Best Minecraft Songs


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The Top Ten

Captain Sparklez thanks FOR THIS AWESOME SONG!
Thanks captain sparklez this song is epic!
Awesome with all of the failing and then training to get revenge and getting the revenge
[Newest]It is the best

2Don't Mine at Night
Best minecraft song ever! Why is it number 11! Anyway this is my list

1. Don't mine at night
2. Revenge
3. In search of diamonds
4. I can swing my sword
5. Screw the nether
6. Fallen kingdom
7. Dwarf hole
8. Form this way
9. I found a diamond
10. TNT


Oh COME ON! This sould be 1st I HATE Revenge And Fallen Kingdom is ok but here is my top 5

1st:don't Mine At Night
2nd:I Found a Diamond
3rd:Fallen Kingdom
4th Mini Minotaur
5th Creepers Gonna Creep
Hey! This song is kind of true and little catchy and gives me a thumbs up to move don't mine at night to the 1-7 section of awesome songs
[Newest]This song should be number 1 because I think it's the best song ever

Love this song! My favorite by him
I'm wondering why this wasn't on the list until now, it's the original, influenced all Minecraft Songs after them, and is extremely catchy!
I like this song but if cube land was on here I would so vote for it
[Newest]This song is very awesome in every way..

4Take Back the Night
Love this song! Great sequel to Fallen Kingdom. Seriously? Number 11?! So close! Should be in the top 10! Revenge is a good song, But you guys are taking it to seriously, TryHardNinja's voice was a little crackly in that song, But he really improved in this awesome song! Please! Just get this song in the top 10!
Take back the night is really great and has an awesome story behind it. It's a sequel, but I bet you it will still be amazing even if it stands alone. It is very original, and I want the sensei villager and zombie pigman boss to be in the game. And the giant lava monster. I love this song!
[Newest]Love me some progressive house.

5The Fallen Kingdom
This is the inspiration to continue making Minecraft songs, being below "I Found a Diamond" is a goddamned disgrace.
Best saddest awesomest song ever
How the hell is this below All I Do is Dig? CaptainSparklez, my favorite Youtuber, made it and it has great lyrics.


[Newest]Come on, this should be number 1. All 4 above this are not better in any way! This song inspired me to make parodies.

6I Found a Diamond
Love it hi my name is vegas I love minecraft diamond is my favorite
I love this song becuase it's so catchy and becuase it's by one of my favorite youtubers! I also like revenge a lot, I found diamond takes the win!


I also like diamond because it is the hardest matter and it is beautiful
[Newest]When I am just about crying I found a diamond. Sorry I love that one line.

7Hunger Games Song
The music video and the music itself is just amazing, I never heard good Minecraft parody in a long time. The animations are different to the other Minecraft songs and parodies I watched.
One of the best songs ever, by BajanCanadian, beacause he is the Hunger Games King and this is just a really epic song!
I haven't listened to this song in two months and I still can sing it all this son deserves number one
[Newest]This song is awesome gotta love it

8Swing my Diamond Sword
This song is EPIC!
Anyway this is my top ten minecraft songs
1. Revenge
2. I can swing my sword
3. In search of diamonds
4. Don't mine at night
5. Dwarf hole
6. Screw the nether
7. Like a block
8. I found a diamond
9. TNT
10. All I do is dig

Any way saftey torch is not a minecraft song

11. Redstone
12. Form this way
13. Mineshaft
14. Diamond
15. Cube land
16. I hate creepers
17. The miner
18. Its herobrine
19. Mine it all out
20. I'll make some cake
I love this one because he's funny and crazy and the song he make are awesome
This song is awesome and it has some swearing in it but its still good:do you like my sword sword sword my diamond sword sword you can not afford ford for my diamond sword sword I have a patent no one else can make a sword exactly in this mannor mannor welcome to my mannor mannor ca ca ca canna canna swing swing my sword sword whenether I get bored bored I can swing my sword sword I can swing my sword sword once I hit the floorboards then I had it restored then it was expensive but it was a write off swinging is my buisness and when I say that I mean swinging with swords please do not ignore do you like my sword ha! That was retorical you know I am an oracle I know you like my sword its made of diamonds if you don't your lying but that would be fine because it is awesome and your proably jealous I can swing my sword sword because I am a lord lord lord of all diamond swords hahaaha.
[Newest]Repairing 4 blocks of wood planks for 1 Billion.

9Screw the Nether
Yes this song is funny I love this as well because it is catchy1
Awesome should be 1# because it is super funny
I don't really like the original song all that much, but! The beat is so catchy and that what makes this song so good but my Favorite Minecraft song would have to be ♪ I'll Play Minecraft by ThnxCya quite surprised it is not on this list actually.
[Newest]You know what screw the nether

10New World
I putt this on here and I am so glad so many people have voted for this and even though it is not high on the ratings we all know it is the best song so GO SKY ARMY! GO GO GO!
Awesome! Why is it #40? It should be at least #5! It is totally cool and the animation and vocals are awesome!
I love this song the animation is by slamacow on the vocals are by skydoesminecraft. All of that in mind this is the best song ever
[Newest]Awesome song 🎶 I am fan of skydoesminecraft

The Contenders

11Form This Way
I never knew this song until I went to this website. I then looked it up and it's very funny, but it wouldn't be on my top ten list. I would call this song a 50%.
This is a very catchy song with a fun beat and fun lyrics! I love this song! It's so amazing! It should be at least #10
It doesn't matter if you love Notch... Or the Mythical Herobrine. This is a song about Minecraft. The blocks for this way see!


12Cube Land
Why isn't this in the top ten!?!?! This song is a beautiful work of art! It's so beautiful and magical. It perfectly describes how challenging Minecraft can be. I cannot express how much I love this song! This needs to be #3 at least.
I love this song so much!
When I heard that song it blows my mind because it's so good

13In Search of Diamonds
This song is a great song. It's fun and catchy, original, and s pretty funny at times.
Here's my opinion on all the songs in the top ten at the moment:
Revenge: needs to be lower on the list. Good music video, but it's better than the actual song. It should be between 8 and 20.
TNT:also needs to go lower- between 8 and 20 again.
I found a diamond: is in a good place.
Screw the nether: needs to be slightly lower because of it's terrible bridge.
Dwarf hole: I have no idea why this song is so popular. It should be near/at the bottom of the list. My opinion.
In search of diamonds: should be in the top 3. That's obvious, since I voted for it.
Form ths way: this should be lower. Maybe between 8 and 20 again.
Swing my diamond sword: once again, I think this song should be lower. Between 8 and 20 again.
The fallen kingom: this should be higher. I love the song, and the music video is amazing. It should be in the top three.
All I do is dig: needs to be lower, between 20 and 40.

Please don't thumbs dow, I know you probably don't agree with me on most of these things, but it's my opinion.
Ya see, I was just walking through a cave, checkin if sum1 had dropped diamonds on the ground, and I was like, "i still haven't found a diamond", so the song kinda reminded me of my own personal experience. By the way, have you seen a diamond on amazon?
Its better then revenge!
[Newest]I'm so happy I could ride a pig

14Minecraft Style
Why is this song so low on the list? All of Captain Sparklez songs should be in the top five for their quality, animations, and sheer time put into them to make them the best they can possibly be.
THE Best Minecraft song ever
My favorite song! This should be number 1-3 not number 12! It has like 1/2 a billon views on youtube.
[Newest]I like that word sexy piggy

15From the Ground Up
Oh my gosh... WHY IS THIS SONG ONLY #15?!?!?! This song is so beautiful and the video for it is amazingly animated! Personally, this is one of my favorite songs and I just can't express how much I love this song. It makes me sad that this song is this low on the chart. It should be #1-3!
What an amazing song. It makes me sad somehow but still in my top 5

16Minecraft Is Just Awesome
Look it up on Youtube and you will understand why it needs more support. It brought together like all the Minecraft Youtubers for one awesome video and a great, catchy song!
I love this song! I like the beat and the whole song itself just before I voted this I watched the sample and that did it!
This song should be higher. A YouTube channel brought almost all of everyone's favorite YouTube Minecrafters together and made something wonderful. A song that describes all the beauty of Minecraft. This song doesn't get enough credit.
[Newest]I love how it includes all the YouTubers

17Wrecking Mob
I love this song it says creepers really loudly when I play this song when playing Minecraft a mob of creepers comes and I kill them isane
Hey diamond blocks you and creeper?

18Never Let You Go
THe best song I've ever heard in my whole life
I sang it for my talent show and won even though it was a parody, that proves how good the song is

19The Miner
Epic song. I don't like parodies that sound like someone swapped out every other word, and used crappy in game sounds. The Miner feels and sounds like an actual song. Taylor wrote great lyrics, Brad is the best Minecraft singer in my opinion, and the video fits extremely well!
Antvenom made it AWESOME!
Til' herobrine crafts a spell, that'll send you to the deaths of hell. What you gonna do now?
[Newest]This song should be in the top ten. It's beautifully sang and the lyrics are actually quite inspiring.

20Creepers Gonna Creep

21500 Chunks
WHERE DID MY WOOD GO element animation is awesome and this is not my favorite

1. Like an Enderman tied with hunger games song tnt creeper rap and mine the diamond (and all tobuscus songs)
This is the best is is so catchy
Look it up it's so catchy.
[Newest]I don't like it

22Diamond Heart

23All I Do Is Dig

24I Love Blocks
I love them too

25Like a Block
This song is awesome Like a boss
Punch a tree (like a block)
Heyb seres my comment?

26Make a Cake
PUT IT TO NUMBER 50, THIS SONG DOESN'T HAVE ANY STYLE, sorry I I affend people who like this song, but I hate it, so bye bye Make A Cake

Come on voters! This song is wonderful! Vote til it is in the top 10
This is my favorite song it should be on the top 10 😩
SpaceMonkey02 will love this song to be in the top 10 with Running Out Of Time

28Creepers Are Terrible
I think this song is awesome because its just fun to watch.


30I'll Make a Cake
It's a great song to listen to
It's so cool and I love cakes and music and singing is my life!

31Dwarf Hole (Diggy Diggy Hole)
It's just the best
Best diggy diggy hole

32Fallen Kingdom
WHY THE HECK IS THIS SONG SO LOW ON THE CHART?!?! This is one of the best Minecraft parodies ever created ever! The lyrics are beautiful, the singer is amazing, and the animation is brilliant! This song was the first Minecraft song I ever heard and I fell in love with it immediately. PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS SONG AND GET IT TO THE NUMBER ONE SPOT!
This music video is intense and has a great plotline making a great story in just a few moments! The music itself is also amazing!
Should be #1! Where's your sense of suspense?

33This Is My Biome
Why is this so low down. Up it must go! Now!
This is my biome... GREAT SONG!
This is a great song

34I Hate Creepers
I love creepers :(

Creeperlord this is my theme song this brings the creeper army to discrass
You got me hissin baby hissin baby let me know! I'm gonna creep up on ya sneak up on ya then ill blow! You got me hissin baby hissin baby, boom I go!


37Eye of the Creeper
I love this song I don't like it and I don't hate it I love it

38Safety Torch
This isn't even a Minecraft song.

39Before Monsters Come

40Running Out of Time
It might make you cry if was watch
SpaceMonkey02 will love to make it in the top 10 with Promise

41What a Lovely World

42Redstone Active
I'm redstone active! I'm Redstone active! Woah oh oh oh oh. Woah oh oh oh oh!
I love music redstone active

43Supernatural Mobs
Even though it was only released a month ago, it should definitely be in the top ten, at least fifteen. In general, this video along with others of CaptainSparklez need to be up there.
Right now it is no.63. I believe this song deserves better. The singing, rapping and animation is terrific!
WHY IS THIS SO LOW?!?! This is one of my favorite Minecraft parodies! The singer's amazing, the music is great, and the lyrics are phenominal! This song deserves better!
[Newest]I love dis song it should be #1

44I Love Gregory

45Let It Blow

46The War Has Just Begun

47Never Say Goodbye
THIS SONG IS WAY TO LOW ON THE CHART! This song may be sad, but it's still beautiful and amazing! This song deserves to be higher!

48Where My Diamonds Hide
I love this song I put it here and I am kind of sad it is not higher but oh well at least we know this song rocks!
Woo! I LOVE THIS SONG! It's so catchy. To bad no one else likes it. (goes back to singing this song. ) :D
Epic animation, tune and vocals

49Klub Ice

50Never Mining Together

51Build It Up

52Minecraft Anthem

53The Mob Rap 2

54Like An Enderman
Love it! It's just epic!
Why are good songs like this one so low on the chart?!?!? This is one of my favorite Minecraft songs of all time! It should be somewhere in the top ten!
This HAS to be #7 at LEAST, come on people, you guys are terrible

55Mine It Out
Mine it out should be first
Mine it all out


57Mine With Me
My favorite song this should be in the top 10😫

What? 28? I love this song...
This song is really good

59I Can Swing My Sword
Laugh out loud so epic

60A Whole World Made for Me
This is one of the best Minecraft songs from TryHardNinja. You should listen to this and vote for this. It's awesome.

61Someday or Whenever

62Join Me Stevie

63My Favorite Things
The most awesome song I've heard
This song is good I love it its is nice I think it is very funny its is nice its is good al mostt as good as...SPAACE!

64I'll Play Minecraft
This would have to be the best song ever found it yesterday and so far listened to it over 8 times best Minecraft song ever and it is an original Minecraft Song at that.

65In a Nutshell
"It is a classic rap song and should be the theme for it"
CACox97 is good at rapping!

66Can't Stop

67Where the Mobs At?
I think this is a really good, very original song.

68The Minecraft Life

69I'm a Noob
Funny song #laugh out loud


71Creepers Paradise
Very catchy you should listen to it

72Night Time

73Hack That
This is my faverite Minecraft song

74Make Some Cake

75Minecraft Rap


77Mining Ores
Why is this number 73? This song is EPIC!

78The Mob Rap

This song NEEDS to be higher! This song is very catchy and fantastically animated! And it is so much better than red stone active!
Why is this #79 this has to be at least at top 20 come on lets raise it people
Thus is awesome better then poopstone active

80My Revolver
Another awesome song my Mineworks animations!

81Lets Have Some Fun In Minecraft
Its cachy and exiting. I oved it when I heard it

It's an amazing song!

83I Heard They Added Ocelots

84Found a Cave, Hump a Tree
This song is funny! Anyone wanna send it to top 50?
Ha Ha! I like how they are playing with TNT!

85We'll Always Play Minecraft

Hi how r you

87The End
An awesome song with different youtubers! There's sky, sparklez, Etho, SethBling, Tobuscus, and Xephos!
Best song! Has Etho, SethBling, Sky, Xephos, Tobuscus, and CaptainSparklez! Listen to it!

88Minecraft World
Parody of what a wonderful world.

89Like a Sir
This is awesome and findi in adamzometopparks yhea this dude stil had sing so try and find some song and post it hear and more songs on the way and just wait to it

A Minecraft Parody of Bruno Mars "when I was your man"
By: YoMamasMinecraft

91I Just Found Diamond

92You're a Freaking Enderman

93Spawn This Way

94Glowstone Love
П😭😭😭😭 Why is this song song so low!?!?! 😭😭😭😭 This song is so moving and powerful! PLEASE VOTE FOR IT AND GET THIS TO THE TOP TEN!


96Under the Sea

97Where's the Modding API?
Best song ever! I JUST CAN'T STOP! Can you be addicted to a song?

98Minecraft's End

99Little Square Face

100Diamond Sword
I hate it. Bbboo!

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