Top Ten Lego Themes That Need to Be Made

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61 Yoshi Island
62 T.U.F.F. Puppy
63 Super Smash Bros

We could have characters and stages from super smash bros, super smash bros melee, and super smash bros brawl.

64 Mario Party
65 Paper Mario
66 Star Fox
67 Metroid
68 Animal Crossing
69 Kirby
70 Donkey Kong
71 Mr. Game and Watch

For people that knows the mr. Game and watch series but don't have the games but maybe super smash bros brawl and they like legos they could make a lego theme of that.

72 Ice Climbers
73 Under Sea World
74 Wonders of the World
75 Animal Kingdom
76 Prehistories

A theme with subthemes such as Dinosaurs, Ice Age and Permian.

77 Minute to Win It
78 Ratchet and Clank

Time travel and Jurassic Park were made actually, but this has potential. It's a family-friendly yet hardcore and has many recognisable weapons, locations, characters and bosses. Sets could include Drek's Mech, The Kerchu Mech, Captain Slags ship, the Starship Pheanix, The Galactic Ranger Drpoship, Aquatos, Annilation Nation, Yeedil, The Hoverbike Race and Ratchet's Garage as well as Holostar Studios

79 Toy Hunter
80 Spy

I think it would be a neat idea to release a spy theme, maybe with two organizations trying to spy on each other. It would be very enjoyable, I think.

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