Greatest AFL Players of the 2000s

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1Gary Ablett Jr. (Geelong/Gold Coast)

I think Gary Ablett is the best player ever he deserves another brownlow I see him get the ball a lot of times he is every were can't beleve he got the goal of the year

He is a good player even though I don't go for them teams

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2James Hird (Essendon)

The best player to ever play the game with out a doubt

The greatest of all time

He's a good player

3Chris Judd (West Coast/Carlton)

Runs and plays the ball perfect

At West Coast easily better than Gaz or Hird. Dropped a bit at carlton but still up there

4Michael Voss (Brisbane)

Clearly voss has to be top 5

5Matthew Lloyd (Essendon)
6Nathan Buckley (Brisbane/Collingwood)
7Dane Swan (Collingwood)

Shouldn't be this high up

8Robert Havey (St. Kilda)

Robert Harvey is the best player in the history of players

9Simon Black (Brisbane)
10Adam Goodes (Sydney)

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11Matthew Richardson (Richmond)

You're the best player in the world

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12Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide)
13Gavin Wanganeen (Port Adelaide/Essendon)
14Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)Scott Pendlebury is a professional Australian rules football player and current captain of the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League.
15Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn)

He has a very skilful way of manipulating play. Some of his goals seem so flukey!

The most skill full player ever

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16Brent HarveyV1 Comment
17Josh P. Kennedy (Sydney)

Very underrated played the best contested ball winner the games ever seen

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18Luke Hodge (Hawthorn)

Easily top 10. I'm not a Hawthorn fan by any stretch but Hodge is top flight.

Wow! How is he not on this list what a joke! Him a roughhead are an amazing duo only getting better with she and I support west coast

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19Corey Enright (Geelong)

You're the best because your team is GEELONG!

I hate Geelong there just so stupid

20Nick Riewoldt (St. Kilda)

Yep bloody good. Changed the way key forwards play the game!

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1. Gary Ablett Jr. (Geelong/Gold Coast)
2. Michael Voss (Brisbane)
3. James Hird (Essendon)



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