My Favorite Outdated Memes

Memes might die for the most of you, but some of them live on for me.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.
The Top Ten
1 Globglogabgalab

Probably my all time favorite meme.

2 Boneless Pizza
3 Spongegar

Everybody calls this the spongegar meme, the one where prehistoric SpongeBob is turning around looking at squidward like “WHAT?! ”.

That isn't spongegar from the episode ‘Ugh’, it’s primitive spongebob.

4 The Lion Sleeps Tonight

By the time I’m done making this list, this meme is going to be outdated.

5 Rickroll

I still find a good Rick rolling hilarious. That just proves my age!

6 YouTube Poop

Yes, I am fully aware that YouTube poop still exist and is still being made today. I’m referring to the older era of YouTube poop. Think the sky had a weegee and iAmTheGang. The old school is definitely not as innovative now as newer ones, but they have a special place in my heard for their older charm.

7 Insanity Wolf

Old memes used to have a still image with impact font. It’s super rare to see them made today, but I still get a chuckle from insanity wolf.

8 E

E will always be funny to me.


It’s a cover of a four non blondes song that i’ll Go back and watch often. A lot of the late 2000s memes bring me back to a simpler time.

10 Angry German Kid

Once upon a time, this was considered a meme. Kinda like those downfall subtitle parodies you’ll find on YouTube, you have joke subtitles put over a video of a German guy raging at a video game. Instant classic in my opinion.