Best Luna Loud Moments

A remake of a previous list, for this list is Luna Louds best moments from The Loud Houss and insure all you Luna Loud haters can't leave any hateful or annoying commemts its non votable.
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The Top Ten Best Luna Loud Moments

Luna Ditches the Lulu Gimmick and Goes Back to Being Her True Self from Really Loud Music
Luna and Sam Hug from Racing Hearts
Luna's Flashback of Her First Concert from For Bros About to Rock
Luna Delivers Her Love Note to Sam from L is For Love
Luna Dressed Up as Rita Loud from For Bros About to Rock
What Have I Done from Really Loud Music
Luna Singing You Got Tricked from Tricked
Helping Lincoln and Clyde Enjoy Their First Concert from For Bros. About to Rock
Luna Performs Along Side Chunk at the Royal Rumble from Roadie to Nowhere
Luna and Sam Playing Together from Friendzy