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Everyone likes Pikachu too much... Game Freak is giving too much stuff to Pikachu. Who get's the light ball? Pikachu. Who get's to change outfits for contests in ORAS? Pikachu. Which Pokemon gets to say their anime cry in XY? Pikachu. Which Pokemon can you find with a low level in the grass even though it has a pre evolution? Pikachu. Which Pokemon did Game Freak choose to almost KILL Giovanni in the anime with their electro ball? Pikachu. Game Freak should stop and think about Raichu. Did you know that Clefairy was originally going to be Ash's first Pokemon? If the mascot was Clefairy then would Clefairy get all of the praise? I bet it would. I know that people say 'If you hate Pikachu then you hate Pokemon! ' but you don't have to like a 10 year old's first Pokemon. Even though Pikachu may be the mascot, I will always love Raichu, no matter how stupid Game Freak will make him look. - anythingispossible

I get it, it is way better than pikachu but people thinks pikachu is better because anime. But that doesn't make raichu underrated, pikachu is the second most overrated Pokemon, second only to charizard, the definition of overrate in Pokemon. In fact, I think it is overrated since some people think it is strong just because it is the evolution of pikachu.

Because that useless pikachu owned by ash, poor raichu is still underrated. Why do people like that stupid pikachu. He lost to a snivy that was 95 levels lower than him. Plus he isn't even holding light ball. Raichu is much more powerful than pikachu - shreyas16

Stupid pikachu

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Yeah, I only know about two other people that like Chesnaught. I mean, they're probably my least favourite starter from Pokemon X and Y, but I'm still happy to have them! - Shiverfeather

This thing is a murderer. CHESNAUGHT FOREVER! As soon as I saw Chespin in January 2013, I knew I wanted him. - Goatworlds

Chesnaught is very underrated - anythingispossible

I love the Chespin family!

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Raichu is underrated, but nobody cares about Magmortar except me and 1 friend of mine. I mean come on, this guy is so powerful, looks like he's from the Incredibles, and even though he is fire type (which I am not a big fan of), he is just underrated by all means.

Magmortar is awesome and due who said no one cares about magmortar except you and your friend I am with you but I still think Electivire is better


Luxray is one of the best electric times, even with a limited move pool. However, it's lack of promotion and under usage makes it under rated :(

How is it underrated... It is overrated. Somebody said it is the best electric Pokemon.. Why? I mean he said it has a limited movepool, which is true, but he still think it is the best for like no reasons. The only good thing about luxray is 120 attack, intimidate and hidden ability of guts, ok coverages and that's it. It has a terrible speed of 70 and 80/79/79 isn't too good. As a bulky Pokemon it also lacks a recovery move. Why do people think it is underrated

This Pokemon is so overrated, people like it because of its design

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Come teeter dance poisoning I have a vileplume that can OHKO so many Pokemon or just use it to induce rage into my opponents


Emboar is actually overrated look at all the kids at my school who pick Tepig over anything else... - Goatworlds

I was going to vote for Raichu, but...Emboar stole my vote. Oshawott is my favorite Pokémon, and Snivy is one of them too, and the Tepig line also is one of my favorites. All three starters are one of favorites. If I could only have 6 Pokémon, it would be Oshawott, Bulbasaur, Snivy, Tepig/Emboar, and any other two Pokémon. Poor Emboar, even if I like the other two better (which makes it more underrated) I still like the Tepig line.

Emboar was my unova starter and has been my favorite ever since. I won a fifty dollar competition with reckless emboar

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People don't like her design, which I find very cool, she has great stats except in speed and attack (which she doesn't need 'cause is phychic type ) and can learn good moves too, definitely the best V generation Pokemon for me and one of my favorites

It is a great a Pokemon and should get more respect. It is a gardevoir with bulk

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Icy tank that 1hits any tough dragons, lots of health high special attack and defense stats what more could you want from a lovable bundle of flubba

Walrein served me well in 3d gen and I also had one in white 2 :) a wall with good moves plus cool design


Mawile needs love its sad! GameFreak made the biggest improve on a Pokemon ever in X & Y: new typing, new moves and... A OP MEGA EVOLUTION! But then, people still don't like it...

Two years ago in 2012 if you said Mawile was overrated for many reasons I would've said "What, Mawile? How? "
That should be one of the parts if they ever make a 4th Back to the Future movie! Well, Mawile itself certainly isn't too great, sitting at NU for so long. Suddenly, they made a Mega Evolution for it. When I first looked at it I actually thought it was the worst Mega. But then I saw its Ability: Huge Power.
105 attack times 2 equals 210 attack! What an insanity!
Well, I thought it was overpowered until I saw its other flaw: its speed is still low, Sucker Punch is its only priority move and its weaknesses are just too common on the battlefield. I'm not trying to put you off using it by speaking about its flaws, if you use it just right it becomes Uber powerful. But its not really that deserving of the OU tier. Poor Mega Manectric, you really needed an improvement like Mega Mawile did.
It's pretty good and I see why its in OU, that stops it from being #1. ...more

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Relicanth is an amazing Pokemon in my opinion and doesn't really get too much praise, and I have to admit, it's shiny is beautiful in a sense I can't explain

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Everyone always chooses Charizard, but I pick Venusaur because I know it has a decent move pool, awesome special attack and special defense stats, and Mega Venusaur can really take a hit with thick fat.

Venusaur is awesome it is so underrated people like Charizard and Blastoise but Venusaur needs more love it is pretty good so yeah.

Make this number one... I absolutely adore the Bulbasaur line...Bulbasaur was my favorite Pokémon for a long time, and then Oshawott became a thing. But Bulbasaur is still one of my favorites, (second to be exact) which makes it more underrated...and it's only number 11? Why?

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Have you ever seen it in a competitive battle. And those confusing moves

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Sableye is where it's at, not effected again 3 times and most moves barely tough it besides fairy. Plus with its mega evolution and the massive defense upgrade this tank of a Pokemon can't be killed

I wouldn't say underrated, but he's still very cool. I don't care about bad opinions.


Volbeat is pretty underrated. Because of its Tail Glow Volbeat can be used as a sweeper or a nice Baton Passer, think about it guys.

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True because how exactly is Arceus overrated? This guy has more haters than lovers, trust me. People are only calling this thing overrated because of its power. Ironically, mainly fanboys of Mew/Mewtwo are attacking this thing, and although I do like Mew and Mewtwo, they, as with any other Gen 1 Pokemon that's famous, could be considered overrated. At least this guy gets love from those who go on battle spot with over-powered teams. Also, guess what? For all you Mewtwo fans, Mewtwo now has two mega evolutions that have higher base-stat totals than this guy, so there you go.

Why would the GOD OF ALL Pokemon be underrated. it just doesn't make a speck of sense.

I'm an arceus fan... So um... Yea... Ok so... what you gonna do about it? Cry to me that's he's overrated?... Yup?. so if you don't like arceus and you play Pokemon and you like to belive your in the game, your kinda, sorta sayn that you don't like the god... Let that sink in... So, imagine somebody coming up to you and sayn " hey, isn't arceus the perfect Pokemon to be a god? "
And then you say " no. I don't LIKE THE GOD"! Umm... Have I got my point yet? Oh, and another thing. If everybody thinks that he's overpowered, well... Would you want your god to be weak as paper? Lets see then... NOW HAVE I GOT MEH POINT RIGHT? Ok?... Good... :D

Arceus is more overrated.

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Actually extremely overrated gets everyone thinks it and its evolutions are so cute. They're as ugly as heck. - Goatworlds

This pokémon does got almost no love because everyone wants Sceptile for SSB4 and completly ignore Serperior. Serperior's also a victim to the insane vore arts from deviantART.

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Everyone always rages on how it's just a pine cone, but I think that's fine as long as it makes sense.

18Mime Jr.

Has a good 92 Sp. Attack and 91 Speed for a quick special sweeper and access to stat boosting moves like Nasty Plot, and STAB Hyper Voice and Chatter. It also is amazingly cute and lovable with the music theme. The only downside is it's frail defenses make it go down easily, but if you use it right, you can make a great team member out of this little bird.

It's adorable, powerful, and a bit of a troll. Why isn't it further up?

U forgot boomburst, which is way better than hyper voice. 140 Bp and 100 accuracy with no drawbacks is op

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Gen 6 gave this guy a weakness and sableye is much better, but I still like him.

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