Best Disney Channel Best Male Singers


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Sterling Knight
Thank you all for voting for Sterling Knight he's honestly got everything that a Disney boy should have: an awesome voice, the good looks and the good role model reputation. VOTE VOTE VOTE Sterling Knight And by the way, "Hero" is a must-listen to song from this awesome guy!
I'm totally agree whit Sterling Knight he has an amazing voice! But I'm surprised of one thing... where the hell is Joe Jonas? You can't say he don't have a great voice and by the way Dylan ^^ Cole Sprouse? Really? I never heard them sing
I think he's great but the best I think is... Well I don't know his name all I know is that he songs the song "that girl" or "this girl" I know that it has the word girl in the title. Can some please tell me who he is. Please

2Mitchel Musso
This is just a weird category! I'm pretty sure Mitchell Musso is the only person who actually sings and maybe sterling knight. By the way if you are such big Zac Efron fans you'd know that he lip syncs! Mitchell Musso rocks my socks!
I think he got too less attention in Hannah Montana. Everything just turned around "Miss Hannah Montana. " Mitchel has something on it really can sing well and writes all his lyrics by himself. Mitchel you rock out!
As I first heard one of his songs, I knew he was incredible! He was like one of the best singers I've listen to since Aaron Carter, the Backstreet Boys, and Jonas Brothers.

3Zac Efron
I love zac he is cool handsome nice cute and great actor singer dancer. He is the best star in the world. I love you zac. Will you marry me
Zac Efron is so cool and a good acter
He is so cool and cute
I love him because he is a good acter, a good singer,and a very cool
You do realize Zac Efron wasn't singing in high school musical...

4Nick Jonas
His voice and his attitude to singing is absolutely extraordinary, exhilarating and exuberant!
He's hot! And his voice is real and lyrics are so sentimental
Nick Jonas is the best he should be in number 1 and he was better in introducing me

5Brandon Mychal Smith
This is one of the Best teen Rapper I have ever heard
On the Let it Shine Movie he rapping like lil Wayne
All that I am saying that he is an awesome rapper Peace

6Dylan Sprouse
The Sprouse twins don't sing.

7Corbin Bleu
Corbin Bleu is a terrific singer! The Sprouse twins don't even sing they shouldn't be on this list.

8Jason Dolley

9Kyle Massey
The scary thing is HE CAN ACTUALLY RAP! Plus he's milo's voice in fish hooks, so that's a bonus. HOW DO THE SPROUSE TWINS SING? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!

10Ross Lynch
Ross you and your family are great how is your family doing.
Ross lynch should be first he deserves better than this
I think he should be first not just because he's cute.
[Newest]Ross Lynch is an amazing singer! :~)

The Contenders

11Cole Sprouse

12Jesse McCartney

13Justin Timberlake
Lost of people don't know he was part of disney. Him, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera were all in disney together.
Wow Timberlake isn't on the top of the list? My god why are kids voting for all of this they are on thinking about today

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