Top Ten Best Pokemon Couples

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21Tracey & Misty
22Skitty & Poochyena

This is a cute couple! It's like a cute bubbly girlfriend paired with the overprotective, serious boyfriend. (with a nice side)

23Blissey & Audino
24Gary & Ash

OH MY GOSH OHMYGOSHOMGOSH (begins to hyperventilate) (faints) Bleh...(twitches)

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25Cilan & Iris

Must.. Resist... Urge.. To.. Punch.. Computer!.. - RiverClanRocks

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26Charizard & Dragonite

I can just see them so cute since dragonites are usally friendly while charizard are usally rough and wild

Why not? Before Pokèmon was cool to me, I honestly thought Dragonite was a Fire Type 8)

27Umbreon & Espeon

I love this! It should be #1!

28Dawn & Zoey

Uh... Are some of you... No, Hannah, don't say it.

29Houndoom & Mightyena

Two scary dogs yes please

30Oshawott & Meloetta

Best ship ever, screw Piplup, screw Mew, screw Darkrai, screw Charmander, screw Ash, screw Pikachu. Oshawott and Meloetta belong with each other. And I am not being sarcastic. - InklingSethO

31Ninetales & Houndoom
32Paul & Dawn
33Espeon & Umbreon

Why. Isn't. This. In. The. Top. Tens?

34Gyarados & Milotic

Come on put this higher!

35Flareon & GlaceonV2 Comments
36Vaporeon & Sylveon
37Shaymin & Sceptile
38Lucario & Gardevoir

I think that this couples is just cute! I find them cute with Riolu & Kirlia as well

39Nidoking & Nidoqueen

Why can't they breed?

40Zoroark & Delphox
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