Top 10 Best Types of Boyfriends

Here is a list of the top ten types of boyfriends you can have.
The Top Ten
1 Mean, But Nice

I can understand the attraction to this type, but his moodiness would wear thin for me after a while.

The guy that makes you the center of attention and makes you feel so special... until you get in front of his friends or family. Then he turns into a complete jerk.

2 Smart

Smart people can help you with everything outside your relationship.

It'd be nice because he can teach you a lot of things you don't know about.

3 Sensitive

I'm very sensitive to everything. Raise your voice, and I'm done. I stay quiet, and I hate myself. I don't fight back. I think having someone with the same problem would help me.

I'm a bit of a rebel girl, but I love the sensitive-smart combo, as long as he's not too sensitive. Everyone expects me to be attracted to bad boys.

The guy that is very in touch with his emotions and lets it out to you. He lets you know how much he loves you and what he would do for you, etc.

4 Bad Boy

You never know when they genuinely mean it or whether they're screwing with another chick. It's a massive thrill you get from the risk.

I always fall for the bullies. I don't know why, but I have a thing about bullies. They are kinda hot.

Yep, they may look bad on the outside, but at heart, they are loving and kind.

5 The Slave
6 The Lover
7 Mysterious
8 Musician
9 Geeky, But Sweet

Guys that are geeky are cute! All of my crushes are the "gentle giant" type! If they are into comic books and action movies and stuff, they're my type.

I have a boyfriend like this. He loves Iron Man and comic books. He is so sweet and makes me feel like I am the only girl in the world.

My kind of guys! Whether they're smart and nerdy or a total video game geek!

10 Best Friend

This is mine, kind of. Except school's over, and I can't even see him anymore. This will also end like Seinfeld. They aren't dating. They used to date, but they are still friends. How it would be for me.

Much like 'the Lover', except simultaneously happening to be your best friend... or vice versa. You had to start somewhere, didn't you? So who says your mate can't also/still be your best friend?

I'm antisocial, but I talk to guys better than girls. Girls have drama, and if my best friend was my boyfriend, it would rock!

The Contenders
11 Crazy
12 Psychopath
13 Romantic

Someone who genuinely loves you and wants to make you happy is perfect.

14 Curious
15 Adventurous
16 Flirtatious

You didn't say anything about flirtatious, but it kinda sounds like that boy is a pretty handsome, nice, sweet kind of guy. So I'll think I might pick this one as my fourth favorite.

17 Emo

Personality is everything, and they like rock, so yeah, they are cool!

This is my boyfriend. Well, he's sort of an emo-goofy combo.

18 Lazy

I am always lazy. I would like someone to be lazy with me!

19 Easygoing
20 Popular Guy
21 Yandere
22 Happy-go-lucky
23 Troublemaker
24 The "Body" One
25 Doting
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