Why Princess Peach Hatedom Sucks

Princess Peach is a good character, but she has grown a toxic hatedom
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The Top Ten

1 It mostly comes from the Call Of Duty Fandom
2 It also stems from TheTopTens Fandom. They blindly hate Peach for stupid reasons, labelling her as bossy and rude, while that has happened, it's not that bad
3 Many people also want to kill her because of the terrible ending to Super Mario Odyssey in which she rejects Mario and Bowser's proposals, when in reality, she just wanted to stop them from fighting
4 People hate Princess Peach for stupid reasons, such as her voice
5 People also hate her because she treated Rosalina poorly in The 3 Little Princesses fan-made comic series on DeviantArt
6 People make pointless rants out of her
7 Many people disrespect opinions on her
8 If you say you like Princess Peach, chances are you will get bashed
9 People make a lot of hate art out of her
10 It sometimes stems from The Legend of Zelda Fandom, who say Mario games are just saving the Princess, which is false. In Zelda, you save Princess Zelda too