Top 10 that Ruee Hopes for in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

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The Top Ten

1 The Ash going to school concept is temporary and doesn't take up the whole story of the anime

I find the concept interesting, but I don't want it to happen the entire anime. I want it as something that Ash is doing in order to take a break for a few months and it doesn't take that long for him to graduate. If they keep his experience from Kalos, I don't think he will be in school for too long. - Ruee

2 Mallow and Lillie becoming Ash's traveling companions later on

I saw both Mallow AND Lillie because Mallow gives me Brock/Cilan/Clemont vibes as she is a cook and Lillie seems like the main female companion. I really like Mallow, but I also really like Lillie to join too. She's an interesting character that will have a lot of relevance in the games so if they use her, they can have a female companion who isn't like Serena in the terms of being an useless companion who was just there. - Ruee

3 A side anime similar to the Mega Evolution Special, but about the Ultra Beasts, Aether Foundation, and Team Skull

I really want them to cover the ultra beasts at some point. I think it would be best to do it in the fashion of the Mega Evolution special. Have two characters who we focus on that isn't Ash or his companions and learn about these things in their point of view, and then eventually have them meet with Ash and co. to connect them to the situation. I don't like Alain, though I liked how he actually met Ash. I didn't expect that at all.

And for characters for that side Pokemon Anime, I prefer them to stick with main characters that are already in the Sun and Moon and not anime only characters. There are so many to choose from and I think it would be a good idea for Gladion to be a main character with his Type: Null, and maybe another character like the Sun and Moon heroine. I love her and I don't want her to be in a cameo. I want her in the story. Even if it's not with Ash it's SOMETHING I would most likely be content with that isn't a cameo. - Ruee

4 Ash being recognized for his success and teaches his classmates what he has learned from traveling the world as they teach him to be successful with studying, etc

I think it would be an AMAZING IDEA for Ash to partially wanting to attend school so he could teach and mentor his classmates when it comes to battling and telling them about his experiences while struggling with certain aspects of school that his classmates could help him with in exchange of being an experienced trainer who traveled all over the world. I don't think Ash is the type who does well studying and taking tests. He's more of the type of character who learns things through action. Exchanging knowledge would make good character interactions and have better connections with his classmates. And also a good lesson for kids about going to each other for help and getting better with their work as they exchange knowledge with each other. - Ruee

5 Reoccurring characters from past seasons

I liked that about the older seasons. I would like to see older characters again. Alola seems to be a place where people go for vacation and touring, so it's the perfect opportunity. And yes, even if we get awesome characters back with the cost of seeing Serena again. As long as she doesn't travel with Ash again, I'll deal with her for like a few episodes and disappear. - Ruee

6 Ash bringing back older Pokemon from past seasons

Even if he comes to Alola with only Pikachu, later down the road, it will be nice to see some old faces. - Ruee

7 Ash to do trials and battle the Kahunas after he graduates and maybe participate in a possible Alola League

I think Alola might have a league. If the Orange Islands can have a league without gym battles being involved, so can Alola. - Ruee

8 A lot of field work, field trips, and battling while being in school
9 Ash and another character having connection to Solgaleo and Lunala outside of their movies

They are said to more role to the story and your journey in the games unlike other legendaries so I want that to translate in the anime as well. - Ruee

10 A lot of character interactions with Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko is the island guardian of Melemele island. It would be so adorable and cool if Tapu Koko interacted a lot with citizens and the students. We don't get that with mythical/legendary pokemon in the anime and not the movies often.

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