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81Prince John - Robin Hood

Squeeze every last drop from those insolent, musical peasants!

82Lil Gideon - Gravity Fall

This guy rocks all though he was arrested for fraud in the last episode he rocked

83Diablo - Sleeping Beauty
84Clu - Tron Legacy

He murdered thousands of programs and came out in one of the coolest disney movies ever!

85Rinzler - Tron Legacy

He's a badass unbeatable villain who becomes tron in the end

86Mirage - Aladdin

How can you not love the cat of hate and evil, I love her since she's one of the most expressive chracters in the entire aladin franchise, and I also like her "catty" personality

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87Lord Hater - Wander Over Yonder

Lord Hater SUCKS! All he does is try to kill Wander and take over planets.

I think Commander Peepers it's better

88Nuka - Lion King 2

Sure, Scar was first, and so was Zira, But I give my favorite villain spot to the one who died trying to please their mom. I love his final line (which was cut out to keep kids from trying to get attention) and him as a character in general. Hard to find good villains like Nuka nowadays

He was so funny and cute with the flea thing

89Commander Kron from Dinosaur

A ruthless herd leader and Iguanodon voiced by Samuel E. Wright

90Mr. Dark - Something Wicked This Way Comes
91Lyle Tiberius Rourke - Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom

He isn't revealed to be the bad guy at first, making him better. Also his death, like most Disney villains, is AWESOME

92Vitani - The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride

She is completely underrated. - Scaranna

93Buster - Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's AdventureV1 Comment
94Mor'du - Brave
95Sheriff of Nottingham - Robin Hood
96Professor Callaghan - Big Hero 6V1 Comment
97The Red Queen - Alice in Wonderland (2010)
98Butch Cavendish - The Lone Ranger
99The Duke of Weselton - Frozen

The best Disney character ever! - trsryryryry

No mulan is the best disney character ever she's clever

100Pitch Black Nightmare King - Rise of the Guardians'
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