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1February 29th

you only have a birthday every 4 years man that really sucks bad. I feel sorry for anyone who has a birthday on the 29th 0f febuary POOR PEOPLE MAN POOR PEOPLE I FEEL FOR YOU!

My second-cousin was born on this date. Albeit him being born on 1959, he's just 14 years old. He's a mere freshman, even though he has skin wrinkles! :O

I was born in the 29 feb and I'm still young

This just sucks

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2September 11th

my little sister was born on this day, but man the 9 11. that just sucks - aubreycm

It's my Birthday and at least everyone remember it

That's my birthday and everyone is always sad!

I am so glad that I was born on the 12th.

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3December 25th

Some people believe you get MORE presents because its your birthday plus Christmas. But, if you have your birthday on or near Christmas, you get cheated out on presents, because parents count presents as a "birthday and Christmas present" sometimes - kaitlynrad11

This day just means you'll get cheated out of a present, so less presents:(

Why is this on the list? Everyone in the world will celebrate your birthday because it's also Jesus' Birthday!

My birthday's on Christmas, haha. - MontyPython

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4April 1st

April 1st is my birthday and it's both a blessing and a curse. I alway have fun, but at school people pull pranks and jokes and one time my 6th grade teacher made a really bad joke in class that made me so embarrassed!

Alternatively, you won't be pranked. Because nobody will believe it's your birthday! - PositronWildhawk

I was born on this day! It's both a blessing and a a curse! - creagh21

That's Fred and George Weasley's birthdays.

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5December 26th

No one is ever in town and if they are is too worn out from all the Christmas celebrations that they don't want to do anything. People give you one gift for Christmas AND your birthday combined but most are so poor from Christmas shopping so they usually skimp on your present. It's also cold (I live in Michigan) so no one is particularly trying to go out and party, they want to stay in and be warm. Also I never got to celebrate my birthday at school because everyone was on holiday break. I've actually tried to move my birthday to June...no joke

I think this is the worst birthday! I'm 68 years old, NEVER had a birthday party, yes cake with the family, but no party. Never in school for a party like the others. If it falls on a Monday, good luck finding a restaurant that's open. Totally anti-climatic, everyone is shot from Christmas!

Worse than Christmas because everyone is hungover and no one wants to celebrate.

Everyone is out of town, no is available to go to a birthday party.

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6January 1st

My birthday is on January 1st and it is horrible. My friends are either out of town, too tired of holiday parties/gatherings or too hungover to celebrate. It's freezing cold outside and no one wants to leave home. They just want to stay inside and watch the Rose Parade or the college bowl games. I have never had a birthday party. My parents tried to throw me one when I was 8 and no one showed up. The worst part about having a New Year's Day birthday is that it is still close enough to Christmas that I often get either combined Christmas/Birthday gifts from relatives or they give me a really cheap birthday gift because they spent all their money on Christmas gifts. I hate when my parents tell me, "We got you a really nice Christmas gift so you don't need anything big for your birthday." :(

My birthday falls on January 1st and I can never have a party or get together with my friends because everyone is still out of town, or have other plans.

Everyone is on holidays, hungover or too tired

My uncle was born on 1st January - Animefan12

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7December 24th

My birthday is the 24th and it's the worst because no one cares.

They are all waiting for Christmas and not concerned there is no pity either

No one cares about you they care about their own presents. Also: only One present.

It's my birthday and it sucks...
Birthday/Christmas presents and it's all holiday bull time.

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8October 31st

I was born 3 days before October 31st. I was born on Bill Gates' birthday! - Animefan12

This isn't a bad day, you get candy! - Catacorn

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9December 31st

I dread my birthday as everyone forgets and always busy and you can't think of anything you want and then you don't get anymore present for the next eleven and a half months because your birthday isn't in the new year before Christmas

Everyone would be wanting your birthday to go away because of New Years - AndrewTopTen

I always have to stay by my own because my family has gone out to celebrate New Year's Eve but I guess at least we have a special birthday

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10July 4th

No one will have time for your birthday because they'll be too busy with 4th Of July activities. - RiverClanRocks

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?Columbus Day
?June 14thV1 Comment

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11March 1st

This is bad. This means you must SHARE your birthday with the worst singer in history. Thank god I wasn't born on this day! - Freddy_Fazbear

My mom was born on this day... Stupid Justin Bieber

Everyone will just care about that it's Justin Biebers birthday. They will not care about you.

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12January 22nd V1 Comment
13April 22nd

This is a great birthday! Earth day! My mom and two of my friends were born on this day. Always great weather and usually no one is very bust around this time!

14September 12th

Nobody pays attention to me. EVER

15Thanksgiving Day

I wouldn't want to have a Thanksgiving birthday because all the people that will be around you (if you have a b-day cake and a small house) will be breathing on your food and taking pictures with their food breaths. That is a bad pet peeve of mine someone breathes on my food. At school lunch the guy that sits beside me always talks too much and- nvm.. *shivers*

This is my birthday. Luckily, it's only on Thanksgiving once every seven years.

16June 6th
17December 18th

On the bright side it's PositronWildhawk's birthday! - RiverClanRocks


My birthday is one Easter this year and it sucks. All everyone cares about is find the plastic eggs.

19October 9th

Wait, that's John Lennon's birthday...

Suspicion level: 27458066289 - kaitlynrad11

20November 25th

What's wrong with that? My birthday is only 17 days earlier than that!

I have a friend who's birthday is on this day :( - Wolftail

What, my brother's birthday is November 25

Hey! My friend was born on November 25!

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