Greatest WWE Champions of All Time

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The Top Ten

John Cena
11 time wwe champion a record the and the undertaker at 2 you have just be kidding me he is a 3 time wwe champion there are other superstars that be better champions the rock 8, austin 6, triple h 8, bret hart 5, hulk Hogan 6, hbk 3, kurt angle 4, and the best john cena 11 so that's why undertaker don't be deserve it to be number 2 that's why cena and the other superstars are better champions than the undertaker and the undertaker is a great champion but not better than cena or the other superstars and the fact was cena is the best wrestler ever the best wwe champion ever and the best legend ever and that's the bottom line cause stone cold sad so
CENA is the best WWE champ of all time (EVER)
As a wrestler as a man as a champion as a human being john cena is most honest most love able most respected wwe superstar ever the morals he gives to younger person is better then any other super star a very clean superstar and good looking as well with beautiful body and humble man as well try to find a superstar like cena in wwe you wont
[Newest]John Cena is on of The best player in WWE

Best wrestler who is unbeatable
He is the best.21-0 in wrestlemania, still fitt at this age, unbeatable more people know the name ot the undertaker than wwe, he is the true star, true legend...
He is a great player. Why can't he get rank1
Taker is the number 1

3The Rock
The rock is the greatest champ of all time! Period.
The best wwe champion of all the time.
He is better than - cena & punk!
[Newest]He is good but not as John Cena. He cannot beat john. John is best of all times

he needs to come back and beat ric's record of sixteen he can do it he needs to
triple h could break down any one of wwe and be the
No way the only reason he won all those tittles was he had the most championship matches granted to him by vince and don't get me wrong he plays the role of heel very good but when you date and eventually marry the boses daughter you get perks no other wrestler gets.
[Newest]HHH is better than HBK because he is a
13 - 15 time world champion I think he should
be #1

5CM Punk
He has a record of 434 consecutive days of being wwe champion & no questions that its awesome.. Truely he is the best in the world..
He has proved it this year that he is best in the world
Punk should be 1

6Bruno Sammartino
This list isn't right it should be like this 1. Bruno sammartino, 2. Hulk Hogan, 3. bret hart, 4. Stone cold, 5. Shawn micheals, 6. John Cena, 7. Triple h, 8. The rock, 9. Ric flair/chris Jericho/CM Punk (tie), 10. Brock lesnar. I mean Bruno has bean champion for over 11 years. hulk Hogan is truly an amazing and loved superstar, he was champion for a lot of times. Bret Hart would put that sharpshooter on you and your would be screwed, awesome hall of famer. Who doesn't like the heartbreak kid Shawn Micheals, almost beat undertaker and won the royal rumble being number 1, GO. John Cena has been champion for 11 times, maybe even more now, many people don't like him but I got two words for you: SUCK IT! Triple H the king of kings has had a HUGE career and is the coo now, GO! The rock is gonna whoop your candy ass if you don't agree he was a great champion, the most elecrtyfiying man in all sports entertainment. Ric flair WO hall of famer, chris Jericho beat stone cold and the rock at the same night, first undisputed champion, CM Punk: longest reigning champion in current era. Brock Lesnar is a beast and was youngest champion.
Longest reigning wwe champion
The greatest wwe champion of all time
[Newest]Bruno sammartino had the title for almost 8 years

7Stone Cold
There are a million reasons why stone cold was the best champion and here they are: Smoking Skull Championship. The best belt of all time
He Revolutionized Wrestling He Was The 1 That Be WWE On Top Of The Rating Against WCW In The 1990s With He's Feud Against Vincent Kenedy Mcmahon!.
He's the hottest wrestler. I think he got a big dick. I love his head, his style
[Newest]How is he not higher on the list, Stone Cold saved the WWE/WWF from going under at the hands of WCW, he changed wrestling forever

8Shawn Michaels
HBK is the best
In my mind without the doubt the greatest wrestler to have ever lace a pair of boots has elevated SO many if not all of his opponents to a different level definitely the wrestler of the century greatest ever much respect
HBK is better than John Cena, the heartbreaker kid has to be higher!

9Hulk Hogan
Give me a break! The only one who deserves to be above Hogan is Bruno. No one but those two carried the company on their shoulders. Everyone else had others to hand the ball off to! Even without the belt Hogan was/is the face of WWF/WWE and pro wrestling in general.
Why isn't Bruno samartino not on this list he had the belt for eight years and hulk Hogan had the belt for 3 years


Hulk hogan is the best of the best

10Randy Orton
He is the best wwe champion wwe universe has ever saw.He is 9 time world champion with 7 time wwe champion.And again I repeat he should be 1st on the list
He is the current n the bank he will cash in it on John Cena or Daniel Brayn any time he wants. Also he is 3 times wwe champion and I think he is best than even CM Punk.
Hi Randy Ortan R you Real Champion

The Contenders

11Jeff Hardy
He is the most awesome player in WWE and tnas history he is my WWE boy... swanton bomb is his best finisher
He was probably one of the wwe champions ever
Jeff Hardy Is An Extreme Superstar In History Of WWE.

12Bret Hart
Think bret hart was a true pro, who went out 2 entertain the fans and make it look as real as possible with out injuring his opponent Legend
Bret hart brought legitimacy which was never their before... He was a technical specialist and a great mentor.
He should be in top 3!

13Brock Lesnar
Did You Know-He is the youngest WWE champion


Brock is the best he beat under taker in hell in a cell he beat rvd, randy orton, kurt angle, triple h, the rock, hulk hogan, a train
He is 4 times WWE champ.


[Newest]The beast is the best that sit

New Year's Revolution was awesome when edge cashed in his money in the bank to become WWE champ he saved the ppv THANK YOU EDGE
Edge is a former 4 time wwe champion, 7 time world heavy weight champion, 5 time intercontinental champion, 1 time united states champion, 14 time tag team champion, 2010 royal rumble winner, 2001 king of the ring, 2 time money in the bank winner, 2008 slammy award winner and a 2011 hall of famer what can you expect more from him
Great moves, great look, great humour, great heel. Guy you loved to hate and it isn't the same with him gone.

Best warrior in world
Best wrestler in we
Sheamus is unbeatable man he have many skils Irish curse, brogue kick, chokslam please vote for sheamus fella...
Shemus is a great champion than better broke lesener and randy orton.

16Ultimate Warrior

17Rey Mysterio
Wwe failed to give appropriate time and chance to the young and little man popularly known as "The Greatest Underdog".
Is my favorite wrestler

18Daniel Bryan
One of the most GREATEST wrestlers of all time!
You can betting Randy for Championship Can you do it. Yes yes yes.
From Daniel.
Wrestlemania is also called yes mania

19Randy Savage
Won titles when they were hard to win and
Not changing hands every month. Great charisma and actually made warrior look good in matches. Was much better than hogan

The Big ed Machine! lol he only held it for one day but still great 24 hours!


Kane a demon rise from hell the big red monster chokeslamming big show 500pounds from a ladder to a tabble chokeslammed undertaker, henry, show, lesnar, hhh, batista an attitude era star just awesome no more words to say about him!

21Bill Goldberg
His spear is the most powerful and unbeatable after his finisher jackhammer the list must be like this 1the undertaker 2stone col d steve austin 3 bill goldberg with his unbeatable streak 4the rock 5 hulk hogan 6 shawn Michaels
Bill Goldberg a man who's streak is unbroken 173-1 the one who defeated him is Keven Nash won by cheating the new world order he's partner nwo just entered the ring and hit him with a gun! By the way he was the wcw heavy weight champion lift a 500 pounds giant paul wight now known as the big show!
He is the best after hogan era

22Chris Benoit
Awesome look
1st person I ever like

Diesel is the best champion of all times

24Ric Flair
Most entertaining showman and best interviews in wrestling. Ever.

25Rob Van Dam

Rvd best in the world because he beat a lot of people at the oldest times and great song that you got
He is a fibulas royal rumble and with flexibility for acrobats out there
Rvd should be number 2

26Chris Jericho
Raw is Jericho! First ever undisputed champion he defeated both the Rock and Stone Cold on the same night to become not only the WWE Champion but also the World Heavyweight Championship. That is pretty damn good
Y2J is the best in the world, heel or face, he steals the show, and will always put over a young up & coming wrestler to help their career.
He defeated both the Rock and Stone Cold on the same night to be the first ever undisputed champion, he also beat triple h for WWE championship

The animal is the best
Batista is the best in the world

JBL, in my opinion, is the greatest WWE champion of ALL time, but then again, there are also Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino
You are greatest of all of the time

29Owen Hart

He heaviest champion in wwe history which makes him one of the memorable
He was the best we champion of the 1990's

31Roman Reigns
Roman reigns till now not won titles but he is very great wrestler he has taken undertaker, kane, John Cena, randy orton, and all other great superstar easily for a spear
Roman reigns is the future of WWE next WWE worldheavyweight champion and will rise to the top known as the jogger not and a power house
The best new fightee

32Buddy Rogers

33The Miz

He went against his best friend for a triple thret match

35Big Show
Big show the world's largest athlete dead lift 689 pounds lifted kane, brock lesnar, undertaker a 500 pound man big show old paul wight!

36Mark Henry
Mark Henry dead lift 879 pounds a man who can move a tank by his hands carried big show 500 pounds lift 440 llbs at the age of 13 I can't lift 140 pounds! :p he is the worlds strongest man some lifting record broker! Look at the size of this man!

37Antonio Cesaro
When He first came to WWE I thought a kid and idiot but when he started swinging then I thought he is strong then he just swing a big guy brodus clay is he mad? So strong!

38Bob Backlund

39The Great Khali
Amazing power of great khali
It is strong man
He is hall of pain but god not give him a brain
Khali the great Indian tiger.

40Mr. McMahon

41Pedro Morales

42Mat Hardy

43Honkey Tonk Man
He was the longest ripening intercontenital champion

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