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When I was young, I was only able to get 'fake' Pokemon cards. They messed up everywhere, calling the Pokemon what they looked like, like 'sheep' or 'monkey' etc. The only one they actually got right was seel, because they must have accidentally misspelled it. What a coincidence. If anything, it proves how unoriginal a name it is.

Seal with an e instead of the a? Marvelous! - UltimateTrubbishHater1

Creator1: hey I'm going to draw a seal then we will name it.
Creator2: sounds good
Creator1: I'm done now what does that look like to you?
Creator2: it looks like a seal. So what about seel as its name. Creator1: nobody will ever find out how we got that name.
Creator2: nope. What a great work day do you want to go to the bar a have celebrate?
Creator1: Hell ya.
Let's go.

Seel is a seal. Wow. WOW.

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Hey I have an idea! Let's take a final evolved Pokemon and name it after its 2 former Pokemon.

That's not a Pokemon name. It's the words to the Lavender Town song.

Creator: quick we need a technological Pokemon.
Someone: hey this gear fell out of your machine I think...
Creator: A gear Pokemon! The name can is Klinklang. Lets call it a day!

Klinklang is a Pokemon

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3Mr. Mime

Hey developers, can't you see that there are such thing as FEMALE Mr. Mimes. - UltimateTrubbishHater1

Just name it a mime why did you add the mr

Mr. Mime? Isn't it obvious that it is a mime? Oh, a mime Pokemon! Lets call it, umm... Oh! I got it! MR. MIME!

"Mr Mime? " Just name it Mime! What about girl mr mimes? They're not mr's!

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Correction: I believe its pronounced BiDOOFUS. Or you could say BiDOOFENSHMIRTZ or however that guy's name is spelled. It's just a dumb name anyway.

What makes it more stupider is the "doof" part of its name. Stupid, eh? - UltimateTrubbishHater1

Its name probably just comes from a misspelled beaver+tooth or possibly doofus. But it looks like bidet.

At least it evolves into a better Pokemon...

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Bad name and design, but I like it cause its cute

Lady: Hhhmm m hm mm.. Oh! (Lady sees kid on pogo stick) Pogo stick: Spring,spring spring. (Lady walks past farm and sees pig) pig: Oink, oink! (Lady thinks) (lady goes to bosses office) Boss: Have ya got more Pokemon names Lady? Lady: Yes! It's spoink!
Boss: I'm gonna be rich!

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It's not named after a basketball player. It's a combination of "Durable" and "ant". The Kevin Durant thing is just a coincidence.

Name creator: I love basketball! Other person: Oh, and since he's an ant, how bout call him Durant. Name creator: Great idea, boss! You know that I have always been waiting to insult basketball legend Kevin Durant in a form of a Pokemon.

How can you name a pokemon after a city and a person? How bout make a llama pokemon named Obama and call it clever? Dumb! - UltimateTrubbishHater1

Just name it Jordan Durant - TheTopTenVoter

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Luvdisc is named after the Discus fish, which are shaped like hearts... Actually a pretty clever name.

To true it's a love heart with eyes and a beak I don't love this Pokemon

It looks like a peanut with a bird's beak!

Just say this to a random person who walks by: Luvdisc.

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"I have a GREAT idea for a Pokemon! It's great at THROWING things! Let's name it "Throw! " No, wait--let's change one letter so that it sounds the same but still looks like a name! THROH! "

Just Throh this name in the garbage can.

The sound of my sneezes is actually better than Throh

Throh this name in the garbage can

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So many people miss pronounce it and say ho-ho. And whenever you say it, people giggle and go "he said hoe. " It's so stupid. Love this pokemon though.

Great pokemon, terrible name. - UltimateTrubbishHater1

Ho-Oh and Lugia are major aspects of my childhood. They represented power and beauty and friendship to me, and if you've ever played anything of Gold, Silver, Crystal or HG/SS, you'd know what I mean. I am very sad and disappointed that today's people make fun of the old day's Pokemon. I liked it better back then, when we had no X and Y or Black and White. Instead, we had Gold. We had Silver. Now, we have less original Pokemon designs, and if I got to pick between Gold version or X version, I would pick Gold. Johto lives on in me.

Ho-oh ho! Merry Christmas!

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Creator: Oh My Gosh I have a great idea for a pokemon name! Let's take what the pokemon is (rubbish, if you haven't picked up what I'm saying yet) and stick a T in front of it! Trubbish! How original! And for its evolution, we'll take what it is(garbage) and put a synonym for smell (odor) and combine it! Garbodor! I'm AMAZING at this!

Looks like a barf bag, and I'd say it's a decent name for the piece of junk

Rubbish trash, same like his name TRUBBISH (trash rubbish) laugh out loud

Take rubbish, add a T, done

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Purr-Ugly? Purugly IS a UGLY cat Pokemon but, Seriously!?!

Why would anyone call anything a name like this? Ridiculous.

I hate the name because it's cute

It has ugly in the name what

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I'm still not sure if I'm pronouncing it right.

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Oh! Magic-Carp (When he can't even do a good attack. )! Bounce! Flail (Maybe just call the attack FAIL)! Tackle! Oh, come on! Anyway, good job, Game Freak. So magical!

I get this one! Magic Carp! It's moves are awesome! (not.) Bounce! It's so awesome! (nice job. That move sucks.) Flail! Does 3209r42385348 damage to Arceus! (if magic carp learns it you'd might as well call it Fail.) Tackle! TOO AWESOME IF MINE LEARNS IT I'm GONNA DIE! (for magic carp you shoulda called it ATtackleSS! ) It's so awesome! ( what kinda a name is Magikarp?!?! You should have called it Magikrap.) - pokebloggerguy

I was scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, WHERE IS MAGIKARP Oh There he is

Magic Carp? More like Magic Crap!

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Don't you guys want to UnOwn this Pokemon? Get it?! - RebelGamer

Do you even know how to spell "sounds"?

It's unknown why gamefreak made it. Why did you do this to us?! The answer will forever be unknown.

The only thing unknown about Unown is why you'd want to have one. - TrueBlueHeroes

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It sounds like a baby saying ouch.

Me ouch

Is The Sound a kitten make's With lips - TheTopTenVoter

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Hit monster spinning top oh wow, as creative as pocket monsters or Pokémon as you all know,( I don't have anything except for this against Pokémon it's my favourite game.

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He should be #1. Doesn't dunsparce sound stupid? Durant does too but dunsparce still is worse in battling, and names! Next time, try voting for dunsparce

When I was little I couldn't even pronounce it

Dunsparce = Dunce. Dunce = Dumb person. Therefore, Dunsparce = Dumb Person - Thorite_Gem

What does it mean?

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18YveltalYveltal is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Yveltal is a legendary Dark/Flying type Pokemon, and is the mascot of Pokemon Y. It is classified as the Destruction Pokemon. Yveltal has the ability to absorb life energy, and when its life comes to an end, it steals more.

It took me longer to be able to pronounce this name than it did to learn how to pronounce my friend's 18 letter Russian last name.

I swear gamefreak is trying to teach us the alphabet. Like really. Just WHY gamefreak I mean legendary pokemon based on letters? Haven't you accomplished that with unown? Yet now you create puns by shoving a y in front of its name because its a pokemon y exclusive..

I can't even pronounce this thing. It was just a stupid gimmick of it being a Y exclusive Pokemon.

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Really they r running out of ideas at game freak it doesn't event make sense WHAT IS MUNNA

I have a munna plushie and I don't know how to explain the names to my friends

Seriously! When BW came out I pronounced it MUN-nuh (the logical thing to do in English) but when I watched the anime Officer Jenny pronounced it MOO-nuh. Also Munna is a South African name.

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Is it uh-ski or you-ski?
Haha, you ski. I don't. I don't like to ski.
(I'm bad at making jokes)

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