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21Pekka RinnePekka Rinne is a Finnish professional hockey goaltender currently playing for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League.

Best finnish goalie sharp and very good blocker. Good with team play and doesent take any bad riskies. Good winning precent because he is good

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22Bernie Parent

2 Stanley Cups & 2 Vezina's & would have had more wins if not for a freak eye injury. People say that the Flyers & The Broad Street Bullies Gooned their way to those 2 Cups in '74 & '75, but it was his net minding that was the REAL DIFFERENCE! Also if he is not hurt in '76 Cup Finals it might have been 3 Straight Cups!

23Tony Esposito

Best goalie ever consider the amount of shots on net and team in front of him he was a star

I can't believe he's not on this list.

24Curtis Joseph

The most charismatic and probably the friendliest goalie ever. A great person and an idol!

Maybe not the best but he has to be considered a top 20 goaltender

A great athlete! Always exemplary on the ice and in his life!

A pride for the team Canada and our country!

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25Jonathan QuickJonathan Douglas Quick is an American professional ice hockey goaltender currently playing for the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League.

I know he only started but he did good on a sucky team for a while

One of the best goalies because he blocks those big saves

Also deserves to be higher then ben bishop and rinne

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26Billy Smith

Best playoff goalie of all time led the New York islanders to four Stanley cup championships 1980-83

He had 4 Stanley Cups. How many of the listed goalies can claim that!

Punk goalie disgrace to the NHL

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27Jonas Hiller

He is a fantastic keeper! He has a very special Butterflystyle and he can win games for his team!

28Evgeni Nabokov

Amazing netminder. The worst mistake the Sharks ever made was getting rid of him. - Shake_n_Bake13

Best goalie ever! He, patrick marleu, and jonathan chechoo led the sharks to the most glorious years ever! Now he's doing great on the Islanders, but Sharks are still my favorite. Enough said B-)

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29Jiří Holeček
30Tim Thomas
32Martin Jones

Wow 2 shutouts in a row we might be seeing the new carey price

33Ilya BryzgalovV1 Comment
34Pelle LindberghV1 Comment
35Aidan Druhan Mcginn

I do not even think this guy is even real

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36Corey CrawfordCorey Crawford is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender currently playing for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League.

Corey Crawford is good but Scott Darling saved then in the 2015 Stanley cup playoffs

Led his team in the 2015 stanley cup finals to win the cup - masonkv

37Steve Mason
38Ben BishopV1 Comment
39Jonathan Bernier

Why is Bernier even a newcomer? He's trash

40Bill Durnan

Montreal Canadian Hall of Fame Netminder. In his short 7 year career he earned 6 Vezina Awards, Two Stanley Cups, wore the C for a year (until the NHL made a rule called the Durnan rule barring goalies from captioning teams because teams were complaining that every time Durnan left the net to argue a call it was effectively giving his team the equivalent of a time out.) Set the record for consecutive shutouts from Feb. 26, to Mar. 6, 1949 and, held that record until it was broken in 2004 by Brian Boucher. Let me add that his first 4 Vezinas were consecutive. First Team-All Star 6 times. In his first two seasons with Montreal he won 38 of 50 games in both seasons in itself an amazing feat. If he could have continued to play in the NHL I can't imagine what records he would have set but, as we all know "If only" just doesn't matter when it comes to stats. However the hockey world knows a great when it sees one. Inducted into the HHOF in 1964 Durnan is one of the forgotten greats. Known ...more

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