Best Law Schools In the Philippines

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The Top Ten

University of the Philippines
UP Law RUNS THE COUNTRY. 7 Philippine Presidents and most of our country's senators and lower house representatives are UP Law alumni. Also, more than half of those who sat as the Chief Justice are UP Law graduates.
UP is proven by its history in producing competent lawyers!

2Far Eastern University - Institute of Law
FEU produces great and respected lawyers.

3University of San Carlos
"The best law school outside Manila! "
USC is obviously one of the top law schools in PH. Though they do not produce many topnotchers, their passing percentage is always high, even higher than known and big law schools in Luzon. This is the number 1 Law School in Vizayas region.
The best school and will give you competent professors and means for leagal research like cdasia and more, Nice library, rooms are aircondition. Don't settle for anything less. Enroll in USC School of Law

4University of Santo Tomas
The oldest university in the Philippines and in Asia, the University of Santo Tomas was founded in 1611 by Manila Archbishop Miguel Benavides. The Faculty of Civil Law was founded shortly after in 1734 and is arguably the first law school in the Philippines. The Universidad de Santo Tomas Facultad De Derecho Civil has produced 10 revolutionary heroes, 4 presidents, 3 vice presidents, 7 chief justices, countless senators, congressmen and notable justices and judges.
My son graduated here year 2011 and passed the BAR exam year 2012. One of the hardest BAR exam with 17% passing rate.

5New Era University
New Era University rank number 1 in "Best Law Schools in the Philippines" and rank no.2 in "Best Law Schools in US" next to Harvard University rank number 1. In the recent Bar Exams, from October 7, October 14, October 21 to October 28,2012, New Era University is far from other Universities/Colleges if we compared to passing grades in Bar Exams. New Era University defeat University of the Philippines in the last parts of Bar exams, October 28,2012. Its leading ahead to University of Santo Tomas because University of Santo Tomas belong to 5th group of oblong of United Nations while New Era University belong to 1st group of 1st triangle of United Nations, New Era University and University of Santo Tomas, the 2 Universities, have title names in United Nations in ABA Approved Law Schools operating in the US, while the other are nothing, it shows the 2 Universities have International license to practice here and abroad or title to practice profession in the government. Visit the Ranker Community search (w. Ranker. Com), New Era University belong to "Ultimate List" of "Best Law Schools"
Id like to enroll here
Am dreaming to enroll here..

6De La Salle University

7University of Cebu - Banilad Campus
Few students yet produced lawyers at heart

8Ateneo de Manila University
One word - TOPNOTCHERS (plural)
For the past years, Ateneo is one of the best performing law schools here in the Philippines.
Because I love this university

9San Beda College

10Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila
PLM's College of Law is definitely a newbie in this field as compared to the well-known law powerhouses (UP, Ateneo, UST). However, it has a good percentage of passing graduates every year that adds to the prestigious status of PLM.
In PLM, you're learning from the bests!

The Contenders

11Ateneo de Davao University
Addu has been cited by CHED (before the creation of the LEB) and justice panganiban as the top 4 law school in the country since 2000-2010 in considering the number of first time takers who passed the bar. No other official list came out after that...

12University of the Visayas

13Saint Louis University, Baguio City
The only school in the north with a good quality same as UP
SLU remains #1 Law School north of metro manila.

14University of San Agustin, Iloilo City
One of the best law schools in the Visayas.

15Silliman University College of Law

16Central Philippine University

17University of Batangas
The best Law School in Southern Tagalog

18Manuel S. Enverga University
School with most number of failed bar examinees.

19Bukidnon State University
The best law school in Region X

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