Top 10 Wooden Roller Coasters

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1 El Toro

This has some of the most insane elements of any roller coaster. The first drop may be the best in the world, the two camel backs put any B&M hyper to shame, and the rolling thunder hill provides one of the most insane ejector moments of all time. This also is one of the most intense coasters on Earth. Nothing even comes close to it.

How could this not be #1. Lightning Rod and Voyage are great, but El Toro is in a category of it's own. Nothing could be better than El Toro.

This is my favorite coaster out of both steel AND wood coasters.

2 The Voyage

If there is one coaster that has more airtime than Voyage, some one needs to tell me about it. I know some would say El Toro or Steel Vengeance, but even those don't have Voyage level airtime.

The most intense wooden coaster out there, it's an airtime machine! Better than the beast

Voyage is just soooooooo long. It just goes on forever. It literally feels like it's getting faster throughout the ride. And the whole time you're getting thrown out of you're seat because of the insane airtime.

3 Lightning Rod

The launch into the drop is amazing, and the quad down is unreal. Sure it can get a bit rough, but who cares? This is the king of sideways airtime, and the king of the woodies.

Lightning rod for the win. the quad down is my favorite element on any coaster

4 Outlaw Run

The drop is insane, the barrel roll finale is ridiculous, the wave turn is right out of Lightning Rod, and the airtime can compete with almost any RMC. Unquestionably one of the greatest coasters in the world. Also a back seat night ride on the thing is insane.

Just rode it,and it is by far the best ride at Silver Dollar city. So much airtime, amazing barrel roll finale, and an incredible setting. Best roller coaster in Missouri.

I think El Toro is better, but this needs to be higher! I want to ride it so bad!

5 The Beast

The Beast beats you up a little, sure, but only if you're new: it's preparing you. With some practice, you learn to avoid any and all headaches from the ride... It is thrilling, but not too intense. You think the theme, when you're new, is that you are trying to escape the "Beast." Soon though, you become aware that you aren't running from the Beast: you are the Beast, running through the forest. It's a classic.

The beast is my favorite roller coaster. As of September 2014, the beast is the smooth wooden roller coaster in Kings Island. I didn't notice the roughness on any parts of the ride, compared to the racer.

There is no comparing to the longest wooden roller coaster in the world and the longest roller coaster in America. Also, get son of beast outta here considering it no longer exists.

6 Phoenix

All woodies like this should have buzz bars. I mean, the airtime is insane on something that would look like a family coaster.

Airtime is surprisingly insane.

Airtime galore. So much airtime.

7 Boulder Dash

I don't understand why people love it so much. It's a pretty average ride in my opinion.

8 Goliath (Six Flags Great America)

How is the Beast ahead of this. Any roller coaster made by RMC will give you an incredible drop, great inversions, great airtime, and a very smooth experience. It may be a bit short but still it provides an incredible experience.

This is a perfect example of how a short ride can still be incredible. The drop is amazing, the airtime is elite, the inversions are among the best I've seen, and it's glossy smooth.

9 T Express
10 Lightning Racer

Fun and intense!

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11 GhostRider

MY GOD! So LONG! Only pause is when you've went through so much you feel like you need to barf, then you see that you aren't even half way! Totally worth it to ride.

#15, really? Great airtime, insane laterals. By far the best CCI even though it was renovated by GCI. The amount of disrespect that Cedar Fair woodies get if they are not in Kings Island is ridiculous.

How is this not top ten? This has so much airtime and forces. Best ride at Knott's

12 Troy
13 Texas Giant
14 American Eagle
15 The Thunderhead

One of GCI's masterpieces, up there with Gold Striker and Mystic Timbers. A ridiculous, out of control ride that rivals Lightning Rod across the park.

16 The Cyclone
17 American Thunder

I have ridden this coaster more than any other coaster so I can tell you that it is spectacular. It is pretty intense and has a super insane drop. It has some airtime. The best thing is that the lines are so short that you can just marathon this roller coaster. I believe I once rode this 14 times in a row. Other times I rode it 13 times in a row 12 times in a row 10 times in a row and 8 times in a row. Ninja also has super short lines but you cannot marathon it like you can with American Thunder because it is a super headbanger that would give me a migrane if I rode it like American Thunder.

BY far the best coaster in the park. Why don't people not talk about this. It's among the elite GCIs for sure.

18 Shivering Timbers

Insane amount of airtime. It actually looks like a wooden B&M hyper.

19 Wildfire

Do I think it's as good as El Toro or Voyage? No. But do I think it's an easy top 10 wooden coaster? Absolutely. It's an RMC. Of course it's going to be incredible.

20 Megafobia

Love the massive 55 degrees first drop. Just remember to brace at the end as the brakes are quite sharp... Camera is on the left of the second drop.

My 2nd favorite coaster!

21 The Comet

Unbeaten classic been riding this for 40 years back in the crystal beach days of its life

22 Wicker Man (Alton Towers)

It just opened and it is absolutely amazing! No other wooden coaster can provide such an experience! Best wooden coaster in the UK and further proves that Alton Towers is the best park in the UK, and is definitely in the top 3 in Europe!

Awesome ride. Incredibly atmospheric and smooth

Still is the smoothest and fast turning wooden coaster I have ridden to date

23 Thunderbird Powerland
24 Rolling Thunder

This ride is gone

25 Jack Rabbit (Kennywood)
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