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Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach
I love the silent romance between these two. They risk their lives in order to save each other, encourage and support each other through all the bad times. Their romance is subtle, but it's definitely there! What made the Soul Society arc so amazing was that Ichigo was able to grow as a protagonist, because of his determination to save Rukia. The way he showed off his powers to her was really cute too =) Ichiruki
Ichigo: "Thank you Rukia. Thanks to you, I think... The rain has stopped. " Chapter 181

Ichigo: "I remember now... Why I wanted to save you so much.. " Chapter 181

Rukia: "That's the kind of man you have been in my heart, Ichigo! " Chapter 196
Rukia: "I have no right to know. I don't have a method of stepping into the depths of your heart without it getting dirty. So I'll wait. When you want to talk, when you think it's okay to talk... Talk to me. " Chapter 20

Ichigo: You always nag and worry about me. You should worry more about yourself right now. Don't worry! I won't die yet!
Ichigo: Rukia, I've come to save you.
Rukia: I told you not to come... I told you... I forbade you to come...! Now you're wounded everywhere... You dummy...!

Volume 47, Ichigo's line: I wonder if I can keep up with speed of the world without you…

OHOHOHOHOH AND SO MUCH MORE. SORRY KUBO AND ICHIGO I DON'T CARE HOW "CLOSE OF FRIENDS" THEY ARE THAT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU SAY TO A FRIEND. Whether you think this relationship is platonic or not bleach is still all about the bond with these 2 characters and how strong it is. In all the entertainment I've watched anime or not these 2 I have never seen such a well developed relationship. They fight; they have both been through so much together and made each other become better people. They share destiny and there "the black sun and the white moon" "king and queen" Even if Aizen did plan for them to meet he did not plan on them creating such a relationship and that was a key point in Aizens defeat. She is his ray of light and he can't really function without her. This is not sibling love, this is not a type of mother and daughter type of thing. From forced roommates to do what was needed to survive, switching from student and teacher whether shinigami stuff or human stuff, learning more about each other and becoming friends, to partners in crime, to people who trusted there lives with each other. The "more than friend less than lover" I think in this new arc they will turn into lovers and learn to love each other through actions like they have in the past with the looks they give eachother. Even how inexperienced in those type of emotions. The only one ichigo has ever loved is his mother and family. And that missing love rukia filled the void. But what I think filling it more is past the form of the love you have for your family. (oh go di sound like some really cheezy hardcore shipper; even though I am fro these 2 these are not crack theories these are facts. I would put this into a more not such sobby shipping confession if I had time to type it) BUT ENJOY.
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2Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuga Hinata - Naruto
personally I see sakura as manipulative toward naruto she convinces him to bring back sasuke because she was too weak to. Hinata has been there rooting him on from the beginning even if it was from a distance I am NaruHina all the way
The ever green couple and very cutest couple ever...
Look and compare all of the couples from above this is couple is the beautiful for ever...
I think this couple is one of the best, Hinata's love and admiration for Naruto is really strong and definitely there unlike Sakura's whose still unsure of the whole thing
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3Misaki Uyuzawa & Usui Takumi - Kaichou wa maid sama
I doesn't get it. It should be in top ten. The story is good, funny, cute, and romantic. Both of them is really match. They are both smart, strong, and almost can do anything. The story is about misaki, the mean president of student council and really hate boys because of her father. Her family is poor so she go to cheap school that used to be boys school, seika high school. Every boys in her school is really afraid of her. She was the firs student council of seika high. Because of family economy problem she worked part time job as a maid(waitress) at maid latte. To keep her reputation as president of student council she keep it as a secret. But a really popular and cool boys in her school, usui is learn about her secret and keep follow her. Usui is like misaki and do everything for her. But because usui is like to prank her, she always say she had him even thought she is like him too, and confuse about usui's mystery life. Soon, misaki and usui is dating
This anime couple is should be in top ten! They are really cute! This anime is really my favorite! I LOVE U.. MISAKI and USUI!, hope I can watch you in season 2!
Yeah, this should be in the top 10 -. -"
I'm surprised it isn't.
They're both good-looking, get the top in everything (academics, athletics, and other stuff) except Misaki who is bad at cooking. But she isn't bad as a maid :P
So it kinda works. If they get married they can open a restaurant laugh out loud.
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4InuYasha & Kagome Higurashi - InuYasha
The whole InuYasha story seems to be a side story compared to the love going between those two for the whole series, and it's quite enjoyable to switch between love quarrels and demon hunting. Oh, and the Ex, the differences, the funny moments... And the ending I'm not gonna spoil...

I think the only anime couple that could top those two is in Romeo x Juliet... But that's just cheating you two, those two are fully original.
This is most definitely my favorite anime/manga couple ever! I especially love the fact that Kagome is not a helpless damsel in distress with no personality (although she often needs rescuing from yokais). Plus, it's totally adorbs when Inuyasha gets jealous!
Inuyasha and kagome was and still the most cute couple ever... Such romance and love they share with funny attitude...
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5Naruto Uzumaki & Haruno Sakura - Naruto
They would make the most fun couple in the manga. They actually know each other and enjoy each others companies. There is too many realistic flaws with any other couples and depending in your tastes Sakura is the most fun to read about when she is with Naruto. They make each other stronger by either talking to each other or by their own actions. Heck the only thing they haven't done is kissed or truly confessed to each other. The biggest thing is their relationship was built up naturally. Naruto loves Sakura while Sakura's feelings for Naruto constantly grows, matures, and becomes something more. Plus it is usually nice to see the main character get the girl he likes especially when that girl works well with him.
This pairing really flow so well, that's no wonder this pairing has a great chance of being true. Even they have support from background history, their chemistry is almost perfect. They both laugh, cry, motivated, and live to make each other happy. Even the story behind is a nice storytelling. Bottom line, NS is my choice.
Easily the only pairing in naruto that just works. Sakura and Naruto together can act like themselves and feel at ease with each other, they understand each other perfectly and just plain belong together.
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6Jellal Fernandes & Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
I'm not one into romance... But this is one of the few couples in anime that actually work out. Unlike most couples where its only one person that likes the other and the other is totally oblivious to that fact.

Not Jellal and Erza... They are officially the strongest anime couple ever.


They're just really perfect. Their love story is
So perfect... I not really interested in romance
Or couples in anime for me their just like
Some additonal facts in a anime but when
I saw fairy tail and saw their love story is like that
I'm interested now in love... They are so sweet
And in manga erza was supposed to be beaten
By some I dunno monster but jellal saved her
And the kissing scene rrgh I thought they're
Really gonna kiss but jellal pushed erza...
Jellal's not ready... But I'm a jerza fan forever
They should be number one
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7Tomoya & Nagisa - Clannad
Tomoya and Nagisa should be in top 5. They are both great characters and there relentionship makes Clannad what it is. It shows how they meet and how they get together and shows the whole rollercoaster of there lives together. They are also one of the most romantic couples as well, all the girls fall for Tomoya but he chooses Nagisa. If all anime couples were like these two, I'm sure animes would be much more popular!
I love Clannad!
But I also like the couple Tomoya x Kyou, and Tomoyo. So I couldn't choose very well but I let the anime decide for me


I'm shocked this couple isn't number ten. Whats even more shocking is its below Edwin. I mean come on, this couple was what made the best romance anime the greatest romance anime ever. Throughout Clannad this couple just grows on you and you can just feel it. This couple doesn't even need to say "I love you" for you to know that they are in love. You just happened to know it from their actions.
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8Sasuke & Sakura - Naruto
Sasusaku was my favorite from the beginning and till the end!
Even though it seems hopeless in the manga/anime but you can never know what kishimoto might have up his sleeve so I guess all we sasusaku fans can do is hope
I don't care what anyone says. This couple is deep. They truly do care about each other. No matter what people say they are my favorite.
They would be the cutest couple in the world, just if only stupid sasuke would open his eyes and see that he also cares and quit being so obsessed with revenge that will lead him no where...
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9Asuna and Kirito - Sword Art Online
Unlike other couples, Asuna and Kirito never had an ounce of awkwardness between them. Because of the situation they were in, where either one of them could die, they didn't waste any time being awkward and fidgety. From fighting side by side, saving each other's lives countless times and their deepening bond as they both struggle to get back into the real world, they came to love each other and figured that it would be stupid to waste any time NOT being together. They both knew they loved each other and got married because of it (in the game I mean) and established their relationship as a couple. But that's not all they are to each other, they're a couple, best friends, each others protectors, saviors. They have each other's backs and try so hard to win the game and get back into the real world so that they can ACTUALLY be together, for real. And once they meet Yui it really is like they're a family, and it's just so cute that I felt like crying every time I saw them together, or when the three of them would reunite after being separated. After more than two years the two of their characters develop so much and learn so much, and honestly when they reunited in the real world I was actually crying tears of joy. Asuna and Kirito's relationship is so much deeper than most, and it's just really beautiful, there's no other way to describe it. And the funny thing is that this epic badass story with its epic badass couple isn't actually a romance anime, not even close, it's main theme is much more serious than some cliche love story that takes place in some random high school, and yet it's couple is a billion times better than ANY couple. Anyone saying that it's not possible, try watching all 25 episodes and THEN try saying that Asuna and Kirito aren't the most epic and amazing and sweet and beautiful couple in the universe.
I believe that the deepest bonds that can possibly form between humans come from two people fighting side by side. Kirito and Asuna do just that - fight for each others' lives, developing passionate and companionate love for each other. It's truly a beautiful story.

Another thing about this relationship that I find particularly interesting - it transcends the virtual world and manifests itself in the real world as well. If you've ever had close friends on MMO games, you'll find this pairing particularly meaningful.
They are the best couples I had seen so far. I had never ever seen a couple would die for each other if one of them die. I also realize they are a simple couple instead of the other couples who are always hiding their dam feelings. I mean it's getting annoying!

BUT... Asuna and Kirito relationship is much different. So that's why I respect them.

By the way... Other couples such as the GIRLS... I find it quite BAKA for a girl who don't even know that the guy LOVE them. Isn't girls suppose to have more feelings? I mean girl aren't stupid and I know that b-because I'm a girl. Duh. That is why, their love relationship always take ' long! Unlike those couples, Asuna and Kirito are more simple. They love each other without any complaints.
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10Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfillia - Fairy Tail
I wish I could see them on a date it will be so cute! Ohh... They are so romantic...
Natsu and Lucy are ment to be together. They understand eachothers dreams and pains. They are willing to sacrife themselves for the other and the rest of Fairy Tail. In The Keys to the Starry Sky arc, all Natsu thinks about is Lucy and Lucy fused herself into the Infinity Clock so Natsu didn't disappear in the fight against Brain II. And in The Grand Games arc, Natsu gets revenge on Sabortooth for torturing Lucy and gives up his spot in the games to save Lucy, (and all Fairy Tail fans know how much Natsu likes to fight) and as Happy would say "They lliike eachother! "
Natsu and Lucy look so cute together they are the perfect couple! :D
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The Contenders

11Edward Elric & Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist
Oh! I love the plot of this anime, and I do also love the characters, most specially edward and winry. Their love story is so cute, even if edward does not show his love for winry too much. I hope that there will be another season, and I hope to see their love a chance.
Come on.. I know they don't speak much and it seems that edward is in no mood
Of love and all.. But everyone who has seen the series knows how much he loves her...
They are a sexy couple! EdXwin!
Fma is EPIC and Ed and Winry Make a SEXY couple
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12Haruhi Fujioka & Tamaki Suoh - Ouran HS Host Club
Tamaki would never even realize that Haruhi was a girl if he hadn't seen her ID! Hahaha! I love how Tamaki is so emotional and frivolous (and naive and dense and... ) while Haruhi is so blunt. It balances their romance... although it does seem quite reversed. I also love it when Haruhi says something that makes Tamaki depressed and sit on one corner, pouting! Definitely the best for me! (Next best couple for me is Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima from Special A)
I wish I was Haruhi! I mean she's so lucky! This couple is cute! Yeah, if I had to pick an anime girl I would want to be Haruhi.
I like how they aren't so 'overly in-love' with each other. :) ) like how it all started, developed, how they denied it and stuff like that :) )
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13Lelouch And C.C. - Code Geass
This is the perfect duo out there. Not just romantic crap, lelouch and c, c show how cool a couple can be. This couple is just too good 'cause here both of them are equally awesome, not like other anime where the girl is like a pet that the hero protects.


Well in terms of Romantic situations, this couple may not have much. But this couple is, in every meaning of the sentence, Made For Each Other.
This couple is something entirely new, something unique. Their relationship is simply awesome.


So much better than the normal - I love you... But, we have to wait for the end of the story. Just like this, it would be a great Happy-End - couple. These two are connected because of their fait. Lelouch who destroys the world to create a new one and C. C who us damned with immortality and who will be alone for eternity.
Though, everyone who read the clues in the end knows that both will spend this eternity together! That is the price that was to pay to bring peace
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14Gajeel Redfox and Levy Mcgarden - Fairytail
They would make a cute couple and its obvious that they both like each other. It all began when he took on Laxus' lightning that was going for Levy and in episode 101 he says its hard to find someone small like her and says so don't leave his side and in episode 102 Levy gives Gajeel Iron and notice that the o in iron is actually a shape of a heart if that's not love then I don't know what is anyway they will always be my favourite couple they would be so adorible kawaii much
It's such a sweet couple ^^ perfect example of opposites attract.
Maybe most of anime lover don't notice this couple in fairytail but they both really match together like vegeta and bulma...
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15Naruto & Sasuke - Naruto
I think Naruto and Sasuke should at least be in the top ten. They both have such tragic past and both understand each other. Naruto is always thinking about Sasuke after he leaves the village. Trying to figure out ways to save him from Orochimaru, and once Sasuke leaves Orochimaru Naruto tries to save Sasuke from himself and revenge. Naruto is ready and willing to give his life if it means saving Sasuke. While Sasuke doesn't show to much thought about Naruto once he leaves the village there are moments like when Sasuke asks Naruto why he so absorbed in him Naruto states it's because there friends Sasuke looked so touched. Sasuke has also jumped in harms way to protect Naruto like when Haku purposely shot needles at Naruto, Sasuke knowing it was a trap still jumped in harms way to protect Naruto and basically almost dies for him and his last thoughts were of Naruto and their fun time together and about his revenge on his brother. So that's why they should at least be in the top ten cause they have such a great story.
They were sort of rivals as children, but it wasn't that kind of rivalry that they actually wanted each other dead. It was that sort of a relationship you might have with someone in real life in elementary school, hatred mixed up with jealousy. When they were put together in a squad they started to communicate and collaborate better and in the anime even Sakura noted how well the two worked as a team. The element of jealousy was still present, but Naruto could sometimes push those feelings aside in order to work better. Both Sasuke and Naruto are both very competetive, and they often competeted against each other, thus pushing themselves further and further... I really liked it how they're relationship evolves from elementary school rivals to best friends who still have hatred between them... When Sasuke left Konoha, even he admitted that Naruto really was his best friend. Plus, he spared his life even though he could've easily killed him while Naruto was unconcious. Then follows the part of the series that covers a lot of the episodes... Years pass, but Naruto still tirelessly keeps on training and working in order to be able to bring his best friend back. He always thinks of him and is very determined to bring him back, it's almost as if he devoted his life for Sasuke. The reason these two deserve a higher rating is because they're relationship truly is strong, and it has slowly but steadily evolved to this point.
Babes, Naruto and Sasuke, Sasuke and Naruto, I mean, can you try to describe one without mentioning the other at least once? The answer, trust me, I tried, is no. Their relationship is so touching, one is constantly running after the other never giving up because he just knows that he can save him, and the other enshrouded in darkness just looking for a way to get back on the right path.
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16Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma - Fruits Basket
They are just perfect together. I haven't read the manga yet, but I've seen the anime. As the anime goes on, you can see that Kyo starts becoming a better and better person thanks to Tohru. He goes from pretending he doesn't care about her to loving her with all of his heart. She loves him so much that she accepts him even in his monster form. They understand each other so well, and always seem to say the right thing to the other person when the other person feels down. Yuki and Tohru are cute too, but they don't compliment each other as well as Tohru and Kyo. I could tell from the beginning that they would be together, even when Kyo was trying to convince himself that he didn't like her. They are just the most perfect couple ever
kyo always has to be a tough guy. he only has a soft side for tohru. and shes just the sweetest thing who accepts everything about kyo.. who doesn't get much acceptance from anyone else. perfect couple!
This is a really cute couple that you couldn't predict from the beginning of the series... or maybe you could.
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17Kinomoto Sakura & Li Syaoran - Cardcaptor Sakura
Sakura and Syaoran are so cute both individually and together. I love that their relationship developes over time. The way they start as rivals, slowly become friends, and then start to have feelings for each other is adorable. Their relationship is cute and innocent, as they aren't teenagers yet. I love that Syaoran always blushes over Sakura and that Sakura is so oblivious to that, even though everyone else around them can see it. I'm sorry for going on and on about it, but I love them so much; they're so cute.
This pairing is my all time OTP. Sakura and syaoran were meant to be, and I don't mean in the 'love at first sight' or 'made spacificly for one another' I mean that their relationship was built slowing, and the love they share is strong. I think that there is not way that they could ever NOT be together, I could never ship either with anyone else. Their love is the kind I yearn for, its so sweet and innocent, but so beautiful, and will not doubt strengthen as they grow together. I just love them together, so much!
They are just like, the reason why they start out he hateing her and then the Yukito rivality and then how he falls for her and all the sacrifise and help he gives, plus how he always tries to confece and just can't is priceless. Then we have the confession and sakuras reactrion just lovley
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18Renji Abarai & Rukia Kuchiki - Bleach
It's my favorite couple in any manga. In the story of their relationship there is drama, there is separation, yearning, and reconciliation, and those are some of the reasons that make it so interesting. Another charismatic aspect of their relationship is the closeness and intimacy in general that they often show with each other. They are funny together too, they often tease each other and sometimes is hilarious. They have a lot of aspects that got me so attracted to their relationship. And individually they are very interesting characters too.
They've always meant to be together, both of them have known each other for such a long time and will do anything to help each other. It's so obvious that Renji likes her, but it's down to a will-they won't-they kind of thing. I'm hoping they will
I love their story and their close relationship. Very refeshing.

19Shikamaru Nara & Temari no Sabaku - Naruto
Guys... Shikamaru Is Amazing... And For Crying Out Laud Temari Is THe Hottest Girl I Have Ever Seen! Those Two Are So Much Different Than Any Other Couple... The Are Beautiful In Their Own Different Way... SHIKATEMA THE BEST!
There is so much proof. It will happen for sure.
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20Shinichi & Ran (Rachel & Jimmy) - Case Closed Aka Detective Conan
For me, they are the greatest couple of all time! Hands down! Their love storyy simply represents all the essence of true love; patience, kindness, and the undeniably deep feelings for each other. No one can match Ran's love for Shinichi for she stays loyal and continues to love him despite the many times (in fact, all the time! ) he bails on her, leave without any remarks, and never seems to be there when she needs him (Cause she doesn't know his Conan ) I especially love Ran's words when Conan asked her if she was scared to jump in the building in one of the movies.
Conan: Ran-neechan are you scared?
And Shinichi? Well, despite the fact that he can't stand seeing her cry and always rescuing and worrying about her, it's pretty darn obvious how he's madly, crazy in love with Ran Mouri.
For me ShinRan is the best. They show the true love. They have patience, trust and love. They are the best. They are the most perfect one.
Even though Ran doesn't know that Shinichi is always on her side, their love binds them together and Shinichi always protecting her whenever Ran is in danger. They have trusts that never broke and they never miss to call for an important event.
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21Otonashi Yuzuru & Tachibana Kanade - Angel Beats
Definitely one of the best couples out there. I thought that Otonashi was going to be with Yurippe when I first saw the series but I like that he gravitated more towards Kanade. They're just such a good match! I really want to see them together in their reincarnated form.
God, these two are perfect. I don't really cry when it comes to anime, but the ending of Angel Beats made be break into tears. My mom heard me crying and ran into my room asking what was wrong. I really want a continuation of the show--maybe an OVA--of these two reincarnated.
One of the cutest anime couples of all time. The last episodes when those two are the only ones left and Kanade tells Otonashi that she had his heart, I was shocked! They are great together. THIS SCENE IS SO SAD! I CRIED SO MUCH!
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22Usagi Tsukino & Mamoru Chiba - Sailor Moon
My favorite couple of all time! Their love story is the very first one that I've watched and fell in love with.
They are my most favorite couple in the whole anime world. They were made for each other!
They are simply one of the best couples of the anime world there love is endless and nothing could tear them apart I've been following those two in both in manga and anime for the majority of my childhood and hope that I find love as good as theirs
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23Sakura Mikan (Yukihara Mikan) & Hyuuga Natsume - Alice Academy or Gakuen Alice
Their love isn't skin deep.

We have Mikan Sakura, a cheerful, bubbly girl. She's not smart, but she has her kindness to compensate. It is then later on in the series that she realized she is one of most powerful alices (magic) and people are after her.

Then we have Natsume Hyuuga. A prodigy that has a strong alice that is brought up to be trained as an assassin. His alice is so strong but it is the type that feeds on his lifeforce, so every time he uses it, he dies a bit quicker. He knows the darkness of the world, the people. He is smart, handsome, hot, but well feared. He distant himself from others because of the sole wish of not wanting those whom he treasures to get hurt.

Natsume was born in darkness and Mikan is his light, his light that he doesn't wish to taint. It is so heartbreaking to watch him struggle between letting his best friend Ruka who also likes her take her and claiming her as his own. He understands that she will not be tainted by his darkness if he were to give her to Ruka.

His love for her is unconditional, sacrificing. He chose to protect her from the darkness no matter how much he wanted to hold her tight and keep her for himself. (His love overflows so much that sometimes he slips his indifference mask and does sweet things to her- but he covers it with witty remarks that pisses her off)

Her love is pure, understanding and forgiving. Coincidently or not, she seem to be there when he secretly came back injured from a mission. She can see his pain underneath his mask. She thinks of him all the time (as much as she wants to deny it). She is his weakness and strength.

Beside from the complicated love in between, there are quite a lot of teasing due to Natsume being a smartass pervert (only to her) and Mikan being the innocent naive girl.

It is really cute to watch them yet at the same time painful to see the struggle in between.
Their love is painstakingly beautiful.
This couple should be here because not even just in the anime and manga there always seen fighting quarreling but just like in the same order in romance anime's they always fight but in the end the confessed their LOVE to each other (but the style in the manga was even better because the style was like Romeo X Juliet) and the guy lover has a love rival and bad because his love rival is his best friend and more love rival's pa see they should me there and be NUMBER 1
They are so cute together (in manga. PLEASE READ) In the anime they're always arguing but Mikan and Natsume hinted that they like each other. Oh my gosh in the manga I cried, laughed and felt heartbreak at the same time every time Natsume showed signs that he loved her. Also they were meant to be together because their parents used to be best friends they figure this out later on in the manga).

When Natsume confessed I started crying uncontrollably because it was sad. Even destiny can't break them apart. They really should be number 1 because they are on my list! I was eating a doughnut when Natsume proposed and I started choking and crying (again) because it was the most romantic moment ever, it kinda reminded me of Rapunzel. ♥

Mikan is pretty naive and Natsume is so sophisticated, they're perfect for each other.
(to be honest I really don't like Ruka... at all)
Natsume and Mikan forever!


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24Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock - One Piece
CUTE! How she only loves Luffy and looks down on any other man! And not only is she beautiful, but also strong! I defitely look forward to her being back in the series again
My man! I really love in joy watching puffy. Instead one episode competing up every week I wish their could be 1, 0000!
I love theemm <3 Coolest and strongest couple evah!
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25Takasu Ryuuji & Taiga Aisaka - Toradora!

Ryuuji lives with his mom, and since she works, he takes care of the cooking and housework, and has developed an obsession with cleaning. Taiga is rich, but due to family promblems lives alone in a large apartment right across from Ryuuji's bedroom window.

As part of the deal they made, Ryuuji usese his home skills to help Taiga, cooking and cleaning for her. She starts eating meals at his house on a daily basis and is even considered a family member by Ryuuji's bubbly mother.

Taiga initially treats Ryuuji very poorly, taking advantage of his kind nature while being physically and verbally abusive. However, the time they spend together allows them both to see sides of each other no one sees and they quickly begin to confide in each other on personal matters.

The series is extremely well written. All the main characters have multi-layered personalites and the voice acting is top-notch. It's a comedy with plenty of humor in it, but it's overall driving force is number of hard-hitting and emotional dramatic moments couples with an excellet OST. (If listing to "Lost my Peices" doesn't make you cry, your not a human being.

Overall, I love these two characters epecially, and the complex, funny, and endearing relationship they develop throughout the series.
Even though she is considered terrifiying throughout her school she is one of the cutest characters ever thanks to Ryuuji
Well, the thing about Ryuuji and Taiga is the sweet romance that they share and how slowly but surely they fall in love with each other is something that I have seen in no other anime couples other than these two! Thumbs Up for Ryuuji and Taiga
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26Amu & Ikuto - Shugo Chara
They are so funny when they are together! Not speaking abut tadase... Ikuto is so much... Like a man! Tadases eyes just make me feel like I am watching a girl (amu) liking a girl (tadase) amuto forever!
The best couple for me ever!
They are amazing. Even with their age difference they are the best couple of all.
They deserve to b number 1 on this list.
Their colours clash together well.
I think they could've pushed the anime/manga just a little bit more because it was obviously going in the direction of AMUTO!
Why is this rated so low :( it makes me sad
More comments about Amu & Ikuto - Shugo Chara

27Saotome Ranma & Tendo Akane - Ranma 1/2
they may look like they heat each other, but they just hide it, the scary cute Akane and the perv Moran Ranma just so in love with each other :D. and they Funny


Best anime couple ever! They should be in within the top 3! Ranma and Akane are both cute in there own way! They would be and even cuter couple if they showed their love. Eeek! They're both hilarious too. OMGG, best anime and best couple. PERIOD.
The adorableness of this pairing is overloaded. Ranma's awkwardness from being on the road for his whole life, and Akane's bad experiences with boys makes them too dang cute! You just want to root for them as all their arguments and mallets count points to their jealousy and hidden feelings for each other.
More comments about Saotome Ranma & Tendo Akane - Ranma 1/2

28Hikari Hanazono & Kei Takishima - Special A
I adore this couple way too much. Even though it was clear from the beginning that the two would end up together, it did make me squeal like a little girl again when they did. It amazes me how perfect these two are for each other, and how Kei is so unwavering in his devotion to Hikari even when she's completely oblivious to his blatant feelings. The best parts are when Kei thinks that Hikari's confessing or acknowledging his feelings, and she's in reality talking about something completely different. It's also particularly amusing whenever Kei's in a good mood because Hikari is doing something or the other for him, and the other members of the S•A start commenting about the literal flower garden sprouting around Kei. All in all, I think their characters really compliment each other, and they fit together so perfectly it's almost painful.
I think this is the best couple ever! They are so romantic... Especially when Kei is teasing Hikari by calling her Miss Rank Two and Hikari will get mad at him. Hikari is just a thickhead that she don't noice kei's feelings for her...
I have watched this anime several times and it never gets old. I love the relationship between Kei and Hikari. The voice acting is spectacular and the feelings they have for each other is very believable and sweet. I also like all of the supporting characters and their stories.
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29Zero & Yuuki - Vampire Knight
Zero is more suitable to Yuuki than Kaname
And for me I like Zero more and I find him more intelligent and handsome than Kaname to fit more with the cute Yuuki.. And in the manga I see Yuuki is fond of Zero after Kaname left her..
He is the best, I don't know what is in you people's minds! Didn't you know that he actually cares about Yuki unlike her brother Kaname Kuran
Hands down, I would take zero any day. He's so perfect for her and is always there. I hope they seal the deal in the end because that would be the best way to end the story
More comments about Zero & Yuuki - Vampire Knight

30Minato Namikaze & Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto
Kushina is always being teased by her classmates all time but she talked back and hurted her lassmates making her very powerful but when she is kidnapped minato was the only one that found her and he said from the first time I met you I quickly noticed your beautiful red hair and that is how they fall in love


Minato is awesome and saved Kushina from getting teased at by the other kids. Minato had a liking to Kushina in the first place so they should be first.
Kushina and Minato are best couple ever. I don't understand how anyone can't fall in love with them. Minato saved Kushina in a life or death situation. He even saved her beautiful red hair! And they both died together protecting Naruto. This is the ultimate love story. I cried so much during this arc
More comments about Minato Namikaze & Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto

31Himura Kenshin & Kamiya Kaoru - Rurouni Kenshin
Understated, powerful, loyal, beautiful. Even though we all want to see more scenes of romance between the two, they don't need love scenes to show the depth of their affections - their commitment to the ideals and characteristics of the other is proof enough.
If everyone sees the way kenshin come to kaoru before dying. Such a beautiful moment. The best anime moment
Pure love! Love it!
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32Katsura Hinagiku & Hayate Ayasaki - Hayate The Combat Butler
I like this couple, hope they like it too
They really go well with each other
They look cute together!
More comments about Katsura Hinagiku & Hayate Ayasaki - Hayate The Combat Butler

33Sango & Miroku - Inuyasha
They're so cute together! I like this couple! :D
Although I like inuyasha x sango better, they still good for each other
Bagay na bagay sila kasi isang pasaway at isang madisiplina.

34Shana & Yuji - Shakugan No Shana
They were meant to be with together from the very beginning. That was there bonding when we saw the 3rd sequel of Shakugan No Shana. Long live guys.
I love the action, comedy, romance and great couple of this anime for me this is one of the best anime couples that I know.
They are awese and I just love how shana likes him more and more to every ep and how she then finally realizes this even before yuji
More comments about Shana & Yuji - Shakugan No Shana

35Soul Eater Evans & Maka Albarn - Soul Eater
Aww, they're so canon, cute and lemon, laugh out loud.
I love them.
The way they protect each other is beautiful!
This is my OTP to end all OTPs. Seriously. They are so perfect for each other.
Who eles wouldn't like a especially hot and amazingly cool guy with a worthwhile annoyingly serious nerd I ship these two in the manga but not in the outside world O. O
More comments about Soul Eater Evans & Maka Albarn - Soul Eater

36Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Loxar - Fairy Tail
Perfect couple ♥♥♥ I ship them so hard!
Although its one sided I <3 watching them... :D
As for me Gruvia is the best and I can't believe that GrayLu is more popular.
More comments about Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Loxar - Fairy Tail

37Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) & Asuna Yuki - Sword Art Online
"They're so cute! Kirito wouldn't give up until he found Asuna in Alfheim Online, and the only way Kirito was able to beat Sword Art Online, was because he thought of Asuna, and how much she believed in him. "
They need each other:X
They love is so strong that no one of them would give up on each other no matter what happen :D

38Yusuke Urameshi & Keiko Yukimura - YuYu Hakusho
Well, I really love this couple. Keiko were really a nice girl because even though Yusuke had already died, she was still waiting for him... It's so romantic... YOu know guys, the best part of the anime is the proposal... Just note that... ^_^
Yusuke and Keiko make such a cute couple! And keiko is so supportive too
I guess the best part was the reunion after 2 years - captured it perfectly

39Syaoran and Sakura - Tsubasa Chronicle
Lolol Syaoran and Sakura is an amazing couple
because since both have some romance thing going on in CCS and TRC, it makes me love them even more, in two different perspectives
plus, they don't do anything further than hug at most, so it avoids all possible sexuality and such. Because if they were ever to do that, I would lose respect of this couple. There are also a so so so many fanfics of this couple.
Its surprising that they are not in the top ten! Love is something that comes from the heart there is no need to show it physically, when you see them you naturally realize that they are in love. There relationship is beautiful, they show love with true meaning, they should always be together! LONG LIVE SYAORAN AND SAKURA!
Definitely the best couple all time. The drama, comedy, action, adventure, mystery and also romance is simply an all-rounder. Plus the sacrifice Syaoran did for Sakura and Sakura's love for Syaoran is truly of epic propotion. This is truly the idea of soulmate, ultimate love of all time.
More comments about Syaoran and Sakura - Tsubasa Chronicle

40Gray Fullbuster & Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
They just look so cute together and also I like the way Gray reacts to Erza's tears and also when Erza was at the Tower of Heaven, he kept saying Erza and how she must be in Fairy Tail... grayza 4evs
They are just so good together so much chemistry

41Obito & Rin - Naruto

42Vegeta & Bulma - Dragon Ball Z
Their love is the most unlikely kind. Vegeta never even cared fr most of the time, but they had real funny moments together
Dragon Ball Z isn't suppose to be a romantic anime, but it does has its moments at times, no matter what, I will always love DBZ! It's always gonna be one of my favorite shows ever!
They are a cute couple. Even though vegeta doesn't show love to bulma, you still know he loves her. He has even developed a soft side for her and his two kids. :)
More comments about Vegeta & Bulma - Dragon Ball Z

43Sesshomaru and Kagura - Inuyasha
These two people love each other, grow some balls and vote for them.

44Tsunade & Jiraiya - Naruto
This is two persons I wayted threw the whole serie for these two to be a couple, but sadly Jiraiya die! But Still I think these two should be a couple!

45Daisuke Niwa & Riku Harada - DN Angel
They weren't really a close couple. Not even at the end... just one kiss...
The show was about thier journey to love. The had to discover the meanings of how they felt and in the end they did that.

46Kotoko Aihara & Naoki Irie - Itazura na Kiss
What the heck!
They truly were in love with each other. Kotoko being such an inferior to Naoki won his heart because her love for him was strong. It was no child's play to win his heart, a person whose heart is literally made of ice. And Naoki, who just knew when to express his love and letting it not get to being wasted is just amazing. He just knew that love isn't just through showing but feeling. And they had it all. Misaki and Takumi get engaged, but could you tell whether if they get married at the end? No, because they have their bitter moments too. So, these two have it all, which Kotoko herself says that was hard for her to think when she was rejected in a second by him.
149?! It should be in top 10!
Vote, Vote, Vote!

47Kraft Lawrence & Holo - Spice and Wolf
So cute!
This is my new favourite anime couple. I just wish they'd kiss more often! I love the fact that they fell in love with each other, and it's so funny to see the two of them getting jealous of the other since neither will admit their feelings.
This is an amazing couple.
Its fun to watch holo the wise wolf tease Kraft but fall in love with him as they continue to travel together.
Seriously, this couple is amazing! Couldn't find any other couple as good/cute as this!

48Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker - D.Gray-man
I just think they're cute together. I feel they must done D. Grayman OVA to show whether Lenalee is with Allen or Kanda or Lavi.
I hope so.


49Kyon & Haruhi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
They're just so perfect! My favorite couple in one of my favorite animes. My favorite episode is episode 6 for obvious reasons.

50Hei & Yin - Darker Than Black
Hei and Yin are probably one of those cutest couples out there. The tragedy and harsh reality of their story, their partings, yet fragments of happiness make them so beautiful together
Guys this is the best couple! Nothing can beat an irrional contractor and a blind doll ya hear me!

51Ittoki Otoya & Nanami Haruka - Uta no prince-sama

52Simon & Nia - Gurren Lagann

53Saito & Louise - Zero no Tsukaima
Come on this should be way high up. They fight, are funny but are also madly in love with each other.Even though Saito may seem like a pervert going after other girls, he truly loves Louisie and can everything from not returning home to even sacrificing himself to protech her. Both of them go through so much which is epic, they are funny, romantic in their own way...Saito-Louisie 4verr
This couple is, in my opinion, a fantastic pair who's relationship never ceased to amaze me with it's depth and trails. Louise <3 Saito
It should be the number 1
More comments about Saito & Louise - Zero no Tsukaima

54Luff and Nami - One Piece
The connection between these two is so strong! They should definitely end together.


55Haruhi Fujioka & Kaoru Hittachin - Ouran HS Host Club

56Zoro and Nami - One Piece
I ♥ this couple!
I could listen to these two argue all day. ^ ^
They are so funny! :D
More comments about Zoro and Nami - One Piece

57Gin Ichimaru & Rangiku Matsumoto - Bleach
How is this couple not up here yet? Not only are they the greatest pairing of all time, they're ACTUALLY CANON. They have such a deep, complex relationship, and nothing can possibly surpass that. I hope Gin resurrects himself so that he and Rangiku can at least have a reunion. Plus, the anime is trying to make Hisagi, another character I really like, go out with her, which is pissing me off. Hisagi, you're awesome, but GinRan is MTB. Get over and go snog Nanao or something.

58Tomoe & Nanami - Kamisama Kiss

59Felicita & Liberta - Arcana Famiglia

60Yamada Nina & Zero - Mamotte Lollipop
They need to be here because this anime couple follow the order of anime love and the male lover has many love rival's (including his best friend) and in the season 2 they get married and even have 2 children see the best couple
I think they need to be top ten because you can totally see they're head over heels for eachother! Te way their always fighting over little things, or when Zero or Nina get jealous of someone else. Or how Is always protecting her. Oh and let's not forget Ichii specially because he's Zero's best friend and love rival.
I loved the romance and everything and also I thoutht some of the guys were hot I really want the secound season if tere is.
More comments about Yamada Nina & Zero - Mamotte Lollipop

61Robin & Franky - One Piece
What the hell? I know I'm suppose to support this couple but seriously? Robin and Franky? I think Luffy should be with Nami because she was the only one that Luffy trust with his most prized procession, plus, that couple is really really cute. Also Robin and Zoro should be together, Zoro was the only one who still doesn't trust Robin. Plus, the ZoroRobin moment when Robin was elctrified by Kami Eneru was sweet and the time in the anime at Water 7 when Robin caught Zoro babysitting. ^ ^

62Neji Hyuga & Tenten - Naruto
Oh. My. Gosh. This is, by far, the best Naruto couple. Because Naruto is an action anime, there isn't much room for romance, but it is so obvious that tenten and nejo are made for each other. I mean, there are so many hints. And Tenten is my favorite character, she is independent and strong and I think she has far too little screen time. Seriously, the author should consider the fact that they are under rated and need to be together. Besides, LeeTen is kind of stupid, no offense to those who like that pairing. And there is no one else for Neji.
NejiTen was always my OTP, and will always be. I really thing that Kishi was planning to make the couple canon, but changed his mind through the series. I don't care what anyone says. If they were a couple, they'd still be best friends.
NejiTen = OTP. I really love it and I can see chemistry between them. They'b be something like best friends have a romantic relationship, their bond would be so strong. I agree with one of the comments, I also believe that Kishimoto was planning to make this pairing canon. They complete each other!
I remember that when Neji died I got REALLY mad and started crying uncontrollably. Neji is my favourite Naruto character and his deah destroyed me. But what makes me hurt even more it than Kishimoto killed NejiTen off with one simple move. What's worse is that Tenten didn't even care. OKAY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Set apart the NejiHina fans, every Naruto fan I have met thought that NejiTen will become canon for sure and some even believed that they were already secretely dating! Everyone thought this was the pairing that was meant to be. I couldn't agree more. NejiTen and ShikaTema are undoubtedly the pairings that everyone expected to happen.
NejiTen REALLY needs to be higher.

63Kazuma Yagami & Ayano Kannagi - Kaze no Stigma
Sweet couple totally cute
I wish that they end up together and I think they should be the first of all anime coup, es
I hope there will be a season 2.
More comments about Kazuma Yagami & Ayano Kannagi - Kaze no Stigma

64Karin and Kazune - Kamichama karin
They are just something! Perfect

65Lelouch & Shirley - Code Geass
Do you know how much Shirley love Lelouch? She loved him to death, literally. Lelouch was then on killing spree after she died. No one ever got close to Lelouch except her. Not C.C or Kallen.C.C is only with Lelouch because of his contract. Kallen likes him but he does not like her back.
People say that C. C and Lelouch is an awesome couple, but those two are just helping each other for power

So I think L&S would be a perfect match (since Shirley likes him and he replied it back)

66Hitsugaya & Hinamori - Bleach
So cute together! I love him protecting her ^^ And the nickname thing is so kawai!

67Katsuya Jounouchi & Mai Kujaku - Yu-Gi-Oh!

SO KAWAII! They obviously care for each other and go so well together! No one can't beat them.

Oh my gosh cutest couple ever! Love them and wish we could of seen more from them before the season was over... They were definitely sexy though!

68Lucy and Loki - Fairytail
This is a crack pairing that could actually work. I think they should be the canon pairing, totally. NaLu is too overrated. I think it's too obvious for the main characters to be together. Lucy and Loke's chemistry could turn Fairy Tail into a whole new manga, maybe that's the reason Hiro Mashima paired Lucy with Natsu, what a shame.. -, -"

69Urashima Keitaro & Narusegawa Naru - Love Hina
Definitely a great classic anime couple. I recommend you to watch Love Hina if you have not yet seen the Anime or read the manga, because it is a awesome all time romance classic.
Seriously, how can you not love these two?
Needs to be in the top 10 if you haven't seen Love Hina do yourself a favor and see it while you still have time.

70Alibaba & Morgiana - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Why has nobody mentioned this? They are too cute!

71Uehara Anko & Noboru Yoshikawa - Great Teacher Onizuka

successful attempt to confess her feelings to yoshikawa helped by onizuka


a bully and the one who was being bullied fell in love with each other


72Elfman & Evergreen - Fairy Tail

73Kei & Mizuho - Please Teacher!
Even though it begins as fake marriage their love blossoms over the the course of the series Mizuho even saves Kei from a serious standstill, even after being banished from earth her love for Kei Prompts her to return eventually reuniting and get married all over again.


This should be near the top 10 you can tell that they really loved each other especially when Mizuho breaks galaxy federation rules in order to save Kei.
I love Please Teacher / Onegai Teacher! It's my favorite anime of all time! Their romance is so sweet and they're so cute together. I've seen Clannad, and Nagisa and Tomoyadon't even kiss untill AFTER Nagisa gets pregnant. If you haven't seen Please Teacher / Onegai Teacher, watch it! The plot is amazing. I seriously wish they had more episodes.


More comments about Kei & Mizuho - Please Teacher!

74Mai Moritaka & Kazuhiko Aikawa - Dear Boys
when I read dear boys manga, at first I think just about sport, but this have bit love story too, one alternative to captive girl reader, this couple so cute, but really passionate especially when they just two, aikawa really passionate to kiss mai, they kissed often, 2 times in one moment. ^-^
Yes they are amazing basketball couple. Aikawa is endearing while mai is feminine but I know she's strong since she always support Aikawa. Although Aikawa seems inocent and cheerful, there's a dark side of him that's shows that he's depressed. But mai still passionately wait and alaways care for him
Althought there isn't much romance in the manga, but when they do show a romantic scene between Mai and Aikawa it's really cute.

75Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy and Riza never once say "I love you" and barely show physical affection, but they don't have to; the respect, trust, understanding, and yes love is obvious between them. They are not an official couple but are pretty much soulmates anyways. Arakawa herself even implied that the only reason they aren't married already is the law against fraternization in the army.
Royai is boss. They're not the typical lovey-dovey couple, they have to sacrifice expressing their feelings for one another in order to put their country first. But everyone can see the deep, wordless bond they have. Their relationship of restraint is one of the things that make it so interesting and heartfelt.
They're just so awesome together! Like in the 2003 series they find Scar and Mustangs says he's going to kill Scar himself- so Riza tackles him down and says that his fire alchemy won't work well in the rain. RoyXRiza 4 ever!
More comments about Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist

76Kagamine Rin & Len - Vocaloid
Oh god yes! I have been the biggest fan of this couple since I discovered vocaloid. You can control how you want this couple to be by creating songs for them. An awesome couple for sure!
OK they may be a little bit different from the others couples but hey, they still cute
They are the perfect match! They deserve to be together, although they don't ever seem to be together because something happens or something is restricting them. It's so sad that my heart can bear it no longer! :'(
More comments about Kagamine Rin & Len - Vocaloid

77Yui and Hinata - Angel Beats
Yui was brought into the anime as an energetic and hyper teen who loves to play the guitar and tease Hinata. Later, she tells Otonashi all 4 of her dreams just because she was paralyzed in the real world. In the end, HInata's proposal made me so sad!
Hinata's confession / proposal is so romantic, his words make me sure that he really loves Yui that much and promised that he would marry her no matter what happen to Yui either she can't move / can't have any kids, it's just so romantic!
They are just so adorable together... X3

78Kurosaki Ichigo & Inoue Orihime - Bleach
People Might Not Be Able To See This As A Ship... But I Do <3 Especially Since I Know What They've & She's Been Through. You Don't Need To Show That They Love Each Other :) IchiHime for the win


I love this couple and we all know Orihime loves Ichigo plus Rukai belongs with Rengi
I feel like no one else understands this adorable couple. I think some of it roots from the fans' hatred for orihime but I love her so much. I like rukia too so I tried seeing bleach from an ichiruki perspective but I plainly could not. ICHIHIME!
More comments about Kurosaki Ichigo & Inoue Orihime - Bleach

79Ishida Yamato & Takenouchi Sora - Digimon
Yamato is really hot and sora is cute! So much love for sorato! <3 SORATO FOREVAA! ^_^

80Lucy & Kouta - Elfen Lied
Should be up top... This is one of the best and most touching I've seen.
A tragic love, I can't believe this isn't in the top 10

81Yuuki & Zero - Vampire Knight
Zero is the hottest anime guy and I know that he is not the only one like light from death note but I like l as well and tamaki from ouran and kazuiya from gost hunt now lets come to yuki I like her but not as much as zero she is sweet out going so she is nice but the only thing horrible about is that she chose kaname ovver zero and I hate just of that reason
I think zero and kaname is best hottest guy in vampire knight but if kaname and yuuki is married there are siblings but if zero kaname there are not siblings
Idont think I hate yuuki bcos she choose kaname over zero I think if I am yuuki I'm sure I choose kaname because he is the only one my true siblings...
Hey.. How can you possibly pair yuuki and kaname? Bro x sis love sucks.. That's why yuki and zero is the best.. I just love them.. Andzero loves her more then anything not like the crazy kaname.. They 2 make up the cutest anime couple ever and I'm crazy about dem... De r so cuute to... Zero x yuki is the best... //

82Furuya Chihiro & Sanka Rea - Sankarea

83Kaoru Shimizu & Goro Honda - Major

they argue, they make jealous of each other, but in the end you know what I mean


they are denying it at first but they confess their feelings and become a couple after their winter break


84Yoshimori Sumimura & Tokine Yukimura - Kekkaishi

The Are so Cute Couple... Fight Together, Rescue Together, and Do everything Together! Go Yoshimori And Tokine! There the Cutest Couple Ever And Ever And Forever! Yo! I love you guys!

85Izaya Orihara & Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara!
This pairing is truly meant to be. It is the BEST pairing in Durarara, No in Anime History! -Second place beside Ingo/Nobori x Emmet/Kudari but still- This pairing should be in the top Ten. Their relationship is just so full of hate/love it's truly amazing! The cutest pairing ever and it could fit with any type of Fanfic like Fluff and Humor or Angst and Hurt/Comfort. One of the best pairings ever.
I cannot believe that no one has put them up here!
There isn't much to say. I mean the anime says it ALL!
Oh my god! Shizou x izaya! They are my favorite couple in durarara

86Shouta Kazehaya & Sawako Kuronuma - Kimi ni Todoke
The anime wasnt as intresting at first but it gets better! There relationship is confusing and cute. I recommend this anime! Cute couple
They are a really cute couple. Love their stories, would definitely recommend the anime.
They are perfect for each other! :D
One of my favorite animes. They should be in the top 10 :3
More comments about Shouta Kazehaya & Sawako Kuronuma - Kimi ni Todoke

87Kaoru Hanabishi & Aoi Sakuraba - Ai Yori Aoshi
For me the #1 anime couple ever, their love grows stronger as the series progresses their determination to stay together is evident when Aoi says she can't imagine being with anyone else other than Karou even at one point Aoi's father tries to separate them Karou manages to convince him to let them be together.


Aoi had been in love with Karou ever since they were kids, she devoted her whole life for the sole purpose of being his wife and was devastated when she's told the marriage was off, when she finally reunites with him she vows to be with him even if it means throwing everything away.


Aoi had always been in love with Kaoru ever since childhood and continued to remain loyal to him and only him.


88Kaname Chidori & Sousuke Sagara - Full Metal Panic
How can these two be at 47?! I'm a big fan of the whole will they, won't they? Theme. Kaname is head of heels are so is Sousuke without even realizing it. Vote these two up or watch FMP then come back! Truly an amazing couple!
Best Couple EVER because of the romance and comedy involved.

89Luffy and Nami
There has been a strong connection between these two since the beginning. Luffy's hat and the way nami cries for him in episode 508! They should definitely end up together!


They are perfect for each other. If anyone had noticed Luffy trusts his hat that is his treasure only to Nami! He goes and beat up Arlong cause he made her cry... I bealive that they have to be together and Hammock get out of the way
It is the blind trust that they have in each other that did it for me. Luffy never wavered and trusted her despite Johnny telling him, he saw her kill usopp.
More comments about Luffy and Nami

90Fakir & Ahiru - Princess Tutu
I really like this couple because they are both very devoted to each other. This is probably one of the most memorable couples for me.

91Victorique de Blois & Kazuya Kujō-Gosick

92Natsu & Lisanna - Fairy Tail
Lisanna is the only person so far that natsu has shown romantic feelings
Best couple ever! Lucy sucks - I don't know what people see in it. NaLi is just awesome. Has all the required components for a potential pairing.
They have the best history together and even though they were separated for 2 years her feelings for him never faded. NaLi Forever
More comments about Natsu & Lisanna - Fairy Tail

93Casshern & Lyuze - Casshern Sins
My heart melts when I think about them. ;u;

94Hattori Heiji & Toyama Kazuha - Detective Conan
Aside of Shinichi and Ran I like Heizuha too.
One word to describe this couple : TSUNDERE.
Oh, just get together already...

95Sesshomaru & Rin (Inuyasha)
Why the hell didn't anyone think about them? Huh? This drool-worthy pair is worth getting the a place in the top ten. This particular relationship exceeds the lord-minion stereotype... Watch episode 9 of inuyasha the final act if you wish to know what I mean. Sesshy absolutely adores rin, and I seriously wish rumiko takahashi would make them end up married in any possible future season of inuyasha
Why the hell is this drool-worthy pair not even in the top ten? The way sesshy is around rin, its evident that their bond exceeds any father-daughter or lord-minion relationship! Who can deny that he adsolutely adores her on watching episode 9 of inuyasha the final act? Come on guys, vote for them. NOW!

96Louie & Ila - Rune Soldier/ Mahou Senshi Riui

97Gray Fullbuster & Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail
They look so great together... I <3 GrayLu
This should be at least in the top 20 dammit
Love them together! Perfect couple
More comments about Gray Fullbuster & Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail

98Tetsuya Kuroko & Satsuki Momoi - Kuroko no Basuke

99Yamato Kurosawa & Mei Tachibana - Say "I Love You."
EEP they are so cute together

100Kira Yamato & Lacus Clyne - Gundam Seed
Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne are a great couple. Kira and Lacus are very gifted. They have to power to make a difference. Those who think they should not be together are losers. Shinn Asuka, the dickhead, will never be able to top that.

Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne are the best couples in Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny. They have the SEED Mode.
Those two are very great characters.

Shinn Asuka will never be able to top that. Shinn will always lose girls because of his arrogance.

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