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61 stampylonghead

While I do enjoy his videos, his fanbase makes me sick. The entire comment section consists of prepubescent kids saying things to try to get into Stampy's "Love Garden". - thunderstar1124

His fans are a bunch of 6 year olds. - Randomator

62 ExplodingTNT

Don't know who he is? He is a guy who makes Minecraft skits (which are usually "If" and "Why" videos that revolve around Minecraft) and relies on his fans' requests to make his videos. The problem is, the comment section has the dumbest and most random requests ever. These fans' requests are so dumb it makes me want to pull myself apart. - thunderstar1124

There isn't a Pink Sheep option, so I will just write in here. Pink Sheep's fanbase is terrible. If someone dislikes Pink Sheep, they tell them "get cancer", "I will stab you up with my knife", etc. I don't hate Pink Sheep, but I would bet his fanbase is one of the worst on YouTube.

Was funny until Pink Sheep. Pink Sheep sucks and the fanboys act all "prankster gangster". The only good thing about Pink sheep is that it encourages more males to like the colour pink. - Lunala

63 OfficerPoop247 fans

I used to like his videos until he became GoThug247 and swore a lot. But I was chill and not rabid. I kinda like Goanimate videos but I am not rabid and respect if you hate it - Lunala

64 Juliensöhne

("Sons of Julien", play on "Hurensöhne", which translates to "SOABs") Fans of JuliensBlog. JuliensBlog is a great YouTuber but even he himself hates his fanbase. The thing is that JB is sarcastic, over-the-top and in-your-face provocative, but many of his fans take that literally. He once said "the essence (of my videos) is to be taken seriously, but of course not the way I say it, t's satire and actually you're supposed to see that", but his fans seems to have not paid attention. He criticizes someone, and while over-the-top raging he still has valid points and also gives credit where credit is due - and his fans get unnecessarily insulting towards that person. All that Julien originally wanted was making people socially aware and differentiated, but using raunchy and politically incorrect humor to get it across, but many are simply not intelligent enough to see that. I guess that's partly the reason he quit his regular channel and only focuses on his rap battle tournament now. ...more - Martin_Canine

65 Ruby Rube

Aww who can hate such a cute little girl. I know she fakes stuff but she's so cute. Basically how they act. - izackak

SHE IS SO ANNOYING! She doesn’t deserve followers. My brother watches her and now I’m dead from her screaming 🙄

66 Ajit Pai

He doesn't have a YouTube channel.

67 Banananation
68 Vinesauce

Who put this on here?

69 Tmartn

His fans are a bunch of little kids that only talk about how great Call of Duty is, even the bad ones like Ghosts!

70 GameChap V 1 Comment
71 Matty B Raps

His fan base is full of little girls and pedophiles who worship everything about him. - izackak

72 GoThug247

Remember when everyone knew that child abuse was bad? When GoThug247 made child abuse and assaulting videos on goanimate, he started a gang. When he then decides to quit making assaulting videos, he gets hate from them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do they know that they can go to jail for child abuse? Do they know that GoThug247 can get his channel taken away for that? The worst part is that his fan base attacks people for being against child abuse. If you're reading this and you're a part of his fan base, please fix yourself. - izackak

73 Digibro

He's a good YouTuber, but his subscribers don't have their own opinions. - izackak

74 The Prankster Gangster Nation
75 CoryxKenshin
76 DashieGames DashieGames
77 Holosexuals

If you don't know, there's this nail channel called simplynailogical or something. She seems like an ok person and her videos have high quality editing, but not exactly my cup of tea. (I'm not interested in nails and she swears too often for my liking). But her fans, oh boy.

Her fans consist of edgy 14-16 year old teenage girls who speak in nonsense, for example they say "hOlO thErE :3" and speak in those annoying capital/lowercase clusters. They bash anything that "isn't holo" for "being bOriNg" and "nOt hOlO" and they act like twerps. 99.5% of the "Holosexual" fanbase are also Dan and Phil fangirls. - Lunala

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