Top 10 Zodiac Signs Compatible with Gemini

The Top Ten
1 Virgo

This is so cute! Just like draco and hermione

2 Aries

My ex is an aries...

3 Leo

Leo and Gemini would literally make the hottest couple ever. Gemini is hilarious and hot while Leo is confident and fashionable. These two deserve to be in the Top 3

4 Sagittarius
5 Aquarius
6 Libra

I love this, not virgo for sure though.
Gemini just wants to have fun and be friends while virgo tries to hurt them unfortunately

Libra is so nice to everyone, especially Gemini

Gemini and Libra are PERFECT

7 Cancer

I'm a Gemini and I get along pretty well with the Cancers that I know.

8 Pisces
9 Capricorn

Like they say, opposites attract. Capricorn is smart, serious and calm while Gemini is talkative, loud and funny. This couple would work great together

10 Taurus
The Contenders
11 Scorpio
12 Gemini
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