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1 N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35

Despite its jamming, I'd have to say that the Raider is better than the Stampede because of its capacity and speed. The Raider was the First Nerf gun I ever wanted but instead, I got a Vulcan. Now don't get me wrong: I like the Vulcan but I was just more naturally drawn to the Raider. And that was because of the 35 Dart Drum. Now, about it's speed: when it doesn't jam, I can get about 4 darts a second. I just like it better. BUT, the gun I think that deserves the spot of #1 is the new N-Strike Elite "Rampage". A lot of the N-Strike Elite guns are just sequels to old N-Strike guns. The Rampage is the sequel to the Raider. I don't have the Rampage yet, but I've heard that it jams a whole lot less than the Raider. Other than that, the Rampage is perfect.

This is a great gun, but it has its pros and cons.
Pros: One of the fastest shooting guns, a maximum of 35 bullets, more than any other gun, easy grip, clear bullet holder to show how many bullets left.
Cons: Jams more often than other guns, bullet drum is on one side of the gun, shifting the weight while shooting, doesn't shoot as far as most other guns, and wears out in a few months.
Personally I think that the rampage should be first. Although the rampage has ten less bullets, it doesn't jam as often, has a better distance, a better accuracy, and a good balance grip.

That gun is awesome I really want to use it in a Nerf gun war because it's easy to hold and it doesn't feel like a giant thing that you're lugging around, Plus it has a lot of ammo capacity and it has a barrel.

I have this gun it should be in second place. The rapid fire jams a lot and it has a heavy side magazine the streamline ammo when fired from this gun are not as accurate as you would want them to be.

2 N-Strike Longstrike CS-6

This gun is an under powered sniper rifle that gets accuracy at the sacrifice of range and shell velocity, as well as rate of fire. At medium range however, this gun is in its prime, easily can finish the enemy in one or two well aimed shots. Good for fire support, but its slow load time makes it unsatisfactory for engaging multiple enemies up front, especially at long range.

It's so far the best nerf gun ever made. Its got very awesome and stylish looks and I like the design very much for me it doesn't jam that much... I mainly like this gun because I play a lot of Call of Duty with snipers and it reminds me of that. I get the real Call of Duty feeling after using it!

Definitely a better Nerf sniper then the Longshot, this is the perfect gun for a sneak attack. It can hold three clips, that's 21 darts.

My brother has a longstrike blaster and it shoots more than 80ft.It has a awesome system to load and is the best nerf gun ever.

3 N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18

This might be one of the most versatile nerf blaster. Beside of the 5 rails it has (not much of nerf blaster has that much of tactical rails and one of its tactical rail also act as a handle to bring the blaster), adjustable strong stocks, interesting see-through iron sight, 18 clear magz, battery position weight balance, 3 sling positions, rubbers on its magazine base (to make it also available as monopod), not much reviewer tells that rapidstrike actually has a system that allows both semi automatic and full auto. If you press the trigger once it wont stop at once but finish one cycle of pushing the dart, throwing it, and pull back the pusher.

I just got this gun and it's amazing. When you pick it out the box you know you have something special. It's a great paint job, doesn't jam and really coll looking. Don't forget it's the fastest shooter, I got mine at 40 pounds at Argos but it's about 25 at amazon but I'm a kid and I don't have an amazon account. Overall it's a great gun but buy it cheaper online.

This gun is beastly and can hold as many clip ons as possible. Although it would have been the best gun nerf had ever created if it had a manual shooting system as well ( no offense, it's already a cool ass gun as it is). Oh by the way the looks of this gun is spectacular.

It shoots fast, has a good sight, and is VERY accurate overall. The only issue I have is battery life and jamming, which is just the darts being in the wrong place in the clip, and the battery life problem only happened one time. It is my FAVORITE NERF gun.

4 N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

The vulcan is my favorite and possibly the best nerf gun ever because it is fully automatic and has a really cool cool 25 dart ammo belt that has its own attachable ammo box that is fun to load, also the vulcan has an attachable tripod that is good for manning the vulcan as a turret but if you don't like it or you need to get on the run you can easily detach it. Whit a great handle to make steady shots will mean a lot in nerf war. Shooting 3 darts per second with a 25 dart ammo belt gives you 8 seconds of shooting and you can always buy a spare dart belt so you don't need to worry about ammo. But keep in mind the vulcan requires 6D batteries for full auto. And really you can't say the vulcan dosn't look cool.

It's a really good gun. It's also extremely fun to shoot your friends with it. It has good accuracy and it has good range. It needs more ammo.

Undeniably the best nerf gun ever. Stupidly powerful, very good fire rate, lots of ammo. There's a reason these are so rare and expensive.

The things awesome it shoots like a BEAST and it can destroy in battles. It's a little pricey but still remains as the BEST GUN EVER!

5 N-Strike Maverick REV-6

The Maverick has got to be overall the best nerf gun. At around 10 dollars, this thing is awesome as you can reload very fast, and it has exceptional accuracy, and it is great for indoor battles. Any dart will work in it, especially streamlines which can give it more range. Plus, it looks really cool.

After trying out a lot of different Nerf guns (Retaliator, Longstrike, stampede, Barricade and Jolt) the N-strike Maverick has to be the most affordable and accurate buy. A really good gun to modify and doesn't take long to reload and fire! Looks really awesome when painted

This was my first nerf gun as a kid and is still my constant companion in battle as a reliable, fun, comfortable, and cool gun. This is a good primary and secondary gun.

Keep in mind guys that this gun is very cheap and very light. I would use this gun over many other guns in a nerf war because it can adapt to almost any situation.

6 N-Strike Elite Retaliator

I think it's a good gun due to its shooting distance and its high accuracy. But there is also some not so good things about the Nerf Retaliator. Some times, when the gun jams, and after clearing the jam and after firing the bullet that had jammed in the gun, the bullet was torn. The blue rubber had been torn. So I put scotch tape around all the bullets to protect it. But however, it's still an awesome gun and I would recommend it to people who wants to buy Nerf gun

As much as the stock doesn't really help and it looks almost just like the Recon CS-6, the retaliator is the most strategically used weapon, kinda like the recon back then. The barrel is actually quite accurate, so I just have every attachment but the stock. It's my favorite Nerf blaster and I use it in every battle (or almost, since sometimes I practice with one weapon.

I think it's the best gun. So many different options with the parts it comes with. I really think its amazing but there's one downside, Once you use it a lot it gets kind of hard to prime which can be a pain. It has amazing range and is easy to run around with. I love it!

I'm getting one for my birthday, and it says not he box it has 4 possible models. I enjoy it, because of its superior accuracy, power, and weight. Its light and compact, so it doesn't feel weird, runnin around with a 10 pound nerf gun.

7 N-Strike Stampede ECS

The stampede is the best gun ever! It's so powerful and works, acts and feels like a real gun and after all that's what replicated and toy guns are meant to do! This gun is so realistic that if it weren't for the fake bullets, you could take this bad boy (or girl) out for WAR!

Stampede is by far the best gun because of its high rate of fire without any pump action required. In battles it is much better than the new automatic guns because you don't need to hold down the charge trigger.

Ultimate siege gun... Comes with 3x18 dart clips and one 6. Shield is very useful and bipod is pure genius. The gun to be fair is weighty, but it's a good price to pay for a gun that outdoes even some elites. definitely WORTH IT!

This Gun is amazing it isn't in the same league as the Vulcan. My Vulcan jams all the time. My stampede jams very rarely and the shield protects your face from a lot of darts.

8 N-Strike Longshot CS-6

The N-Strike Long shot is like gold, it shoots fast, hard, accurate, and far for N-Strike. It nearly never jams, and is very epic to use. Notably the scope does not accurately magnify anything in existence. The nerf long shot is around $20 - $30 today for in the year of 2015 near 2016. The long shot has an built in tripod and a blaster barrel. The front gun aka the blaster in the front is a jolt style barrel that can attach to any other good conditioned nerf gun. Hope you enjoyed this comment. Goodbye!

The Longshot cs-6 is hands down one of the best Nerf blasters ever made. It doesn't preform as well as the elite blasters out of the box but with basic upgrades it can become better than pretty much any elite blaster. The giant plunger tube really allows for a lot of power once you start upgrading the spring and seal. Also the shell really allows for some absolutely epic cosmetic mods and integrations.

MUCH better than the longstrike. The longshot has a direct plunger system, as opposed to the longstrike's reverse. This creates much more potential for power and modding. It also cones with a scope, which is pretty much useless, but still looks awesome. It comes with an extra barrel extension/blaster that is gimmicky but cool. Lastly, the longstrike locks up for half a second after firing. Although the longshot is rare, get it if you have the chance.

The double blaster thing gives this huge weight and its massive barrel for its primary gun makes it hard to use at range. Unaided the scope is useless, as bullets will fall a great amount as they go towards the target. Ended up putting a small tick at the bottom to show where I should aim at 30 ft and it worked like a charm. Not the best gun I have had, but its definitely worth a go.

9 N-Strike Elite Rampage

From what I can tell, of all the guns, this one HAS to be #1. I don't understand why it is that people sometimes look down on it because this gun would beat all the entire competition single-handedly. High power, high distance (in other words, it actually does have the claimed "elite distance,") unmatched accuracy, and a perfect amount of ammo. I do have the Raider, but it wears out easily, doesn't have the best distance, and the clip on the side that it comes with tilts the weight a little too far to the side. This gun is unmatched no matter what other people say about it, need I say more?

I just bought the rampage last night. I was so amazed by the detail and the firing. It's the best among Nerf guns elite and non elite. And it's fast and light. It's not heavy. We just had Nerf war a while ago and I took down 7 enemies by myself. I won the fight. I am honored to have the Nerf Rampage. Wherever Nerf Rampage will go, rampage alert is on!

It is much better than what I thought. I feel like 007 and I love to go about killing guys. Not for real, of course. Sorry. And I held fort in our last nerf war just because of this baby. MG out of ammo, grab my rampage and pow! Last man standing. But still it can be a pain because it ain't cut out for close-range high-speed combat.

Much better than the raider. Has great range and speed, add the retaliator stock, and it's the best gun for battle. Mine happened to jam, but that just must have been all the dryfiring. Doesn't quite have the capacity of the raider only by 10 darts. Regular and slam fire, and is easy to reload, this is the best gun ever made by nerf.

10 N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire

My friend has one and when I tried it was very smooth and accurate. Carries lots of darts but it is very uncomfortable o run around with. Shoots good and can make you win in small battlefields if you can shoot while standing in a single place. But in big battlefields it seems pretty heavy while running and can make you lose.

When modded, my Hail Fire beats out every gun I have, with considerable accuracy, amazing rate-of-fire, and unparalleled capacity. The only drawbacks to speak of are the atypical holding mechanism (which can be fixed by a foregrip on the bottom rail) to improve aiming and generic flywheel cons, although modifications greatly improve everything else.

I think hail fire is better because it is big and it looks cool and even if it is big it can shoot 20m it's not about the distance it's absolute. If you will take the risk buying it and enjoying playing with it.

Hail fire is the best! Awesome range, biggest capacity of all nerf guns, looks awesome, and doesn't jam a lot. Of, er all it is one of the coolest nerf guns.

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11 N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2x4

The gun is amazing and very fast shooting. It can slam fire,which is pretty cool. This is my favorite shotgun. Even though the accuracy isn't that good, I find it very cool and fun.

This is the best nerf gun ever. I've beat rapidstrikes and centurions with ease. And firing one shotgun blast and hitting two different people is the most awesome feeling.

Slam fire means all 8 darts in 1 second, beats all of the N-Strike Elite guns for rate of fire and has more overall range than most of the others and at £18 it's well worth the price the only thing it lacks is accuracy but it's a shotgun so what do you expect? Best secondary weapon so far and it even fits in the holder on the Elite Tactical Vest.

Yes. The best shotgun and gun altogether. It shoots two darts at once. Or eight with slam fire.

12 N-Strike Elite Strongarm

I got two of these just a few days after 2016, and I don't ever regret buying them. The Strongarm is a amazing blaster, shooting 45 feet and has great accuracy. It takes a few weeks to control it, but it is by far the best Nerf gun.

It's the best. It shoots hard, longer and faster. Reload is really easy. IT's easy to carry and it's not expensive. I beat a stampede in a nerf war with this thing. IT's really accurate. It's like a maverick only better.

Accurate, compact, slam-fire, elite, long-ranged, yep. This is the gun to go for. Really good for indoor or outdoor battles. Design is awesome. There is a 6-dart barrel, so it makes a nice pistol. This is the best.

This gun is awesome! It's been tested to hurt the most. Very affordable great range and I would say as good as the retaliator! 10 out of 10 best nerf gun to get!

13 Zombie Strike Hammershot

This gun is the future of Nerf pistols or at least a

Design that will be here to stay. Solid weight but still

Lighter than a Strongarm or Maverick one hand firing.

With big enough hands this could easily be duel wielded

Better than the maverick or the strong arm. Does have

He draw back of one less shot but shoots with accuracy and

Distance close to a Strongarm. No slam fire but you can

Fan fire the gun like An old school revolver.

How is this not higher up on the list? It's sleek design makes it a perfect sidearm and it's ability to prime and shoot with one hands sets it apart from similar blasters such as the Strongarm. It front loads, so you don't have to change a clip or open a chamber to reload, and it takes almost every kind of dart (a key feature in most any Nerf War).

This nerf gun is able to bring down even a juggernaut (a heavly armored solider that use a sawed off shotgun). Reload is fast and easy, it shoots far and true and is is small enough to be holstered, but big enough to hold with 2 hands. Also it is good for roleplay. You could have a wild west standoff or pretend to be sheriff rick. This could be a primary. It can also outmanuver any foe! This should be. 1st place!

I bought two of these straight up. I found them extremely fun to use, with good distance and accuracy. The reloading may be slightly slow and a bit difficult but this blaster is still the best handgun I have ever had.

14 N-Strike Elite Stryfe

Incredible gun, gets great ranges of 47-58 feet fired flat, gets the advertised 75 ft if fired at an angle, the aesthetics of this gun are very pleasing, with it possessing a somewhat streamlined appearance whilst retaining elements of the slightly chunky, boxy shaped semi auto pistol it's based on. Another great aspect is its fantastic accuracy (I could hit a pole from 40 ft consistently) this, paired with its impressive ranges, excellent rate of fire (4 dps) and brilliant versatility (barrel and stock attachment points with 2 tactical rails) make for an almost unbeatable blaster. I really think this deserves a place in the top ten, why it isn't I don't know.
Ps. Have not experienced any jamming problems yet, as it only jams if using an older, non elite clip or glow in the dark clip, which I don't intend to use anyway

Best gun ever.
I know people say that about every gun but seriously!
This gun has two tac rails and stock and barrel attachments, plus, accurate, light weight, fire further than a lot of guns, and I know this from personal experience, the best dual-wielding guns.

AMAZING! I put the stock, barrel, and grip from the Retaliator on it and it looks so nice!
P.s I have the versions of the guns and so it looks white and orange but if You have the regular Elite versions then it will look all blue.

With normal darts it rarely if ever jams. If you hook up a 9V battery and two AAs you can eliminate the problem of time needed to re-rev up after a shot.

15 N-Strike Jolt EX-1

This gun is basically the most reliable gun you will ever use apart from the Quick 16 which has an open mag but they're very rare nowadays but rarely jams in the payoff. The Jolt has no chance of jamming, shoots hard, shoots fast, quick reload, fire 1 bullet about every 1-2 seconds, and rival much more powerful guns.

So small an compact it can fit in a pocket. It's incredibly powerful, very accurate and easy to reload. True, it only holds one dart, but if you carry a few more around in your pocket you'll never run out.

Best for short ranged battles and can allow you to gain the upper hand especially when you surprise someone. It is also the best when you ae a sneak attacker.

Easy, powerful, quick, AND, VERY streamline. I feel like James Bond every shot, less bulk so better than the Triad EX-1 by %100. All this for $4!

16 N-Strike Recon CS-6 

Fairly powerful, doesn't jam very often, my favourite gun due to its huge versatility. Stock is really useful as it holds an extra clip and this gun really should be in the top 5. I much prefer it to my stampede because the stampede weighs a ton, and is extremely badly balanced due to the 6 D batteries in the back. My favourite nerf gun, and should be at the top.

Lots of issues about it and people complaining for it jamming, but it looks amazing and who cares about the sight it is not supposed to be perfect is a damn toy gun! Still it is pretty versatile and you have to find the right way to use it!

How is this not in the top 10? Detachable barrel allows many attachments! Very good range, and a nice laser.

This gun jams so much that maximum time we are trying to reload it. Retaliator is better.

17 Vortex Praxis

One of my favorites: lightweight, moderate capacity, reliable and good-looking. This is my main arm with a 20 disk mag.

I just honestly like vortex guns.

This gun is light, versitile, strong and epic. It has really good range too.

Best gun in the world

18 N-Strike Recon CS-6

I have the cs6 and it has been a great gun for boys and girls, it is yet an older model at the turn of the decade but it is definitely not the best.

19 N-Strike Elite HyperFire

Shoots very fast.

20 N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1

People really underestimate this. The Secret Strike shoots up to 20 feet, good accuracy, and pretty good weight(18 oz! ). The one bullet thing isn't a problem for me, since I reload really fast(about six seconds). This deserves to be at LEAST in the 30s.

21 Vortex Pyragon

In our view, this is without doubt the best Disc Nerf Blaster in the world for sheer fire power, distance and rate of fire. if you get your technique right it is 6/8 discs/second, no jams, ever unless the blaster has done about 500 hrs in a Nerf Arena. It is fast, it does have that huge forty disc load capicity but it does have the downside that it takes 2 minutes to reload. Nevertheless, it will always be in our top ten of all time espically in our arena as voted by the players, all 3,000 of them over the summer of 2014.

It's like the Raider and Praxis were smashed together and this PPSH of a nerf gun came out of it.

Flawless slam fire and a perfect upgrade to the Praxis, even though I like both the same.

I rate this gun 7 out of 10. I like the Praxis a lot better why is it FIVE LOWER than this?

22 N-Strike Deploy CS-6

My favorite even as of 2013. It doesn't need good range as far as I'm concerned because you could go up to a friend and say look at my new nerf flashlight... And bam! You surprised them enough to shoot them at least all 6 times.

Shoots really, really far. Up to 40 feet! Now that's a good gun. Good for using close quarters and long ranged quarters. If long range quarters, recon barrel recommended.

This Nerf gun is excellent! It gets incredible power, 40 foot range, and the tactical sight is very good at close range! Overall an awesome gun!

Terrible range on this gun. If boast "stealth" but the spring is so loud when you shoot it. Don't get this. I would get recon instead. This gun jams the same amont as recon too.

23 N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion

This is the best sniper ever made by nerf. I'm an experienced nerfer and I have almost all the nerf guns. Out of all, this gun is the best sniper ever made by nerf. It shoots mega darts which go up to a hundred feet and the shooting sound is really awesome & realistic. The gun looks good and it's really comfortable to hold. The only downside of this gun is once you put on the barrel, you can't pull it off ever again. But that doesn't matter to me. The best sniper, this should be at #1

21? What? Why Retaliator better then centurion? 12 shot and 6 shot, I have this 2 gun, I shot a small toys on 20 feet range with retaliator its takes 10 times shot to hit the toys, with a mega centurion I hit every shot 30 feet long very easy, in a war game I only make 1 shot before my friend shot me 10 times with rapid fire on 40 feet but the mega dart make a mark on my friend face so I think mega centurion is the best

This gun is big and heavy-duty. I like it for open space but sometimes when you need to retreat it is hard and feels uncomfortable. I like it very much though.

This gun is awesome. It would be higher on the list if people actually still voted but no one does. It can shoot up to 100 ft as advertised. This will always be the best nerf gun EVER!

24 N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18

This is clearly the best gun as you don't have to pull ANYTHING back to fire only hold a small button!

I own the gun, to bad I lost the clip and darts. I won a ton of battles with it, and the modulus ecs-10.

I won 7 Nerf battles with this, one of them with a long range kill!

I really like the design, and the performance is pretty good.

25 N-Strike Firefly REV-8

Great gun. I have one and I use it Nerf battles about 3.9174% Of the time. In hunger Games I always go right for this and a strong arm. by the way we do Hunger Games match every month with my thirty-seven Nerf guns.

It's a really great rapid fire gun. It may jam a lot, but it makes up for that with it's ability to be so quickly reloaded.

The jamming is always a concern. Otherwise, a excellent primary and can fire up to 48 feet.

Crazy awesome gun that has glow in the dark darts.

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