Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen Isn't the Best Disney Movie

I am a HUGE fan of Disney. Hell, I'm watching a Disney movie right now! (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) But seriously, I'm sick and tired of all of this Frozen talk. It's an overrated movie and it's nowhere near as good as the classics. Here's why it belongs at 52 in all of the 52 Disney films. Best Disney since The Lion King? I think NOT!

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1It's predictable

There are more than 52 Disney films. There are 54 from the original cannon alone, and 14 from Pixar (their 15th comes out in 4 days), plus sequels and live-action movies. Also, do you REALLY think deserves to be lower than Home on the Range? - Disney1994

Don't let the Frozen fans come in. They're gonna destroy all of us!

You just KNOW that everyone's gonna survive.

Same standard plot line of past Disney flicks. - IndoRaya

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2The characters are blandV1 Comment
3The songs are boring

If I had a choice to either hear let it go for a minute or hear annoying orange's nya nyas for a whole week, id rather pick the annoying orange one, LET IT GO IS WORSE THAN WRECKING BALL!

Awful, trite and mundane songs. Furthermore I hate ALL Disney songs- they are mindless auditory torture. - IndoRaya

Let it Go will never be as good as Be Our Guest, Part Of Your World, or Can You Feel The Love Tonight

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4The storyline is trying too hard to be unique

The storyline is predictable with a strong pro-femme bias. It reeks of contemporary political issues and not a true timeless story- say as per Snow White or Three Little Pigs. - IndoRaya

Maybe because of your attitude.

5It didn't deserve an Oscar

Agreed. Most rubbish that win awards do not deserve them though. - IndoRaya

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6It makes fun of classic Disney films

"You can't marry a man you just met." - MontyPython

Elsa mocks the Disney formula of True Love, and Anna is an insult to it.

It makes fun of Disney films with a prince!

Squid Girl is one million times better than Frozen, try watching that.

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7Elsa is a character you barley know anything about

For crying out loud, creators of Frozen, you were supposed to let us know how Elsa was really born with ice powers, not leave it unexplained.

How did she get the Ice powers? Someone? - Fandom_Lover

How did she even get her powers? Remember Tangled? At least we knew how rapunzel got her powers. Elsa on the other hand is a chracter with tons of plot holes. - nintendofan126

Why does she have ice powers? WHY? They didn't show us anything!

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8Let it Go got annoying fast

I guess it was a good song, but when a bunch of retarded fans sang it, I hated it. It's already been 3 years now and everyone is still talking about it! Ugh!

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9Olaf is annoying

Hey, this is Olaf, I am a dumb snowman that cannot die for some reason. I can only die from Flame Throwers because Fire melts Snow! Aim the Flame Thrower at me will you? - bugger

Tell that to my little sister. She would cry because you insulted my little sister's favorite character.

He has a really derpy voice and he is creepy. No offense to anyone who likes him, it's my opinon.

10Anna is insane

Her "quirkiness" is actually insanity, but I don't blame her for that because of her isolated childhood. Something like that is bound to make a person go insane. -Anonymousxcxc.

I agree that her hyper-activity Asphergers ADHD on sugar and ketamine is borderline insanity. - IndoRaya

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11Anna and Elsa are the worst sistersV2 Comments
12Lion King is better

Has to be #1! The lion king is awesome. - NoOreoForU

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13Elsa and Anna are the worst Disney princessesV2 Comments
14Zootopia is better

Better characters and a more important message.

Am I the only one who thinks Zootopia is a ripoff of a Wind in the Willows? Yes? Okay. Frozen sucks even more, anyway.

15Kristoff is a jerkV1 Comment
16There should've been a magical world in the movie Frozen just like in Harry Potter

Agree. The storyline was too contemporary for the suspension of disbelief requisite of a "fairy tale". - IndoRaya

When did that happen? Few... Centuries ago.

17Elsa isn't the villain

There's no villain at all, really! Prince Hans is just a guy looking for trouble. I mean, what?!

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18Hans ripped off of the crummiest Disney villain ever created: GastonV1 Comment
19Elsa is not the hero

Anna is stupid but she is the hero! She saved Elsa, and everyone thinks Elsa is the main hero! All she did was run away, freeze her own kingdom, and not do anything about it!

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20Too much singing
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1. Olaf is annoying
2. It didn't deserve an Oscar
3. The storyline is trying too hard to be unique
1. It's predictable
2. The storyline is trying too hard to be unique
3. The characters are bland
1. It didn't deserve an Oscar
2. Let it Go got annoying fast
3. The songs are boring

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