Worst Birthday Dates Possible


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February 29th
you only have a birthday every 4 years man that really sucks bad. I feel sorry for anyone who has a birthday on the 29th 0f febuary POOR PEOPLE MAN POOR PEOPLE I FEEL FOR YOU!
I was born in the 29 feb and I'm still young
Yeah you get a birthday every 4 years, but then it will be even more special!

2September 11th
my little sister was born on this day, but man the 9 11. that just sucks


I was so close to that, I was born on the 9th.


That sucks man... I feel so bad


3December 25th
How is it bad? If you celebrate Christmas you get extra presents!


This day just means you'll get cheated out of a present, so less presents:(

4April 1st
April 1st is my birthday and it's both a blessing and a curse. I alway have fun, but at school people pull pranks and jokes and one time my 6th grade teacher made a really bad joke in class that made me so embarrassed!
Alternatively, you won't be pranked. Because nobody will believe it's your birthday!


Get pranked on your birthday!


5December 26th
Worse than Christmas because everyone is hungover and no one wants to celebrate.
As a kid I always knew what we were eating for my birthday dinner. Leftovers.
I was born on this day it isn't that bad

6January 1st
My uncle was born on 1st January


Everyone is on holidays, hungover or too tired
Everyone hungover from night before. Always gets forgotten and even though a week after Xmas, still got some tight relatives giving a 'joint birthday/Xmas present'.
Great (! )

7October 31st
I was born 3 days before October 31st. I was born on Bill Gates' birthday!


8December 24th
My brothers birthday is on this date

9September 12th

10January 22nd
Whats for this one

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11December 18th
It may not seem like an evil day at first, but I assure you it is. Both Joseph Stalin and Nicki Minaj were born on December 18, and both of them did/are doing great harm to society.

12October 9th

13April 22nd
Earth Day. Basically, you'll get a speech or two on why you need to keep the planet green. Maybe they won't let you have your power on...

14July 6th

15November 25th
What's wrong with that? My birthday is only 17 days earlier than that!
I have a friend who's birthday is on this day :(


Whats so bad about it? It's my birthday.


16July 4th
One of my friends once visited America on this day. He says everyone was yelling "The British are coming! "


I think it would be awesome but my friends beg to differ.


17December 3rd


19April 15th

20January 2nd
People wouldn't want to celebrate your birthday because they would be tired out from the day before. During Christmas people would say "Merry Christmas and this is for your birthday, too! "
It's the day after New Year's, for kids it's usually the first day back from winter break, so near Christmas that you get presents for both at once (half the gifts)

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