Most Awkward Things to See at a Friends' House


The Top Ten

1 Their dad half-naked

"Hey, Dad, they're coming over. Could you smarten up a little? "
"Sure. I'll go and shower. LA LA LA LA..." - PositronWildhawk

The dad needs to put some clothes on people are around get ready quicker

2 Their out-dated way-too-young decor for their room

Oops I didn't mean to vote for this. Wow
Retard. - MoldySock

3 Their attractive older sibling (that you may or may not have a crush on)

*Preparing my camera*/slapped - Sassy13crown

This actually happens -_-

4 Their dirty underwear strewn about

Seriously awkward. I wouldn't know where to look, but my eyes would keep going to them. So embarrassing! - Britgirl

5 Certain toiletries about the bathroom
6 Lotion and tissues next to their bed
7 Their porn collection
8 Their parents having sex

Oh my god, whoever added this... You are my hero. This trumps all of them... No doubt. - dureckl

9 A dildo
10 Walk into their house to see about 10000 cats staring at you

The Contenders

11 Their mom half-naked
12 Condoms
13 Your most valuable stuff

Then that chick wouldn't be a true friend. - Navylexi

14 A Donald Trump Poster

We will make america great again.

15 Their parents running around the house naked
16 When someone hasn't flushed the toilet

One word: bleurgh!

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