Dan and Phil Fans


Personally, I love Dan and Phil a lot. They're lovely people, and have a great sense of humor and know how to make others laugh. But their fan base is possibly the worst I have ever seen. It's basically 97% composed of pubescent girls who definitely have a thing for homoerotic ships. I, myself, do ship Phan, but I do not push it. It's so annoying seeing how fans of them will see skin contact between them, and start only talking about that for the next three months. If they don't end up together, which they probably won't, I'll still love them, and understand as well. I ship them more because I think it's cute, not because I feel like shoving it in everyone's face and forcing them to believe they're dating behind people's backs (why would anyone even do that? ) But their fan base is a big reason why Dan and Phil are beginning to get a rather bad reputation, and I'm getting really sick of it.

First let me start off by saying that I watch every Dan and Phil video and am massive fans of them.

HOWEVER I am almost ashamed by how my fellow fans behave. Dan and Phil's entire fan base consists of obnoxious teen girls. There's nothing wrong with being a teen girl and being a fan of them but when you ship them so violently that you'll flip out if they so much as touch in their videos it's extremely annoying.

Such behaviour has led to their videos being so... shallow. They can hardly even look at eachother anymore. When I first became I fan I fell in love with their awesome friendship but these teen girls have caused them to become so distant on camera. You'd think these girls would know how creepy and downright rude their behavior is but I guess not.

So yeah. I love Phil and Dan but hate the obnoxious shippers.

Personally I love dan and Phil's videos. They're funny and well written. However the fans have made it hard for me to enjoy their videos lately. Read the comments under any of their videos and you'll see why. I could go on for ages about all the immature and annoying things their fans do but I don't want to rant.

Hardcore Phan-shippers have spread like cancer throughout YouTube. If you are someone who likes Dan and Phil and who doesn't spam completely unrelated videos with unfathomable things like "don't cry, craft", congratulations, you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize because that is annoying enough to start World War III.

Every time Dan and Phil do something, the phandom freaks out about it. It seems like almost all of them are so immature. They pretty much overreact to everything. Most of their fans make cringe worthy jokes and whenever Dan and Phil do something... "romantic," they'll always say that they're "married." It's really annoying to me.

They are so annoying and immature. All the fans are teen girls and twenty something women who are obsessed with them. I'll try to enjoy a video that is not even close to Dan and Phil related and that ONE person brings them up, then the whole comment section gets infected, I've see if firsthand.

All I see is comments on videos with their fans, some not even about Dan and Phil. If one fan had a picture of either, the comment section is only about them. It is very annoying to watch videos and see the comments with them acting like 8 year olds.

They are so annoying, dear god I swear they're the most manic 13 year-olds ever. If they aren't very young, I can't see how they think it's okay to act like that. They comment on every video ever, sometimes just spam. It's like a religion by now. I've never even met anyone who likes Dan and phil in real life. I almost want to choke them on their own vomit, but I know they'd die manic and stupidly elated.

The most annoying fandom to be real honest. They will comment (read: spam) on every video that has almost no significant relation with dan or phil. They behave very childish and rude, for example, when someone else collabs with one of them, the fandom will almost harass that person whom they collabed with. Lastly and most importantly, they behave in a manner that they think that they know what's best for Dan and Phil, but they don't even know them so well!

When ever or where ever there is even a glimpse of dan and phil their fans freak out in the comments half of the comment section will be people jerkin' of to them. I don't hate them, but their fans should seriously calm down.

I myself am a huge fan of Dan and Phil, but I must admit that the fanbase annoys me much more than it should. I hate when the fans ship them, they get so hyped up about the tiniest things, and it's gotten to the point where they have to choose their very actions wisely to avoid the comments overflowing with " THEY TOUCHED AT 5:09! 11! 1! ". I find it really sad how in one of Dan's old liveshows, he was asked if he missed Phil. Of course he did, Phil's his best friend. Instead of being able to simply say yes, to avoid the shippers out, he was forced to say this:
"I-I don't... 'cause people keep asking me 'do you miss Phil? ' And it's like... I don't - I don't know how much I miss AmazingPhil particularly, as opposed to how much I-I really do prefer having two people in the house, in case I get attacked by a poltergeist, or an axe murderer breaks in. 'Cause at least then there's a 50/50 chance that Phil might get murdered, if he's in the house, so it's-it's mainly the not wanting to ...more

They're all stupid annoying white girls who sexualize gay relationships to the point where its objectification

For example I go to a video made by YouTube that has a lot of YouTubers in it and if there's Dan and Phil for like 2 sec, the whole comment section is like " (time) DAN AND PHIL IS THERE I'm DYING " LIKE what?

I used to love them but then I realized how cancerous their fan base is and I didn't want to be a part of a fan base like this and I wish they said something it's like they don't care about the hate their fan base gives to others

To be completely honest, these people are terrible. Even the ones on websites like indepthbants, who consider themselves "chill" compared to the folks on tumblr, have a definite creepy/invasive streak that's kinda uncomfortable. I used to be a member of the phandom, and while I get the fascination it gets really old really fast. I've found lately their content hasn't been to my taste and I'm wondering whether it's because of the fact I got into them a while ago and my tastes have changed since then or because I really can't stand their fanbase.

Every video I see on YouTube there is at least one person commenting about Dan and Phil or has a Dan and Phil profile picture. They're so annoying.

I love Dan and Phil, but the phandom is SO ANNOYING! There are some good people, but then here are the edgy 11 year olds who are just obsessed with them dating and that's about 90% of the fanbase.

I love Dan and Phil so much but the fanbase can be annoying, immature and SO REPETITIVE. It turns into spam.

I feel bad for them. Very sweet and funny guys, but the fans push way too hard.

It's weird. Like imagine making fun YouTube videos with your friend and people start to demand you guys start dating and write fanfic about you.

When I usually want to listen to music like Panic! At The Disco, sometimes I read the comments. The comments are full of usually the "Phandom" and I want to see one normal comment about the music not a conversation about 2 guys. They get quite annoying after you see so many comments about them. I do respect that they want to show what fandom they like, but they reference so many things, like the hat fic. Then I just stopped liking Dan and Phil overall because of this "Phandom". Also the Phan ship is annoying because the shippers in the "Phandom" have blogs dedicated to they're hints on how they are real. I do respect they're opinion on they're ship and fandom they like, but please do not spam comments about your Phandom and Phan, it gets annoying after awhile.

I don't really understand the insanity. They're good people and all, but I don't get why their fans have to act so rabidly insane whenever they appear in a video. - naFrovivuS

I see them commenting about being part of the "Phandom" everywhere, even on topics that have literally nothing to do with Dan and Phil whatsoever.

Overall, these guys are quite annoying. Their fanbase is obsessive, and somewhat cancerous. They isolate themselves, and treat the men like gods. Please stop shipping them.

It's sad how the fandom of these guys has spread into a bunch of good bands.