Top 10 Zodiac Signs Compatible with Virgo

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1 Pisces

I do not like Pisces because my other enemy is Pisces.

2 Gemini

I'm so confused because I'm a Gemini and I always thought Virgos seem to hate me Welp, I guess I was wrong, um if you're a Virgo and you're reading this then I say hi

3 Scorpio
4 Capricorn
5 Aquarius

I'm a Virgo and my boyfriend is an Aquarius. Everyone at our high school ships us. They say we are the cutest couple and their OTP. I believe that is a good thing.

I'm Virgo and my ex is a Aquarius...we are still good friends though.

6 Cancer
7 Sagittarius
8 Aries
9 Taurus
10 Leo
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11 Libra
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