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She has a very cute laugh and very entertaining facial expressions. I love how she has a big heart and she is very compassionate.
I love her! She's always so positive and smiling!
She's the best! She makes me want to watch teens react more and more! :) Keep it strong Lia!
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Victor because he's really cute and has a sexy voice
I know him. I go to school with him he's a really nice guy, plus he's cute.
His voice is amazing! ♥ In addition he's super cute and his comments are funny, plus: his smile = ♥ :D
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He says really funny comments and never fails to make me laugh. He also says really intelligent things in an amusing way.
I love him more and more now. He never fails to make me laugh and he is just so cool. He is definitely like my best friend if I knew him personally
He's really funny, cool, cute and Awesome :D He's one one of my favorites
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She is just so smart and very beautifull.
She has smart opinions, she's downright honest, she's unique with her expressions, and God Damn it her face and voice just makes me go ballistic! What's not to like?
Love her so much! Smart is the new sexy haha
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He is really really funny and shares comments on videos that most people think. And he seems really smart, which I like. I am always interested in his comments.
I just love him... He's so cute and smart
He is perfect boyfriend and friends material!
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Adam is so in tune with what's going on that he says what everybody wants to hear.
Adam should be at number 1 I love him so much
Adam is so great because he always answers the questions well and he can always make me laugh. I also like how he is a bit of a geek and the way he talks is really cool too.
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She's so funny and nice, and I really love her laugh! Her eyes are so pretty, and she's really stylish, and has great taste in fashion, and whatnot.
She's a sweet girl.

Because she's the hottest
She's smart, insightful and tells awesome jokes after almost every teens react video! Hands Down! Enough Said! :D
She's really beautiful and smart!
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He's a real cutie and just seem like an awesome person. LIKE SWERVE!
He's so adorable and is always laughing! He seems like he'd be an amazing friend as well! Love him to death!
He's cute, funny and looks so familiar and personally I love his voice and he always makes me laugh.. Like always!
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I love Rumor. She's got contradicting characteristics. She's all "Vive La Femme" but then goes fan-girly with every other guy shown. Haha.
Rumor is definitely the best. She is so funny, She likes Shane Dawson and I'm always interested in what she has to say.
If I could meet anyone on Elders react, Teens React, or Kids React, I wouold choose Rumor. First thigs first, her name is BOSS! I also think it is sad her votes are 8 percent. TEAM RUMOR!
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The Contenders

So cute and adorable! He's really smart but not boring.
I personally think he's cute :) MY opinion NOT yours
The Bronie and the Dad shooting the laptop were the episodes that made me a Devin fan!

She is really smart and insightful and seems to be quite dignified. She is usually the one who makes me watch Teens React.
She gives comments of good taste that have some thought behind them and is incredibly intelligent and beautiful.
She is really cute and just seems like an all-around sweetheart
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She's gorgeous and has amazing opinions on everything. And a Legend of Zelda shirt. And her tumblr is fantastic. And she has fantastic style and just she's perfect okay
She's just a total badass, she has cool glasses, hair, piercings and clothing - and her tumblr's great!
She is gorgeous... The most beautiful girl on the show. Plus I love it when she laughs.
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So sweet and intelligent, he makes you smile
He is so sweet and awesome! He's the kind of person I would hang around with! Plus, he's funny!
He's hot and he makes really good points
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Ethan is always so funny! He seems like a really cool person. I just love how he jokes about the topics and either way everyone can laugh about it. His facial expressions are hilarious!
He is just so hilarious! Most of the time what I think of something he thinks the samealso sometimee he can be so blunt about things it makes you burst out laughing! :D
I LOVE HIM! He so cute and has such a dry sense of humor. He's my favorite boy on the show. :-)
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She's pretty, funny, and has some of the most honest comments when it comes to viral videos.
She is so pretty and is not afraid to say what she thinks. She kinda reminds me of Riley from Kids React.
Just look at her face. Laugh out loud
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She's really pretty and has a great sense of humor

Adorable and sassy! How could you not LOVE him?
He's gorgeous and so much fun! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him.
He sometimes think of food!


He's so cute and has great input
So sweet.. I love sweet things and people
Because he has a good speaking voice
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23Ethan James
The best guy on the show!

Because he's Isaac, period. Ps: he watches sponge bob, like it's SPONGE BOB.
Isaac is SO CUTE! And you can tell he's a really cool guy. (: More of Isaac!

She's extremely insightful in her answers and is usually knows what she is talking about. Plus it doesn't hurt that she's super cute.
She's a smart one and yes a cutie too

Bryson is awesome. He fits in perfectly on Teens React. Definitely my favorite on the series.
Cutie love all his comments on the show

We love her. She is funny and says what she thinks and is so pretty.

He is really cute sometimes. And he is very funny. I like him :D

Just the most cute girl and funniest on teens react :D


She's young, but she's awesome. She definitely has a different look at life than most teens, and for the better. She;s definitely the most underrated


He is very cute and seems pretty mature for his age. He hasn't been in many episodes, but he is definitely one of my favorites.


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