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41Clemont and Serena

Nah, Clemont deserves better. I don't really like Serena.

Clemont and serena is way better than ash and serena

This is garbage. I literally got sick from this. Serena has to be with Ash

I don't really think they suit

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42Oshawott and Snivy
43Misty and Tracey

Misty seems way more tolerable with Tracey than she ever was with Ash and seems to like to hangout with him as seen in the Chronicles and the last episode of BW. Plus he gave her a Azurill and helps her out like when she needed more badges. So I can see a healthy relationship starting here

I think there may be something between these two they got along well

I think this ship is best and I support this ship to make misty fans crazy,if misty fans can ship other pokegirl with some dude why can't all ship misty with tracey,mean these 2 spend more time together these days and tracey giving a egg which turns out to azurill like cute pokemon and when ash return back to pallet town he find out that tracey is with misty.This ship as always shown some canon side showing they have feeling for eachother.

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44Brock and Nurse Joy

Brock knows which one is which and can tell them all apart is always real sweet with them all! Also, he has a English dub song on them.

I thinks it's sweet that he can tell all the joys apart and a bit strange

That one nurse joy that helped hatched brock's egg I think she'd be a good match for each other. I don't remember the episode, all I know it's in dp. Anyways, Brock helped her get confidence back and showed her that she can do more by helping wild pkmn with their injuries. And now that he's a doctor I think they'd work well together.

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45Paul and Barry

Barry was the only one that tolerated Paul and Barry was the only one Paul was somewhat nice to. Perfect match!

This should be above ikarishipping since this seems to be way more one-sided at least than ikarishipping will ever be

46Red and Kris

So underrated really I can't be the only one who think it was be cute when they meet

Really interesting shipping, with a lot of potential dinamics. She's the girl who beats him, they mutually admire and learn with each other. - uoi

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47Chespin and SylveonV1 Comment
48Ash and Brock

Brock was the only companion that traveled with Ash though FOUR REGIONS. They know each other better than anyone else I think

49Ash and Angie

Oh I love this ship! I can't believe how low it is!

Ash basically said he'd die for her! They bettered each other!

50Brock and Lucy

Both really liked each other but couldn't get together

51Jessie and Mako

Both awful friends and mean people they'd make a perfect dysfunctional couple

52Brock and Officer Jenny

... & Nurse Joy! Brock knows which one is which and can tell them all apart is always real sweet with them all! Also, he has a English dub song on them.

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53Saturn and Dawn
54Calem and Shauna

This is my go to ship if suddenly everyone hates kalosshipping. I ' love this ship

Shauna follows you everyday in x and y and seems more into you than Serena.

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55N and Zinnia

I am fine with this ship for the fact they're both annoying know-it-alls who got shown up

Both overrated pos self righteous asss perfect for each other

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56Brock and Duplica
57Green and Silver (Chosenshipping)

Aw... Nobody reads Pokemon Adventures, or else this would be everywhere... - PopularCraft

Game version of these two is pretty interesting...

Cute, but I like preciousmetalshipping way better! (silver x gold) This is one of my favorite Brotp!

58Gary and Leaf

Blue vs leaf makes more sense, right? or even blue vs green. But barry vs leaf is totally crack. - uoi

Some crack ship... Gary has never met leaf before as she only appears in firered/leafgreen. But whatever floats your peoples boats

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59Dialga and CelebiV2 Comments
60Conway and Dawn

Ha! I completely forgot about Conway! I should've put this on the list originally haha. - itz_izzy

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