Top Ten Awkward Things That Everyone Does

At least everyone does this one point in their lives
The Top Ten
Say "ow!" even though you didn't feel pain

I don't know why this happens, it seems funny, but its unfortunately true and we all do it.

This reminds me of Stampy's early videos where he said "ouch" every time he got hurt on Minecraft.

Almost every time I get hurt in a video game. I say OW!

This happens a lot! Ow and nothing even happened!

Be scared of a U or PG movie
"I agree to the terms and services" even though you didn't read one word

That's me but my mom forces me to read the entire thing before agreeing to it

I always did that. I get bored at the Terms Of Nothing

Whoever does this wastes their time.

Lol I do that not awkward though

Comment something and realize it's not your account

Haha wow! I'd done EVERYTHING on this list bar this one! I honestly thought I was the only person (above five) who sometimes goes up the stairs on all fours. You won't tell anyone will you? ; )

Sometimes I feel like going up stairs like a dog (Don't judge me! ) It's something I do about once every 2 months or something.

Slowly close the fridge door to see the light go off

I do this a lot. Always trying to see the lights go off before the door closes.

I use to do this as a five year old because I thought it was magical.

So what? If the dog gets to do it then so do I

Lol I did this in my childhood,

Mindlessly dance around without knowing it
Say something weird and act like it's normal

I do this al the time. If you met me in person and talked to me, if I say something, weird I'll act like it's serious.

Weirdness is my normality

Go upstairs on all fours

I run up, and fall to all fours on the last five or so.

So what? If the dog gets to do it then so do I

I did this 40 times in my whole life

Makes it easier to climb stairs to be honest but I don't do in public. But my house is one storey so :(

Remember something, forget it, and then remember it again

This happens to me many a times. It happens when your mind is in an excited mode that can temporarily block your secondary memory.

This happens to me on what video I want to watch. I'll watch another video the recover up my memory on what I want to watch

This is so frustrating, yet I laugh every time someone else does it.

Always happens to me

Make up a word and later find out it's an actual word

That is always so odd and surprising to hear or find out about!

I eventually stopped inventing words because of this.

Never happened to me

The Contenders

All humans do it! But it's awkward and S O O embarrassing!

Natural thing

Try to balance a switch between on and off

Been there, done that

Make screeching noises when you stretch
Scratch your genitals

Whoever wrote this probably does it. Are you some animal or something? what

Accidently calling the wrong person your mum.
Pick your nose
Run to your bedroom after turning off the light

I do this all the time I am so afraid thar someone would kill me

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