Top 10 Best Monster High Dolls

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1 Orignal Venus McFlytrap

I really liked this character because she really did like nature

Not my favorite

2 Original Draculaura

She's so pretty! Just my style! So much detail! Best of the best!

So true! Draculaura should be in second.

She has the best face mold to customize!

Amazing design, love the outfit!

3 Original Abbey Bominable

She is so cool I am searching every store for her I want her so badly especially the fluf it is so soft my friend has her aa.

I hate monster high dolls! They make Abbey look SO ugly and too short!

4 Original Spectra Vondergeist

Best original design and clothing selection. Also, most intricate and appealing design in terms of skin tone and additional gothic look. Very original and unique interpretation of a ghost and spectre character in personification.

Yes, I wish I had a doll that is spectra. She is very pretty and I love her very much!

5 Original Lagoona Blue

The rarest and most detailed basic doll. Absolutely gorgeous!

Yes! Lagoona is so beautiful as a doll!

She is so beautiful! Best lagoona

6 Original Clawdeen Wolf

I love this Clawdeen! She is so detailed! It seems like Mattel isn't trying as hard to make the dolls detailed now

She is me favorite

Clawdeen is just my favourite ever and her original doll is just ugh perfection

7 Scarah Screams

She's so cute! Her fabrics are made of very good material. So detailed

She's my favorite

8 Original Rochelle Goyle

Oh. My. Stars.
Rochelle's doll was just so pretty that when I first got her I nearly cried from excitement (though, as a seven-year old, this was a natural reaction). Her doll holds a special place in my heart.

She has such a cute and simple design.

Outfit is so cute

9 13 Wishes Twyla

This doll isn't very good... I LOVE Twyla's character but her original doll is weird. Her clothes don't match whatsoever, and I feel like there's something weird about her face

This is the only doll I have and it is gorgeous and perfectly amazing

10 Frights, Camera, Action Elissabat

I Really The character of Elizabeth she put the show on the cinema screens

Her design is amazing

I absolutely love her design as her goth Victorian aesthetic is so gore-geous!

The Contenders
11 Original Cleo de Nile and Duece Box Set

Original Cleo De Nile wave 1 is the absolute perfect example of what Monster could/did do. Should be numero uno.

I wish I had this pack of dolls but I already have a Cleo and I don't want another one.

Can't spell deuce! But yeah, awesome

Oh my god, I need this. Why is it SO low!?

12 Jinafire Long

She is one of my favorite doll's of all time her detail is off the charts for a toy.

13 Catty Noir

How is she not in top ten!

14 Gloom Beach Frankie Stein

She is so pretty she will be my first official monster high doll I love her so much

15 Singing Popstar Ari Hauntington

I'm getting her

16 Skelita Calaveras

I love her design and I think she is a really underrated character

Skelita is so underrated she was a great character and I wish she was in more

17 13 Wishes Gigi

She is stunning, especially if you take her hair down. Curl it, put it in a low side ponytail and braid an orange part of her hair and put the braid over the top of her head like a crown, it looks really good

I remember her being my favorite doll as a kid because she was so iconic and I was obsessed with her

18 Original Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia is so underrated she is so kind and really sweet and very cute and one of my favorite ghouls!

The patterns, the material, the style of this doll are incredibly gorgeous

19 Dawn of the Dance Cleo de Nile

I love her design as the gravity heels and short bob screams 80's night out and is so cute!

20 Original Toralei
21 Frights, Camera, Action! Viperine
22 Dawn of the Dance Frankie Stein

Dawn of the Dance Frankie is soo cute and super bold.

23 C.A. Cupid

I put c.a Cupid in my GoodBooks because She brings boys and ghouls Together

24 Original Nefera de Nile

This doll is so stunning! She looks so evil! She is taller then most dolls and has stunning blue hair that is in a ponytail and has an awesome outfit. I just love her!

25 Original Frankie Stein

The original is just too iconic to not vote for!

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