Top 10 Most Annoying Pokemon Moves


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21 Wrap
22 Mirror Coat

Charizard used fire blast!
Glaceon held on onto its focus sash!
Glaceon used mirror coat!
Charizard fainted!

This is what happend to me in brick bronze :( - pikachu_boy123lol

23 Fake Out
24 Poison Sting
25 Sticky Web

You will like never be able to put speed

26 Dragon Rage

Wheres tge fuge subsitituetez

27 Teleport
28 Rollout

Remember Whitney's Miltank? Oh my god... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

29 Growl

Wild Pokemon and Trainer spam this move. And it's annoying.

30 Sleep Powder
31 Soft-boiled

Because Chansey and Blissey love to spam this move it's even more annoying then rest or roost.

32 Thunder Wave

How was this not added before? - DarkShadows

33 Tackle

Tackle. The most annoying move ever. Every Pokémon can learn it basically, including magikarp(which is in fact boss) - Crabmccrab

34 Tri Attack

You can become froze confused or burnt fun for all

35 Sheer Cold

All 1hit KO moves suck but sheer cold is the worst because you just can not be immune to it like all the other I hit KO moves. It sucks so much when the 1 hit KO move actually hits especially in a nuzlocke

36 Yawn

Here's looking at you, Snorlax.
This is why I always carry an Awakening.

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