Most Annoying YouTube Fan Bases

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61 Ruby Rube

Aww who can hate such a cute little girl. I know she fakes stuff but she's so cute. Basically how they act. - izackak

SHE IS SO ANNOYING! She doesn’t deserve followers. My brother watches her and now I’m dead from her screaming 🙄

62 Ajit Pai

He doesn't have a YouTube channel.

63 Banananation
64 Vinesauce

Who put this on here?

65 Tmartn

His fans are a bunch of little kids that only talk about how great Call of Duty is, even the bad ones like Ghosts!

66 GameChap V 1 Comment
67 TheMysteriousMrEnter
68 Matty B Raps

His fan base is full of little girls and pedophiles who worship everything about him. - izackak

69 GoThug247

Remember when everyone knew that child abuse was bad? When GoThug247 made child abuse and assaulting videos on goanimate, he started a gang. When he then decides to quit making assaulting videos, he gets hate from them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do they know that they can go to jail for child abuse? Do they know that GoThug247 can get his channel taken away for that? The worst part is that his fan base attacks people for being against child abuse. If you're reading this and you're a part of his fan base, please fix yourself. - izackak

70 Digibro

He's a good YouTuber, but his subscribers don't have their own opinions. - izackak

71 The Prankster Gangster Nation
72 CoryxKenshin
73 DashieGames DashieGames
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