Top 10 LGBTQ+ Related Moments/Episodes in Animated TV Shows

For this list we will be looking at LGBTQ moments from animated shows wither its an actual moment or a full episode centering around the subject.
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1 Homer's Phobia - The Simpsons

The infamous episode from the Simpsons that sees Homer befriending a store clerk John and the two become good friends until Marge literally has to spell it out to him that John is homosexual which leads to Homer to adopt homophobic behavior and begins treat John horribly and even worries that John's influence will make Bart gay and does everything he can to prevent that even taking Bart hunting to make him more manly which goes horribly wrong until John comes to save the day and Homer becomes more accepting of John.

2 My Own Private Rodeo - King of The Hill

In the episode Hank, Bill and Boomhauer go to a rodeo where Dale's dad Bug works at to deliver an invitation to Dale and Nancy's wedding renewal at Nancy's request despite Dale still at odd with his father following his wedding day when he caught his dad kissing Nancy, unbeknownst to them the rodeo is actually a gay rodeo and they never pick up on this until the announcer literally says that they are indeed at the gay rodeo and not only that but they also find out that Dale's dad is gay, while Hank talks with Bug who reveals that back at wedding he was trying to kiss one of the caterers but when he saw Dale coming out of fear of Dale finding out he's gay he grabbed the only woman around which happens to be Nancy and kisses her, after Bug shows up at Dale's house in an attempt to reconcile Dale eventually forgives him, later Bug tells Nancy that he's gay and that he needs to let Dale know however Dale suspects that Bug still has feeling for Nancy and as Bug tells him that he's gay and ...more

3 Ruby and Sapphire's Wedding - Steven Universe

Funniest thing in other country's Ruby is portrayed as a boy so Rebecca Sugar decided to really stick it to them by having Ruby wear the dress and Sapphire wear the tux.

4 Luna and Sam - The Loud House

It was revealed back in the episode "L is for Love" that Luna has a crush on another girl Sam, in the epiosde that follows "Racing Hearts" we get to see a lot more of Luna and Sam's relationship however over the course of the episode they learn that they have very little in common and worry their relationship won't work out despite how much they they really wanted it to work but by the end of the episode they decide to give their relationship another go hoping to discover new things that they both like and I also really liked how supportive Lori and Leni with Luna and her relationship with Sam and giving her helpful advice especially when Luna worries about her and Sam having nothing in common.

Being bisexual myself I really enjoyed the episode Racing Hearts with Luna and Sam and I love how the episode treats them just like regular people.

They're just so cute together I hope we see more of Luna and Sam.

5 Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride - South Park

The episode centers around Stan who is shocked to find out his dog Sparky is homosexual and tries everything to make Sparky more masculine but it fails and Stan even starts to rant about he doesn't want a gay dog which prompts Sparky to runaway and end up at Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary, Stan missing Sparky also ends up at the sanctuary where Big Gay Al gives Stan a boat ride through his sanctuary and giving a speech about how homosexuality has been around for years which makes Stan finally accept Sparky's homosexuality and later when he arrives at the game gives a speech about Big Gay Al's Sanctuary and how its okay to be gay as he takes everyone to the place which has mysteriously disappeared leaving all the runaway gay pets as they are reunited with their owners as Big Gay Al thanks Stan for making everyone understand homosexuality.

6 Korra and Asami Walk Hand in Hand to the Spirit World - The Legend of Korra
7 Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland Re-Unite - Gravity Falls

It was pretty obvious that Blubs and Durland were a lot closer then just friends and in the final episode of the series the two share a tearful reunion and later declare their love for one another.

8 Dion - Braceface

Introduced in the episode " The Social Fabric" as Sharron's high school mentor who is revealed to be an openly gay character and despite his good nature because of his sexuality he is alienated from other students and get horrible mistreatment and in one scene Sharron is held down by Evie another student who really doesn't like Dion along with her friends draw a mark on her forehead that resembles a 9 and even she starts avoiding Dion to avoid suffering more mistreatment.

9 Mr. Ratburn's Wedding - Arthur

From "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone" in the final moments of the episode where its revealed during Mr. Ratburn's wedding that he's marrying another man revealing that he's homosexual, ironically years ago an episode from the spin off series Post Cards from Buster was banned due to the episode featuring Buster visiting some kids with lesbian parents, not surprisingly this epsiode in particular was banned in Alabama.

I'm more surprised the shows still making new episodes.

10 Luna Delivers Her Love Note to Sam - The Loud House

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? Penny Polar Bear's Two Moms - Peppa Pig
? Pretzel's Two Moms - Bluey
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11 The Mask - Courage The Cowardly Dog

Its amazing what they got away in this episode which included domestic violence and a strong hint of lesbianism between Kitty and Bunny.

Its strongly hinted that Bunny and Kitty are more then just friends.

12 There's Something About Marrying - The Simpsons
13 Rachel Bighead - Rocko's Modern Life

The fact that Rachel finally found herself and is happier, calmer and more stable is incredibly heartening.

14 Tweek x Craig - South Park
15 Clyde's Two Dads - The Loud House
16 You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives - Family Guy

Brian's gay cousin Jasper pays a visit to Quahog so he and his partner can get married which really doesn't sit well with Lois who isn't too keen on the idea of gay marriage and when Mayor Adam West threatens to sign a bill that would ban gay marriage in Quahog Brian attempts to start a petition to stop the bill.

17 Ruby and Sapphire Reunion - Steven Universe
18 Gay Bash - Drawn Together
19 The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2 - The Boondocks
20 Grom - The Owl House
21 Catra and Adora Kiss - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
22 Luz and Amity Kiss - The Owl House
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