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101Bob Bryar

My Chemical Romance are so amazing but they were 10x better when Bob was in the band. Since he left them something has been missing. They used to play with so much energy but now it's not there.

Bob might not be a member of MCR any more, but he still lives on in fans' hearts and deserves a much higher place in this list.

The best drummer in the world Bob! He is my inspiration and my reason for exist

I play drums and Bryar is all I look up to... He was brilliant in the Black Parade era and his talent is so heartfelt, you can hear the skill and passion in every beat. You don't find that everywhere...

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102Shannon Lucas
103Stephen Perkins

there's a reason that janes addiction are legends, perkins should be top 20 at least!

Of Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros, and Banyan, Perky is a rock god, looked up to by other drummers for decades, he will melt your brain live.

104Andy Ward

His name should definitely be added to this list. One of the most underrated drummers in prog rock history. Listen to Echoes and The Sleeper by Camel. His drumming is truly a masterpiece.

105Cobus Potgieter

Man has extreme fluidity when playing and has some major hidden skills up his sleeve.

Hey might just be a youtube drummer, but he deserves a lot more attention than he does right now. Insane skills.

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106Neil Sanderson

Amazing drummer. He also plays piano and sings backing vocals.

Awesome drummer... I can't believe he's this low on the list.

Neil is an awesome drummer and backing vocalist!

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107Jake Garland
108Flo MounierFlo Mounier is the drummer of technical death metal band Cryptopsy. He has toured Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States as a headlining act over the last 24 years, and combined record sales have reached over 300,000 copies to date.
109Ronnie Vannucci Jr.

If there is anyone who knows the meaning of filling up the sound of a drum kit: it's, The Killers own, Ronnie Vannucci's Jr. Whet here he is keeping time or crashing out on his 18" hi hats he is almost always using every limb to play and fill up the bands sound. His independence of each of his hand and feet are nearly perfect. Listen to tracks like Move Away or The Way It Was. This classically trained jazz percussionist bring such a unique sound to rock n roll. You cannot understate Ronnie Vannucci's value as a drummer and performer!.

RONNIE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! He is a drumming animal! He puts so much energy and passion into every song. Just watch the clip from the Wembley gig before they played 'From here on out' then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Ronnie Vannucci Jr = LEGEND

Ronnie Vannucci Jr... Need I say more?

He's an awesome drummer and hard to cover as well, the way he bonds with his band and their music is just inspiring; to me as well.

An Amazing Drummer who deserves more credit.

The guy is a legend. His passion and skill are phenomenal.

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110James Kottak

Pure energy! Simply amazing drumming! James Kottak should definitely be in the top 10. He is absolutely fabulous to watch live!

This crazy stickman is unbelievable! His performance and his skills are beyond awesome! He has been an excellent addition to Scorps for over 10 years. He rawks! - ScorpsSistah


Great drummer & great person

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111Topper Headon

Topper Headon provided the beat for one of the greatest rock bands of all time, the Clash. He could project power, but with feel and musicality.

He was also one of the most versitile drummers ever. Whether it was hard driving punk rock, or reggae, jazz (or whatever else), he could do it all. Just listen to all of the different tempos and styles of music on London Calling and Sandinista. Vastly underrated drummer.

Come on! Topper should be in the top 50 without a doubt! His style influenced so many drummers who came after and he is multi-instrumental as well.

London Calling was one of the best albums of the era. Its multi-dimensional nature was due to Toppers drumming. Headon made the Clash --- neither Strummer nor Simonon were particularly good players. What made the band was Topper's drumming. Before and after him, there was no Clash.

112Virgil Donati

Absolutely agree!.. Played drums for the best part of 30 years in bands from fusion to punk, seen most of the greats in clinics, bands and otherwise.. In my opinion, from his syncopated patterns, odd time stuff and general mind screwin genius on the kit, I've NEVER!, Seen or heard anything, or anyone that comes close to virgil! (how good do you have to be to be admired by "weckl") from. The only reason he didn't get the "dream" gig was mangini was 20 years younger with better hair!.. Just saying!

This guy blows everyone out of the water. Drummers like Lars are mainly famous because Metallica write great songs. You don't need to be amazing to write a good song.

You guy's obviously havent heard virgil,he's at least in the top 5.

Virgil should be in the top 3 without a doubt.

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113Mike Wengren

Another under appreciated musician. I know Mikey's drum beats anywhere. He has so much passion for what he does; you can feel it in the way he plays. You can feel it in the way all of the men of Disturbed do what they do. Mike should be a hell of a lot higher in this list than he is.

This is so sad. Mike Wengren is 133 on the drummer list? The man is a genius! All of the men of Disturbed are geniuses. What is the problem with the people that put together these polls? The men of Disturbed deserve better.

Oh come on. Listen to this guy's beats. I'm sure most of you have listened to DIstubred - aspasiz

Mike is a sick as drummer that has made the best drum beats, he should be in the top ten - dillbanger

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114Martin Lopez

Opeth drummer has fantastic symbol work and a Latin style with some amazing death metal stylings, the guy is the best drummer I've heard, so diverse.

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115Hal Blaine

I know he plays on a lot of Elvis songs alongside DJ Fontana. When you play for Elvis, it means you must be able to play a lot of different styles.

116Michael Giles

Should be much higher on the list. Very underrated drummer and probably the best in progressive rock. For those who like his work on the first 2 King Crimson albums give the "McDonald and Giles" album a listen.

117Vinnie PaulVincent Paul Abbott, also known as "Vinnie Paul", is an American professional drummer and producer who is best known for being a former member, and co-founder, of the heavy metal band Pantera.
118Jimmy Chamberlin

I remember the first time I heard Cherub Rock. His style is unique and full of energy organized chaos. You can feel not just the beat but the emotion that he outputs. Allot of people aren't aware that when he showed up to be part of the pumpkins he was a mullet wearing jazz drummer that Billy said wouldn't fit in... Until he played.

It's odd. When you see Chamberlin up there, he looks either bored, or like it's too easy, but he's laying down these very smoothe, interlaced beats that mesh well with Corgan's sometimes erradic guitar and vocal work.

Despite Billy Corgan almost completely controlling the band's sound, The Smashing Pumpkins would not be the same without Chamberlin's signature sound. His drumming is unique and he has a lot of talent. Should be in top 10.

Needs to be higher

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119John Humphrey
120Steve Jocz

Well... for a rock band, we need a very good guitar player, a very good bass player AND a very good drummer. Sum 41 is a very good band so Steve Jocz IS a very good drummer. He must be on the top 10 :D I'm gonna see them in 13 July in France and it's my second show of them and no one can tell me that this band sucks.
Sorry for my English I'm French

Steve Jocz from SUM 41 is one of the best drummers of all time! Check his drum skills in Screaming Bloody Murder! The new album from SUM 41! It's heavy, and it's awesome!

He is highly under rated! Not saying he is the best but he should be higher than this, much better than Tre Cool and easily can do what travis can!

This shouldn't be for him! He should be in top tens

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