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Eevee is so awesome that it should be with arceus in the heavens plus it has so many evolutions to choose from. I have an eevee named Aaron and he might be young but his best move is cute charm

All right! We all know that Eevee is the cutest normal type Pokemon, obviously. It has 8 evolutions! It's so reliable on, how could you say no to that.

Eevee is so adorable! I could just squish it (not literally)!

Eevee is just cutest and adorable. I wish I had one in real life.

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No he's a fat lazy Pokemon but he's till cute

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It is two eyes, an egg shell and two feet and two arms=CUTE!

It's a baby Pokemon that grants you wishes!

But isn't Togepi a fairy type Pokemon?

I like Togepi because it's voice and egg is so cute!

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Unbelievable. I can't believe I had to add Skitty to this list. It's so CUUTE. It's a cute kitty with a cute tail and ears! And it's pink, and it evolves into a pretty cat. I'm a cat person, which is another reason why I think it's so cute.

I love skitty! And whoever said she is ugly: go to hell!

What? Number 8? ;-; Please go up to number 3 or higher?...

It is so cute I will do almost anything to bring this to real life - waterlover

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I don't think it's so cute, but a lot of people do, so #4

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How can you turn down a little blue ball with an adorable face that bounces on its tail which is also a tiny blue ball? SO CUTE!

It's a cute little round blue Pokemon. I wish I could have one in real life. I think it should a least beat lazy fat Snorlax. This Pokemon is so cute!

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This lil' bunny is extremely cute it can be incredibly annoying with the right setup and the right prediction. Anyways, it's shiny form has even more cuteness I would wanna hug this thing - Bunearylove75

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It's a pink cow! Don't get more cuter than that.

9JigglypuffJigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Jigglypuff is super cute, and a great singer! It was a hard competition between jigglypuff and snorlax, but I have loved jigglypuff longer!

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Supercute! And beast too


It is so adorable! It looks so soft and fluffy.

Furret is the cutest thing ever!

When I first seen it. I was like this.
ORHNJIYDWFKWVMJ GET THIS ON MY TEAM IMMEDIATELY OR I'LL GET ACTION REPLAY TO HAVE THIS THING. 10/10 Cutest Pokemon ever. And Pokemon Amie. I played with it for like 15 minutes! Favorite Pokemon.


Come on guys you know you love Meowth.

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15Porygon 2

Slap an Evolite on Porygon2 and you have a defensive tank with pretty amazing Special Attack.


I like meloetta but I wouldn't count it because meloetta can also be psychic and fighting type


She is way cuter than eevee she should be first and since when are foxes that kill kittens better than cute kitties?!?


Chansey is my favorite Pokemon! It's so cute and sweet and it heals Pokemon, so all other Pokemon love it!


I mean it's a cheeky monkey!

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