Simply astounding.

The only song that could possibly beeat it is God Help the Outcasts.
I thought this song was called "Tale As Old As Time"... either way, it's a great song. Really beautiful, and also moving.

18I Won't Say (I'm In Love) - Hercules
The way Megara from Hercules is feeling like she loves him but doesn't want to admit it is priceless.
I love this song so much! Its one of my favorite Disney love songs! It should be higher!


It's a great song I have it stuck in my head "my head is screaming get a grip girl! " Is my FAVORITE lyric
[Newest]This is my second favorite Disney song!

19The Bells of Notre Dame - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Clopin's voice actor did an amazing job on this song. I would pay someone a million dollars if they could hit that high note at the end. Move this up people!
So powerful and spiritual.
So under rated. Such a fantastic song. Lyric were wonderful, vocals amazing.

20The Bare Necessities - The Jungle Book
This old time classic is amazing and if you don't like you obviously have brain damage! Ahahaha no you don't but seriously, check it out!
I sing this song so much it annoyes the heck out of my best friend. BEST DISNEY SONG ever!
One of my all time favorite disney songs!
[Newest]Just thinking of this song makes me smile.

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