Top 10 Reasons Why the Fans of Serena from Pokemon are Horrible

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1 Their main reasons for loving Serena is because she's pretty and has a crush on Ash

Ha! I can come up with 5 times more reasons as to why Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online is a great character than how those stupid Amourshippers can only come up with 2 futile reasons for thinking Serena is shipping material! By the way, I love Asuna Yuuki since I can come up with reasons as to why I ship her with Kirito AND why I think she's a great character, unlike Serena! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Her character actually kind of got better again in the Mother's Rosario arc, so if you haven't watched that arc yet, I suggest watching that since Mother's Rosario really redeemed her as a character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is SO shallow and such a bad practice to get into. I hate this. - eventer51314

Serena being 'pretty' means absolutely nothing. What main anime girl isn't perfectly beautiful? God this is so shallow! Also, you never hear fans of Misty or May or any of the other pokegirls say their main reason for liking them is because they're 'pretty.' It's always, 'oh, Misty kicks butt' or 'May had such great development' etc. etc. - eventer51314

Still don't get how that little thing at pallet made her have a crush on him I mean she got scared by a pollywag.misty would come get her pollytoad out and she'd have a heart attack

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2 They will chew up and harass anyone who says negative things about Serena

Thetoptens is the only few places where you can openly criticize Serena yet a certain person wants to pretend that he can't defend Serena. She's literally liked everywhere else. If you really want to express things about her that are positive, you can literally go on other websites. Don't expect every site to kiss up to Serena. - Ruee

I'm an amourshipper and don't do that to be honest we all know she will never confess and ash want find out cause he is so dense and oblivious,even ask Bonnie

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3 They fail to realize that Serena is an obsessed fan girl, not a love interest

If Serena was Ash's love interest, then it would imply that he has some feelings for her that can potentially get them together. But no! He's so oblivious and don't understand romance at all and she fantasizes about him, constantly. He can't even relate to Serena because she's nothing like him.

4 They are desperate to have Serena travel to Alola solely because of Amourshipping to the point they made a petition

Please, that's so petty of you people. Misty has been gone for over 10 years and people still ship her with Ash. If you truly are for the ship, you would do it regardless. Like literally everyone else, even outside of Pokemon. - Ruee

Fun fact: it's confirmed that Serena won't travel with Ash to alola. Your petition is useless - Ruee

If Amourshipping never existed, Serena wouldn't even be this popular. - yungstirjoey666

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5 They draw gross fan art with Ash and Serena making out

Even worse, they draw them in bed together. I wanna puke! This crap needs to burn! I won't be checking the Pokemon XY Facebook page anymore. They used to have informative updates and cool fanart. But now? I'm so ticked off by what I just saw. I will never understand how anybody could like Serena at this point. She, along with her perverted fans, disgust me. - eventer51314

I would scream out looking at that kind of crap, it is so annoying. I swear, I've seen worse than them "MAKING OUT", there was an image uploaded on Instagram that completely OFFENDED ME (Rule 34 styled, AAARGGGHHH! ). There's no further going into more details, you (might) know the rest. - ClassicGaminer

You can easily find fan art of this happening.

Even worse is when they make them look like adults just tto oversexualize it even further. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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6 They send death threats to people who criticize Serena or Amourshipping

Dude what do you mean of amourshipping?

Amourshipper: If you're not with us? Then you are against us, and those who are against us DESERVE TO DIE!
Me (along with us): And what are you going to do? Pull out a gun? Kill us all? THAT... IS THE ONLY THING YOU ARE MISSING! - ClassicGaminer

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7 They see all the other female companions inferior to Serena because of her crush on Ash

Ha! You've got to be kidding me. They are so blind. - eventer51314

Please don't hate me for this LunaDude1996 but I need to get it off my chest. I just don't like Serena - Enderninja327

Hey Ruee, I made a list about you. Search your name in the list searcher bar. - TwilightKitsune

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8 They think that Serena cutting her hair is character development

Cutting her hair isn't really character development if she's still practically the same person as she was before. That was a poor attempt at developing her character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It was around the time she actually DID get better though. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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9 They are perverted

Ugh! You know that time when Ash was really sick? And he stumbled into Serena's arms? After coming across these man-children's stupid comments on YouTube and Facebook, I was cringing SO hard knowing what kind of disgusting and stupid things they would say about that moment. Screw these xy writers. You just know they created that whole episode for shipping purposes. Whose idea was it to have all these fan-service scenes? It hasn't been this bad...i don't think ever. - eventer51314

The only fan service I could remember with the female companions was Dawn wearing a cafe maid outfit. But yeah, it's gross. I hope they stop doing that in the Sun and Moon anime where it doesn't involve putting 10 year olds in gross outfits and suggestive scenes or whatever. - Ruee

The episode with Serena dressing like Ash and how amourshippers reacted is a prime example of this. They said stuff like "Serena finally got in Ash's pants" and other gross stuff. Like they are kids! Don't do that! - Ruee

I have a feeling that they are getting off on the fact that Serena kissed Ash. Nasty. NASTY. They are 10 and you are like... in your adult years pokemon youtubers who center around amourshipping? NASTY. - Ruee

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10 They think Serena's crush on Ash and small interactions with him are signs that Amourshipping is canon

NEWS FLASH, every other female companion has interacted with Ash more than Serena. Most of what Serena does is stare and fantasize about him. She has her head far up in the clouds that she doesn't realize that she could just TALK TO ASH. Like seriously...ASH IS RIGHT NEXT TO HER MOST OF THE TIME. Her relationship with Ash is all in her head and not in reality. To put it more briefly, she's nothing but an obsessed fan girl. - Ruee

Even though Serena has a crush on Ash, Ash probably doesn't even think of Serena in that way. So it's one-sided. Why haven't any of the Serena fans realized this already? - ToukaKirishima

I watched grown men say that Amourshipping is deemed canon when Serena held (actually grabbed but they wanted it to sound 'cute' and convincing) Ash's hand so he wouldn't be late to registering for the Kalos League...uh hello? she only did that so he doesn't end up late for battling that trainer. It's not progression. Anyone would do that. It's one of the only useful things she's done in the show. - Ruee

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? They think that people hate Serena because she's not a part of their ship

Contrary of belief, it's actually Amourshippers who hate newer characters because of Amourshipping (Lillie and Mallow). Probably the only shippers that have done this at a large extent were Pokeshippers... which started to mellow out and not be as rabid anymore. But I guess Amourshippers just NEEDED to take their place for some reason. - marshadow

? They think Serena being pretty is a valid argument of why Serena shouldn't be hated

Have you noticed, that a lot of Serena fans defend her and often the only reason listed is that...she's pretty? Like come on you can try harder than that even if people wouldn't agree with it. Seriously.. - marshadow

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11 They think that manipulative behavior Serena has towards Ash is progression that Amourshipping will be canon

If it's not your desperation to get Ash to have a girlfriend, then I question how you view a "healthy" relationship. Aside from that, Ash is 10 years old, a child, who can't understand romance. Leave him be. He's happy with his adventures with his Pokemon and his friends. He doesn't need a girlfriend. - Ruee

No, it's further proof their relationship is crap. - eventer51314

True but don't you have to be 11 in alola cause if so ash actually aged after 20 years

12 They claim they won't watch the Pokemon anime anymore because Serena isn't going to Alola

Good luck amourshippers, I hope you like watching Saturday Night Television if you refuse to watch the new anime! - ClassicGaminer

Better yet, I hope they like watching Boku no Pico if they refuse to watch the new anime! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Lol! Good riddance! They only watch the anime for shipping so they have no reason to keep watching anyway.
Man, such babies! It's their loss. - eventer51314

It's true people liked xyz because of Serena, Kalos League, and Ash Greninja and Sun and moon most likely gets rid of all unless its good as xyz somehow

I liked it because of the battles, slightly more mature themes, and also because of how competent that ash was. - HeavyDonkeyKong

13 They will dismiss and bash people who ship Ash with someone else because they see Serena's crush on Ash will make Amourshipping canon V 2 Comments
14 They fail to realize that 10 year old kids do not understand the concept of romance and wanting it canon is creepy

Original writers have stated that ash is 14. nevertheless, that's still pretty young. - HeavyDonkeyKong

15 They call Serena Ash's "wife"

I've seen a youtuber who talks about the Pokemon anime review an episode where Teirno was flirting with Serena and he said something "AH TEINRO YOU BETTER KEPT YOUR HANDS OFF ASH'S WIFE" with an angry Ash reaction image in the backrgound while saying it...Youtube is so cancerous when it comes to amourshipping, I swear. - Ruee

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16 They hoped the ending of the XYZ anime would have Ash win the league and settle down with Serena and bring forth a new main character in the next season

Okay, I get wanting Ash to win but settling down with Serena? You realize these characters are 10 right? - Ruee

I used to think that way. I was an idiot back then.

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17 They ignore Serena's flaws because they believe that she is Ash's "trophy wife"

Oh and if they fight, it's ALWAYS Ash's fault. Bull crap. - eventer51314

I mean if I was depressed and wanted to be left alone and this chic comes over and trying to relate her stupid showcase experiences with my struggles with having a bond with a pokemon that I share pain within a temporary evolution I would probably be a lot angrier at her than ash was. - Ruee

Lol do people think we all think ash will marry come on it's a kid show many a kiss on the cheek or a hug but not getting married

18 They spam the Pokemon Sun and Moon tags all over the internet with their Amourshipping garbage

Seriously, I search Pokemon Sun and Moon for news updates and what people think of the new Pokemon, not your stupid trash ship. - Ruee

Serena is confirmed to be replaced by Mallow and the amourshippers are extremely salty. It's sad yet entertaining - Ruee

It should not come to a surprise that a character is leaving the show. They made this clear that Ash is the only one who will continue to be in the show regardless of the situation. The writers just want us to introduce us to new characters yet these people don't appreciate new possibilities. Nothing is stopping them from shipping amour. - Ruee

I keep falling for that crap, believe it or not. At the time the people from YouTube were talking about it, I got pissed off. I thought Amourshipping was "great", but no! I thought Serena was great, but no! I used to think that the XY (and Z) anime was "GREAT", BUT NO! I know when my predictions on ratings are good or not or when I'm right or wrong. I hope that the writers know what they're doing this time - ClassicGaminer

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19 They bash artists who draw Ash with Lillie or Mallow

"It IS canon... Ash and Serena kissed."

1. serena kissed ash, as in she came up to him and forced her mouth on... maybe his lips.

2. Ash didn't even like it as he wanted to get away (as he moved his foot showing discomfort) & gave her an annoyed look after she kissed him.

3. Even if #2 isn't arcuate, ash didn't blush or confess his undying love to her so it's still not canon

More like they would BASH people who "try" to ship Ash and Mallow or Ash and Lillie. Tch. - ClassicGaminer

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20 They think Serena kissing Ash at the end of XY makes Amour canon.

The cast was flustered while Ash was sitting there, confused and like someone has said...borderline annoyed. I can't believe people are ignoring Ash's reaction. He's completely oblivious to her feelings and amour isn't even two sided. - Ruee

It doesn't. Serena was the one who did the kiss. When we saw ash's face after the kiss, he looked confused borderline annoyed. He didn't even blush. When focus was on his feet, it looked like he move one of his foot indicating uncomfortableness of it. Amourshipping = still one-sided =/= canon

Thank you! Someone else who paid attention to Ash's body language! - eventer51314

No, it does not. It doesn't make it any more canon than KissShipping or MareShipping/AltoShipping. Look your crap up, Amourshi**ers. - eventer51314

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1. They will chew up and harass anyone who says negative things about Serena
2. They draw gross fan art with Ash and Serena making out
3. They send death threats to people who criticize Serena or Amourshipping
1. They think that Serena cutting her hair is character development
2. They are desperate to have Serena travel to Alola solely because of Amourshipping to the point they made a petition
3. They are perverted



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