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He stabbed that Zealot in the throat going out with a bang. He is the most destructive of Noble and should always be number 1.

Come on is this even a question? Easily the most badass!

Emile is awesome. Jorge is pretty good to

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He is a badass Spartan 2 like master chief - matt13


He is the noble team's savior. If he didn't tell Jun to escort dr. Halsey, Jun will be dead anyway. If he didn't crash his pelican, Noble six won't be able to finish the job

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A lame sniper and can't hit anything with the sniper he is a worthless pice of crap


It's really surprising to see Noble Six so low on the ranking. He was, after all, the most lethal of all 6. He was dubbed Hyper-Lethal, a ranking that only the Master Chief has. He fought to his death, and he was a brave soldier. RIP Noble Six - Canuck101

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6Edward Buck

He is the best of any of these fools. (besides Emile, he was a beast). Survived Harvest, Reach, and Earth, and is still alive. All the others died and didn't even save Reach.

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8Auntie Dot
9Major Johnson
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