Worst Birthday Dates Possible


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September 11th
my little sister was born on this day, but man the 9 11. that just sucks


That sucks man... I feel so bad


2February 29th
you only have a birthday every 4 years man that really sucks bad. I feel sorry for anyone who has a birthday on the 29th 0f febuary POOR PEOPLE MAN POOR PEOPLE I FEEL FOR YOU!
I was born in the 29 feb and I'm still young

3April 1st
Alternatively, you won't be pranked. Because nobody will believe it's your birthday!


Get pranked on your birthday!


4December 25th
How is it bad? If you celebrate Christmas you get extra presents!


5October 31st
You throw a party and you have to give your candy to every annoying child on the block.


6December 26th
I was born on this day it isn't that bad

7September 12th


9January 22nd
Whats for this one

10July 4th
One of my friends once visited America on this day. He says everyone was yelling "The British are coming! "


I think it would be awesome but my friends beg to differ.


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11October 9th

12July 6th

13November 25th
I have a friend who's birthday is on this day :(


Whats so bad about it? It's my birthday.


Why is this day bad? The day before it is worse (Nov 24th). That's the day Freddie Mercury died. Man, a person I know was born on Nov 24th...

Freddie Mercury Sept 5th, 1946 - November 24th, 1991

14March 1st
If you are a girl then everybody will start to give you Justin Bieber merchandise for your birthday


The same as Justin Beiber's birthday.


15December 24th
My brothers birthday is on this date

16December 3rd

17February 2nd

18June 6th
Think about what the date would be in 2006.


19April 4th

20July 1st


22December 31st
You will never have anyone there because they're all out celebrating new years! You WILL be forgotton about. I know from much experience
Everyone would be wanting your birthday to go away because of New Years


23April 20th

24December 28th

25February 28th

26February 14th

27January 1st
Mine is and it's the worst

28July 21st
Just adding random dates here. :3


29May 7th

30February 26th

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