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Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam. Are you kidding me.

It sleeps for 18 hours a day and uses psychic powers while sleeping - Ridiculous!

It's clever Abra Kadabra Alakazam

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Laugh out loud it's a palindrome!

It was between this and exeggcute. I bet when they're doing the dub, whoever's voicing Ash trips up on the line like five million times, and when they finally get it right, whoever voices the Pokémon screws it up. Like seriously! Try saying it five- no, let's make it ONE time. And about exeggcute, it sounds like something Dr. Eggman would say. - Pikachulover1

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Well, I can see where they got the idea. A grumpy pig, which is what it looks and acts like...

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Actually, Ninetales is a mythical creature. It's a fox with nine tails, which is exactly what the Pokemon is.

Hey everyone, let's start naming new species after the amount of limbs they have

I love ninetails and vulpix but the name is lame

Why the heck would you have a Pokemon with like 3 tails then turn it into 9!

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Nose pass. Nose Pass gas. Pokemon jokes.

Game Freak brings them on themselves. - Thorite_Gem

Haha Nose pass more like No Pass...

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I amell a really bad garbage odor. Wait, let's make a Pokemon like that! I will be a sack of trash with two arms, and we'll name it something like garbage odor. Or better, Garbodor! This is the most original Pokemon we've made in a long time!

And this is why Game Freak is running out of ideas. - Thorite_Gem

Let's start by its terrible design: It's A PEICE OF GARBAGE WITH ARMS! Then, if you get past all of that, it has the dumbest name ever. Garbobor. Really? Come on Game freak, it's already a terrible idea for a Pokemon, why did you give it an unoriginal and uncreative name?


Conkeldurr: 50% concrete, 50% elder, 100% terrible name

Look, gamefreak. You make a name, you need to make it have a resemblance to something. Conkeldurr is just a bunch of scrambled letters

Name manager: hey guys I clocked my head into my table for a dumb reason: NOTHING! Other name manager: I like to derp other other name manager: that gives me and idea! Let's name the next poke my mom an extravaganza: CONKLEDURR! Boss: I liek cookies art manager: yummy when you derped them

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Man finds a monster, man finds a two dogs licking kids, man says "Let's name it LickyLicky! " to boss, boss says "Yes! "

As if Lickytung wasn't ridiculous enough, now we get a Pokemon with an innuendo for its name. Someone should get the guy responsible for this name a medal, as it isn't common for games companies to get this kind of stuff past the radar. every time I read the name, I am reminded of Ash Pedreiro saying:"Ay girl..."

Two times the same word is NOT a Pokemon name.

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His last evolution is ridiculous! Why doesn't he have 3 evolutions? Sorry for offending helioptile fans.. - Number18

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Actually it's a mixture of "arcane" and "canine", which is pretty clever in my opinion

Arcanine is awesome, and his name is awesome too! Why is he on here? He's actually one of my few favorites from Gen I.

Are canine? (Sorry it makes no sense)

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31JigglypuffJigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I'm gonna squirtle all over your jigglypuff.

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I always like of a deli that you eat at when I hear this. Not putting the right image in my mind. - Thorite_Gem

SO STUPID and its a bad pokemon too

Every time I hear this name, I think of "delicatessen", not "delivery". Not quite the right idea, GameFreak.

Give it a job at Walmart.

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33XerneasXerneas is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a legendary Fairy type Pokemon, and the mascot of Pokemon X. Classified as the Life Pokemon, Xerneas has the ability to give eternal life, which occurs when the horns on its head shine in seven life. When its life comes more.

The name is weird but the Pokemon is AWESOME you can get x and just name your xerneas

How do you even pronounce this? Zurr-nee-us? Anyway, it sounds pure awful. Definitely getting Y.

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This is a dumb name, instead of a clever word combination, they probably decide it's name like this:
Guy 1: We need another fire and bird name. What should it be?
Guy 2: GREAT IDEA! Birds have talons, and fire has flames! TALONFLAME!
Guy 1: GENIUS!
I do like the Warriors but this is a Pokemon, not a cat from a book. - RoBot214

Why isn't this number one? It's not even a pun, it's probably just a name that one of the developers stole from some furry

What is wrong with you people Talonflame shouldn't be on this list PUT Diggserby on this list and plus whoever posted this should be sent to double hockey stick

Talons + flames=that.

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35MewMew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

Why don't you like this name? It's cute!

O wow cat that says drumroll please... mew Ps it looks like a cat plus t Rex with the small arms

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I now know why it wants to evolve so badly.

I feel so hungry, I need KRABBY patty

Krabby... NOW I know why that Krabby pinched Ash in the series! - Thorite_Gem

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Dumb name, dumb move, dumb design, dumb... Everything. - Number18

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Man or monkey? The world may never know...

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Audino is not a dino name one pokemon that's a dino

Audino why Audino's name is so bad

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Thank you! Also teddiursa is way cuter than a bear with snot!

The name of cubchoo sucks I mean whats with the name between a baby bear and sneezing? But what I hate about it that its evovolutoin line is a rip off of teddiursas.

Creator 1: Cuh-cuh-CUBCHOO!
Creator 2: Great name for this Pokemon, let's keep that name! - Thorite_Gem

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